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honeydew plus cookies and cream
Friday, August 28, 2009
7:25 PM
Eh! Today was... not bad :) I wanted to study Culture in the morning (but I slept -.- walao -.-). Then PCCG :O (which was weird ._.) then Chemistry? (I was erm, multi-tasking yes ._. studying Culture/listening very ATTENTIVELY indeed :D But I promise not to do it again D:) Recess Ying Tong, Nicole, Rebecca and I were crazy haha. We were walking along the corridor, saw the ice-cream carts from above and totally SCREAMED omgz :O heh! Then went down :D and took from one. (Saw Weiting's mother :D!) Then erh, went to hang out someplace/study Culture. Then took another -cough choke cough- :O (from another cart AHAHA)
Oh, then bell rang. Culture D: ughugh total ugh .__.
Then Chinese! Was okay.
Then lunch (took one more ice-cream -coughs somemore- and ate tomyam! Tsk no wonder my throat feels weird D: it does D:)! Then art which was slack.
After school went out~ Coronation Plaza for a teeny while; Island Creamery (I ordered Cookies and Cream (which Nicole was "boring") and ?? (which turned out to be Honeydew -.-)!). Yesyes Rebecca kept stealing our ice-cream D:
After that erm... taxied (O:! Tsk not me is other people wanna take de see I'm broke ._.)! This part was completely wtfish and screwed D: and some of us were crying D:
Oh in the end though it was good :D and lots of thing were cleared up! Tada!
Happy now :D kinda. Oh. Vague post today -.-

Love you and the Toes 8D also, good luck for the erm, Speech Day ._.
And happy birthday me one-week-and-some-hours in advance :O get me presents! Ying Tong didn't even know it was on the 5th until today, tsktsk D: