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Wednesday, September 16, 2009
9:00 PM
Hello today is awesomely bloggable BUT I've my Chemistry block test tomorrow. I'm just blogging so I won't forget anything ._.
Well... I slept in the morning again ._. -twitches- haha erm. Tired :/ (grah I must sleep at eleven tonight! Yes :D!) so yeah in any case, woke up feeling okay. But my arms were numb D: and took super long to recover D: tsk at them (._.!) ._.
Well well first period Philosophy :D (not LA ._. thank goodness lar -thinks of my horrible Mehmood passage-) :D and it was quite funz listening to the presentations. Philosophy is awesome :D I like it (kind of ._.).
Oh, then was PE. Totally freaking scary. The first part was okay (running :O surprisingly I was okay 8D yey -ignores comments about the number of rounds- then the muscular endurance/flexibility thing, which was okayish until this part). Oh then we went to the fitness corner (monkey bar :D). Then blah some people went up (ohmygawd hold for twelve seconds leh!) and were good. Then Yi Xin went up. Jumped and held onto the bar, actually :O (-shock-) She's really... damn good. Then, let go. Fell.
Fell and 1. her legs (the part near her ankles) hit the metal step-thing really hard (there was totally a clunking sound :/ ouch) 2. the part just below her lips hit a stone or something. Actually I didn't know she was gonna be that bad, I just thought her leg was like hurting like _ but then she covered her mouth, and looked up.
Blood (a freaking lot of it too. It was like all over her hands, staining her PE shirt and running down her arms, ohmygawd). She didn't cry though, even when Ms. Yeo came running and everyone was sort of panicking (understandable actually) and Ms. Yeo cleaned the wound to the best she could (but what the hell lar, Yi Xin had a really DEEP cut and she's braces. Freaking painful can or not!? It's like wtf ohmygawd.). Yeah I really admire Yi Xin; she's brave, she didn't cry, she didn't blame it on anyone, she was optimistic throughout (okay she actually contemplated going to the clinic for her stitches then COMING BACK TO SCHOOL zomg?). And yeah it's really inspiring :O I totally didn't know what to do lor (when Yi Xin lifted her head I went "ohmygawd", turned one circle and faced Yi Xin again, "ohmygawd"ed again, then repeat). And Michelle Lee/Han Yi/Etsuko were like PALE like PARCHMENT, completely colourless because of the blood..?
Hmm. Roob and Ying Tong and Cheryl and I stayed with her in the general office while Ms. Yeo and one other nice PE teacher came to send Yi Xin to a clinic in a cool van 8D heh. Then the four of us (extended recess, people :D because we were accompanying Yi Xin) drank stuffz in the canteen.
After that went up for Home Economics, was revising tingxie because it was a slack period ._. then went for the briefing! I want OM, seriously ._. but I'm not confident of myself and that's really bad D: but oh well :O (tsk self-esteem problems. Tsk stage fright D:)
Whee lunch! Ate and did random stuffz. Went up for Chinese :D tingxie was weirdly cool. I'm really going to be sad when wangls leaves for the global classroom shanghai thing ._.
Anyway after that French! I stayed AWAKE -gasp-. Was okay, really. Mme. Tournay scared me by the oral. It's wtf I completely cannot speak French what am I doing in a French class.
Oh and now I'm back :D I should study Chemistry since I've nothing else to expound on :D so bye people, wish me luck.