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things to note
Tuesday, September 15, 2009
9:08 PM
Ladeeda today was funz :D kinda. Despite sleeping about one hour earlier yesterday I felt super sleepy still wtf zomg D: my sleep cycle is very screwed, yes. Totally collapsed on the desk in class (squadmates popped (._.) in halfway through to disturb me lor D: tsk at them haha. But someone said I slept un-unglamly 8D and I was feeling quite happy until Elaine went to pop burst my bubble by saying something like "really..?" tsk) zomg. And when I woke up it was very bleary and... bleah ._.
But whee! Chinese first period, was quite uneventful :D? I paid attention canz. Erm then philosophy~ not bad :O recess was spent... eating ._.? I think, yes :D
Then was Biology (-sigh- just serves to remind all of us the endofyears are coming really, freakily soon :O). I copied down multi-coloured notes. Tsk at Yan Li because of this conversation:
Me: -shows Yan Li my awesome colourful and very right-brained notes- -beams-
Yan Li: Haha mine is boring -shows me her normal and sensible notes-.
Me: -smug expression :O but still-
Yan Li: Bah at least mine helps.
Me: D:!
See, she's so mean. Therefore tsk. Oh then was Geography? Passed damn fast like wtf.
Then lunch! Palpitations to the max okay. Met squadmates :D went down together :D and ate :D then slacked around doing nothing for a while ._. at around one ('cos we've LOA)(not our fault our lunch ends at twelve fifty-five ._.) we went to change. Several... unfortunate things happened which greatly delayed us -cough-.
On the bus! Cheered cheered ._. was funz :D even though we (squadmates) weren't that clear :/ about a few cheers/songs ._. but never mind we'll jiayou together right?
(Can totally feel the hollowness of that statement~ Rebecca once said "I thought NPCC was bonded?!" and had a weird look. We are... mostly? Or not at all ._. -gaspgasp-)
Hmm lala then arrived! Triple funzness :D I LOVE it, believe it or not! The P5s were so cute 8D and small -evil look-. But they'd the strange habit of calling us "teacher". Or worse, "auntie" -_- (tsk lar we're all young okay D:) LOL. But they were rowdy ._. there were periods of time there was like one big queue mass of people stretching until the traffic light there O.O and they were jostling and shouting "OI I wanna see the question leh 'cher!" eeyer O.O tsk I didn't get a chance to book anyone -sad look-. It was either I was chao busy until my signature was like random scrawling, or no one. Tsk ._. especially the last part, I was bored ._. and watched grass grow.
Oh~ SBS transit station~ (my station, yes) was creepydark. Plus got lizard -looks at Jialing-.
Aha okay took photograph went back to bus. Cheered somemore :D I think squadmates were higher (a bit :O?) but ermz we can do better :D
-tries to ignore the hollowness of the statement-
There was this slightly funny incident, it was 4.01p.m.
So I told Weiting (sitting next to me), "hey, it's four-o-one :O".
Weiting said (very excitedly): "401! THEN JIA!"
Muahaha you can go imagine the rest.
Oh went back to school debrief yeah. Talked in school with squadmates/met Cheryl (zomg I missed that polygon topic thing! Apparently it's effing difficult D:! I'm dead.) and Yi Xin.
Ooh went back at seven (around there). So now I'm here. Blogging.
When I should be studying tingxie, revising Chemistry and doing something about my atrocious French. Parce que it sucks.
Au revoir, les enfants.