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Sunday, August 30, 2009
4:45 PM
MSN conversations with Yan Li are always funny, because she's so cute -pinches cheeks-.
Okay erm we were talking about MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT. She was giving me clues!
y@n li says:
*its something you talk a lot about last time
*and no it isn't viver
*so it's not a hamster
the party predicament says:
*Oh, my god.
y@n li says:
the party predicament says:
*Yan Li you're getting me TOES?!
Okay but the point is! Today was Teacher's Day Present Searching Day! Whee :D the morning started okay. Then Travis and I went to find presents! :D! Erm -.- I would like to mention that his choice is very -.- erm, interesting. But it will mature over time. Hopefully.
He got his Science teacher an egg.
You know, those Lucky Number Eggs from Minitoons, those golden ones that you can plant seeds in. It has a vague connection to the subject the teacher teaches, though. And the egg was better than the squishy body parts thing.
Tsktsk, the state Minitoons is in now D:
Anyways, after that I bought mine! Which was quite cute :D and overcommercialized, but okay.
(Eh zomgz what's wrong with me why am I discussing this like this! Where has all my previous vapidness and frivolities gone to?! And oh no, why am I using the word 'vapid'.)
Erm, never mind .__. then bought random drinks and went to meet Etsuko :O! To make muffins! :O! Hahahahaha oh. Then we went NTUC ._. to buy ingredients? Travis freaked her out -_- with Chippie (YES OMG HE BROUGHT HIS HAMSTER TO NTUC).
Ah then went back to my house :D and started. And we're quite epic phail. Firstly, our flour-cocoa powder mixture was a shade of brown-purple. I am serious. This kind of colour :D
Which was a bit cool 8D but a bit weird. Secondly... our -cough- egg/butter mixture had the consistency of finely-mashed bean curd :O which was. Not cool and very weird D: so we decided to improvise! I mean, Etsuko decided to improvise! And dumped some more butter into the mixture ._. while I made unwarranted unnecessary comments about rising cholesterol levels :O
Tsk omgz! So much butter :O
Oh and then ermz. It became BETTER -cough- and vastly more appetizing haha :D
Then went KFC to eat.
I like the muffin cups! Polka-dotted okay!
Then we just. Baked -.-? Yey haha for muffins 8D yey for icing sugar!
Okay forget it :D my blogging has become more and more screwed over these few days ): which is sad ): ): ):
Oh, bye.