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Sunday, November 2, 2008
9:28 PM
Ey I forgot what I wanted to blog about.
Oh yeah.
Just now I was fresh from the shower, and went to the living room to look for a comb. My house being tres messy, I'd to fumble in the sofa pockets (some weird pouch-like object hanging on the sofa). However, due to my clumsiness, I accidentally knocked over my brother's oh-so precious Bakugan Battle Brawler thing, and one of them dropped onto the floor or something according to my brother.
I didn't notice (my house harbouring plenty of dropping-sounds) and continued searching for a comb. My brother evidently did notice, and started shouting at me just as I found an orange comb. While I was combing my hair, he was shouting and in a very dramatic way, lifted up a chair and waved it in mid-air at me.
Zomg can or not.
I retreated into the sofa, but still comfortably combed my hair, being used to such weird weird behaviour from my brother. Anyway, I could pretty much dodge his attack of any sort.
As he waved the chair around, he shouted. And 'cos the chair was not exactly transparent, it blocked his line of vision and a chair leg poked a ceramic cup/mug belonging to my mother. IT dropped, and needless to say, shattered. I think he was trying to hit me with the chair, but the plan sort of backfired.
Being inherently Singaporean and a little Ah Lian, I immediately said, brandishing the comb as I spoke:
Damn cliche right. So anyway I suspect this aggravated my brother's already-unbalanced state of emotions, 'cos he put down the chair and shouted at me some more ._. about how it was my fault. My domestic helper poked her head out of the door, in a slightly Bollywood-way, and muttered something in Malay, that I've long suspected has something to do with us being troublesome.
My grandaunt tottered out of her room and started shouting also (funny how shouting is an integral part of my life). After a bit of shouting on each sides, my brother blaming me and my grandaunt blaming my brother and me, my grandmother finished her speech with a threat (read: telling my mother) and proceeded to go into her room. My brother is actually kinda smart and going-into-rooms-when-he-did-wrong usually meant, no, not the end of the argument, but a whole new level of action in which she would brandish a cane (those beating-people kind, not the walking-stick kind) and chase after him. This normally ended in him either getting hit, or pleading so she would decide not to hit him after all.
I can't say I felt much pity. So mean lor he, knock down something and blame entirely on me!
Sidenote: Why do people say 'kapeesh'?
Anyway, he pleaded as she tottered back into the room. This seemed to have achieved the desired effect, 'cos she turned back and started shouting again. Happy, no cane.
Anyway I'm very angry with my brother, who continued to pursue the issue. Plus making comments, apparently supposed to be sarcastic but ended up being plain weird. Such as suggesting I was blind since I didn't see the Bakugan ball thingy. Oh, I'm so hurt lor!
As if. -snort-
'Cos I didn't want to fight with him, I accepted his lame accusation that I was blind. On hindsight, it was a damn stupid move can. My brother immediately continued loudly, saying that, seeing I was blind, I shouldn't use the laptop.
This facile rhetoric might hold just a little water if it weren't so damn illogical (can).
In the end my brother continued playing his computer game.
Waha I know I'm so boliao right? -laugh-