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i love my family and friends
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11. New camera ;D
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Monday, September 7, 2009
1:00 AM
Can't help feeling horrified :O reading my oldold archives from my old blog now ._. (actually, just last year). Am kind of... overwhelmed looking at my blogging style previously o.o 'cos it's so different from now, and to think that I used to think my blogging style was awesome :O
Wao it just... wao ._. Comecome I let you see :D one of the very oldest posts I can find :/
-cough- maybe not.
Oh well, journalistic something is making me do this ._.
//because i'm so damn boliao.

Yep. I deleted my old blog @ takethemrt.blogspot.com.
And why? 'Cos my dear mother requested me to do so.
She used emotional blackmail! D:
Being the kind-hearted person I am, I readily agreed to delete my blog, my face in tears.
Yepyeps! D:
But then a wave of nostalgia and determination swallowed me in whole, and I decided to rechope the URL, and now I'm setting this blog to 'Private'.
Yeah, no chance of me being a Blogger Princess this way, but *sigh*.
I'll wait till I'm in secondary 3 or something before I become one. That's not too late, is it? :D
Cut all this crap. I changed the blogskin and finally I'm posting! Ah, so glorious is the day!
Who am I kidding lah. Damn hot. .___.
I just registered to be a runner for Blogskins.com Press! :D Wish me luck in becoming the youngest and most adorable member! :))
OK, I'm eating Nasi Lemak now and my nose is running again!
*Runs to catch escaping nose*
Got you! :D
*Runs to catch tissue paper box*
Hehe. I hope that food + disgusting bodily fluids thing didn't scare you.
Didn't make you think the bodily fluids in question dripped into the food...
Eww. D:

Ohmygawd I can't believe I posted that HAHAHAHA. Freaking ridiculous O.O
Ermz well ._. strange. I've changed a lot and (dare I say it -gasp-?) matured somewhere along the line too -has a vague look suddenly-.
Also, my SMAPP is completedish and I am rather happy for once, today :)
P.S. Exercise. Ice-cream waffles and honeydew sago is not helping your keep-fit-plan, which was already destined for disaster (the only difference is how fast disaster arrives).