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"you're using japanese -points out-"
Friday, September 25, 2009
5:31 PM
First things first: XUAN LI CAN DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION REVOLT. Walao seriously please look at this:

Side-by-side comparison of Game one and five. This game is basically pressing the arrow keys okay, similarish to DDR :D Please try to ignore my results because erm... they are not important. Yes. Focus inside on the fact that Game one was hardest (and thus more points) while Games two-five were sort of... level two. And Xuan Li got damn high :D
Ignore my score I tell you!
Anyway, today was a slack day 8D first was PCCG, sexuality education :O Mr. Tan came in halfway to do something and then several people like Rachel Wu said "you're not allowed inside, Mr. Tan!" Wahahaha his expression was priceless. Anyway the atmosphere was chao SICK, tsktsk people like Cheryl Yau (zomg she suddenly perked up when wangls said we were going to do sexuality education :O seriously :D) were looking at the secondary four SEd (Sexuality Education) syllabus and expressed interest in this topic about... giving in to temptation. What kind of temptation I wouldn't know -coughs-.
Yey okay next period was LA! We did a comprehension timed trial without the summary 8D was cool~ I preferred it to erm. Normal lessons -chokes-. Heh.
Then recess :O ate :D following was Chemistry~ (plan! Okay random) then Chinese~ (went through stuffz!)
Lunch :D was... okay? Went koi pond with Sabrina/Nicole/Ying Tong O:
Ladeeda art. I was being weirdly mean during the last few periods :/ like my method acting was too good or something -.-
Anyway :O I went home instead of mugging with squadmates ): because I wanted to break my reach-home-earliest-record! (How frivolous, I know) But I did~ and reached home at 3.15. As opposed to 3.20.
Five minutes is a lot okay!
Yeah so bye :D (abrupt ending o.o)