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i love my family and friends
i also love 213'10, 311'11 and nynp
i am a sone
i cannot live without entertainment


potential gifts

1. Threadless tees
2. Helvetica necklace
3. ARTBOX notebooks
4. Kind words
6. Books that I would like
7. Tintin comics
9. Trip to Taiwan
10. Good grades
11. New camera ;D
12. SNSD concert tickets
13. Money for aforementioned tickets ^^

introduce yourself

all is well


Han Yi
Ting Ting
Wei Ting

2/13 '10

time wasters

Some very long posts to waste your time.
(Compiling of this list to waste my time.)
5th September
Class Chalet '10


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birthday eve :D
Friday, September 4, 2009
9:11 PM
I'd like to thank everyone who've wished me a happy birthday (in advance) :D as of now erh. They include Yi Xin, Roob, Ying Tong, Yan Li, Xuan Li, Etsuko, Nicole, Rachel Wu, etc. etc. And squadmates of course :) and Weiren (over FB ._.) and Zhixin (over... my tagboard) thank you :D
Actually, it is possible people smsed me birthday wishes, but I lost my phone so... oh freak it ): hmph.
As for the people who've given me presents... -cough- Most of the people 1. aren't planning on giving me anything 2. procrastinated on buying/making the present, tsktsk 3. no time. So yeah.
Anyway, thank you Yi Xin for that cute note in the morning (next to me as I slept ._.)!
Thank you Roob for the LOF STUFF zomg :D I love the pouch (although no phone to put inside ._. aha never mind my father lent me one of his phones -.-) and! That speech bubble thing, which is supposed to be put on the hair, only it looks very dangerous (erm. How to elaborate here? Anyway it's dangerous, 'cos when that metal thing bounces it could very well cause severe damage to the cranium :O) so I put it on my pouch instead! It fits damn well :D
Thank you Yan Li for the (wait for it) (wait for it) (wait for it) BONSAI! Hahaha funny or not -.- it's supercute but I'm afraid I'll kill it oh no D: plus must prune :O tsk. I should grow green fingers.
Ermz! Then Han Yi, 'cos she was ermz, guilty -cough- she didn't get me a present. Then she went to buy three ZIGs plus a notebook during lunch for me OHMYTIAN thank you SO SO SO MUCH :D (haha okay she read from my blog wishlist haha).
Hmm! I'm a bit nervous people get me a lot of Order of Phoenix-es. Even though I like that book, I do not need three copies of it. WHY NO ONE GET ME PHILOSOPHER'S STONE, HMPH. Walao ):
Okay, bye. Yeah bye. Bye :D