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firstly, WHAT THE HELL.
Friday, October 16, 2009
6:08 PM
What the hell lar! I'm sad D: 'cos I cannot do this year's PSLE Mathematics questions! Eeyer D:! Ohmygod I feel my intelligence slipping ah no (!) This is a very touchy subject for me. If you think about it, the only thing that's even remotely different/good about me is that I... am... in... the... GEP. What? It doesn't prove anything, you say? I disagree. The fact that I got in means something... I think. Anyway, in any case, it makes me feel less sad about my noticeable lack of other talent. (ignore. Is self-centred D:)
But I cannot do this year's PSLE Mathematics question! The one from here, about ratio and sweets and chocolate. Hmph zomgwtf how to do ):
-feels very sad and stupid O:- Tsk! Which means that I've NOTHING! -feels self-esteem slipping away- This is horrible. P6 Mathematics is SO MUCH HARDER than secondary one's, which is twisted.
Also, yes, NYPS' principal Mdm. Heng is going to take over as NYGH's principal next year because Ms. Yap is going to the SEAB (-coughs and looks pointedly away- The Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board) :O! -gasp in shock-
Okay irrelevant 'cos I am here today, breaking my hiatus (breaking o.o? Okay never mind it's just my lack of intelligence don't mind it) (actually it's my vocabulary. Which is even more saddening because MY TALENT IS WRITING! I'm sorry if you can't see it here. Or anything else. It's just hidden, cannot is it?) to blog about the examinations.
So far, it's LA over, Chinese over (-cheers damn loudly-), History over (-dies of happiness-). And Mathematics' (Touchy subject -glares at PSLE Mathematics' question-) paper two over :D yes! LA was... I don't know, okay? ._. It's quite neutral actually. My composition was BLAND -huffs- and it was about "a person" I "enjoy spending time with". I wrote about this character named Ting Ting, but only because when I looked across Rachel Wu I saw Ting Ting. And I was suddenly reminded of Ting Ting's very distinctive lame laughter! You should note that the Ting Ting in the story only has about twenty percent of the actual Ting Ting in her, and the rest is mostly made up .___. Unseen was surprisingly okay ._. but I thought my block test two (unseen!) was okay too, then I got a B4 thank you very much whoever marked my (and the rest of my classmates') paper. Then the comprehension/summary :O comprehension was okay, the last few questions were hard(ish) :O the summary was fine fine fine don't talk about it D:
Stop being suspicious it was really okay hor.
Anyway Chinese yesterday :O! Composition was okay, maybe even good (!) but a bit cliched -coughs-. I wrote about "My Happy From Helping People Sister" (O_O but you get the gist. It's a direct translation.). Essentially it featured me, my sister and (!) someone's grandmother. But not about crossing roads, or dropping oranges. Eek but my yingyongwen (letter o.o) was a bit short you know -sulks-.
Hello! Paper two! Awesome. Neutral. I am never able to tell what kind of marks I get for languages-slash-humanities because it's always 'okay', and 'neutral'. But I never have that problem with Science, thanks to the fact that I screw up 40% of the questions -inserts smoulderingly unhappy expression-.
But this will change -cough-.
Anyway yes today~ Mathematics was actually good. Except the bonus question which Roob did! -recoils in horror- I mean no offence meant huh but Roob is not exactly famous for her mathematical genius and/or prowess. And somemore the answer is correct! I say that as Roob's answer is the same as Yan Li's and Xuan Li's. Did that strike a chord? YAN LI?! XUAN LI?! BAH.
Hmm then History I shall. Breathe in. And out. I am confident ._. I screwed the last structured question HAHA not funny ): and ... ah well never mind. I shall pass Geography with orbiting colours and textures!
Tweedledee am worriedish. For Geography and Science. No, you don't have to point the facts that I have failed my Physics and Biology out. I realise that.
Therefore I shall go :O and eat my dinner oui. Then I shall revise something ._.
So bye.