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do you floccinaucinihilipilificate?
Sunday, November 1, 2009
9:18 PM
I forgot about the stuff on Thursday and Friday (other than ATC ._.)
Which is why I'm posting now. I can't really remember much, except the DISC (personality test) was rather accurate. Of course, such tests cannot truly measure a person's personality, but rather only the surface. Obviously you've to admit that one's personality is so much more than a title (in DISC's case, D, I, S or C ._.) or a certain adjective (dominant? Interesting/impressive? Sure/steady? Calculative/careful?). And the depth of the grey areas' is a lot of emotion, unspoken and unable to be measured by mere words.
Ahem you as you can see I'm in a very wanna-fight mood now.
On a irrelevant note, I dreamed about ma'ams shouting fire drill during ATC yesterday night! I told you the impact of ATC is vast :O
Okay then Friday was chao slack :D and then the talk was okay. The speaker was rather funny :D and really... confident about himself (I mean, come on lar, he's balding and he's trying to get us to say he's hot. And I bet he was damn happy 'cos we DID (thanks to his sweets)). There was apparently this section about pornography -_- which was lame. As it consisted of one slide asking this question: "What would you do if your friend asked you to watch pornography?" (something to this effect). And then the speaker spoke about blogs.
I find this part very... unsubstantiated and pissifying. Unsubstantiated as the speaker used a certain Singaporean blogger's blog as an example of a inappropriate blog. And pissifying because certain people kept agreeing with the speaker and/or looking back at me!
Okay the pissifying part isn't certain people agreeing with the speaker, because we are all entitled to our own opinions, but looking at me. I find this uncalled for because I don't even read Xiaxue's blog that often anymore please -_- and what makes you think I adore/worship Xiaxue (come on I didn't even adore/worship her previously)? And anyway it's rude to stare unnecessarily. Obviously you think I'll be affected by this blatant attitude (which I was, wonderful, clap for yourselves!).
Okay now to the unsubstantiated part. The speaker print-screened her blog etc. and then started talking about her excessive use of expletives, excessive mention of taboo topics, excessive this excessive that (all very Bad, mind you), and then finally, how she was irresponsible and controversy-seeking.
-inserts large chunk and deletes ._.-
I feel like drinking orange juice.