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5th September
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... he = poisson.
Thursday, September 24, 2009
7:35 PM
Well hello, orale is over and done with! To be honest it was better than expected :O but erh... it wasn't all that good :/
Okay never mind me and Ting Ting missed the school bus ._. so we bussed to Cold Storage @ Jelita (zomg where is this? Did I spell it right? ._.) and bought drinks and M&Ms 8D then walked to MOELC -.- (it's quite far hor! VERY far hor :O!)
Yeah, then put bags at the canteen and slacked a bit, I went up to my testing-classroom only to find that the examination was delayed by fifty minutes o.o so sat around feeling nervous with french classmates/slapping myself (truth)/talking. Yeah, felt super nervous (plus saw Xin Jie ._. his voice is now very deep ._. and saw AYZ :O) D:
Okay so we kind of talked about our examiner... who looked like a fish (fish = poisson!). Yes. But he was BEYOND NICE I tell you :D (ermz ._. he was just really erm... nice. Yes. If we didn't know the question in French he'd repeat in English 8D Whoo I like~ :D)
Oh my orale was at... 5.10. It was supposed to be at 4.10, actually ._. which no doubt gives you an idea of HOW MUCH WE WERE DELAYED BY D: (waha pity the 5.45 people lor) D: anyway because Xin Jie was there I was freaking out ._. and before the examiner (thereafter known as Monsieur.) could open his mouth, I was at the door nodding ._.
Oh so anyway my picture was of someone's birthday party ._. (got balloons in the picture leh! Damn big :O) and my topic/sujet was... loisirs (leisure). TOTALLY WTF I tell you WHO studies about leisure manz!
Okay never mind. Went in, talked. The picture was... okay. I could mostly understand his questions :D except I didn't know what were cherries in french ._. (instead I said there were fruits ._.) and there was this ambiguous-looking platter of goodnessknowswhat that I proudly proclaimed "salade" (with a satisfied smirk, okay) after a long pause. Then Monsieur leaned forward (he was leaning forward all the while :O) somemore and "hmmmmmmm SALADE?". Then he "pourquoi pas" (why not) -.-
My loisirs was sucky okay! I was like... "j'aime la natation" (I like swimming.) Which is a lie, because I don't swim o.o Then I wanted to talk about reading :O and before I could talk about my dream job -.- he cut me off to talk about SWIMMING. Walao! And asked questions I didn't understand D:/took a long time to answer, like. Who do you do the activity with? Then I pausepausepause "mes amies" (my friends). Then he said, "Which activity do you do with them?" Then I was like -blank stare- ._. (because of course, it was all in french) ugh D: then after like one minute (?!) or something I finally said "la natation".
Oh, he spent thirty seconds telling me to be less nervous ._. ._. so I "oui" all the way :O and my "au revoir" was the loudest -_-
Never mind stop thinking about l'orale :( have to mug for written examination plus actual EOYs :O bye everyone :D (TGIF tomorrow :D chao slackzcv)