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pad thai
Wednesday, August 26, 2009
8:07 PM
Ehmygawd :D! Today~ happyish :) it started horribly. Firstly, PE (and I didn't bring PE stuffz!). Secondly, Home Economics (and I didn't bring the peanuts and lime for making the coursework thing like I was supposed to! D:!). But then my grandmother called and etc. end up she say she would come during recess.
Alright let's start from the first period (LA -.-). I think I slept too late last night :/ and then I was staring at Mrs. W -.- then she said I SPACED OUT! I where got space out tsk D: -inserts ridiculous UFO smiley-
Anyway, after that Monty passage was PE ._. zomg I keep forgetting when is Tuesday and when is Wednesday and when is a holiday that kind of thing. Bah anyway! PE PE PE was okay :D uh, went to meet my grandmother. And the security guard ahaha 8D I know my grandmother is awesome okay erm. Yes. After that was recess (ate? -.-) then Home Economics.
COMPLETE HIGHLIGHT OF DAY! We were really efficient (thank you so so much Lishuen 8D great group leader and planner! Yes!)! Then we had most of the things done :D so we only needed to chop things up (omgz sound wrong :O) and marinate the chicken and make the pad thai sauce and (erh) cook the dish? o_o Well so! After all the preparatory work was done, we cooked the pad thai! We as in, KELLYNN AND I! Me leh! ME! -astonished look- Yey haha :D but of course Kellynn did erm, more of the work. But I was significant as well. Yes. Yesyes.
Ermz! Wahaha wonderful smell and feeling. Plus the padthai was freaking chio/delicious. We each got a 1/5 serving ._. but I totally inhaled it down :D it's super appetizing :D
Ah then... BRP ._. okay a bit slack :D then lunch (met Mrs. Lam :O)! Then Chinese (ah composition).
Then third language. French! Yeah controle. Yeah was unexpectedly easy...? (-cough-) I'm not gonna get an A1 anytime soon but D:
Okay don't feel bloggish. My shoulder hurts. And I saw four cats today :O two near the MOELC and two near my house. So yey? (Black cat :O with white stripe LOL.)
Eeee quiz tomorrow. Bye.