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sapphire lake in tossing pride
Saturday, January 30, 2010
4:48 PM
Tralala! Went out with Ting Ting today to do Science SIA :O (or at least start on it ._.) I met her at the library :D at ten haha. Well.
Basically at the start we were searching for books, and trying to get wireless@sg to work on Ting Ting's laptop (but it didn't, walao D: Therefore we couldn't access the internet D:) Then after an hour or so, we decided to go and eat at the cafe on the first floor! :D!
Tsk I'm now broke. I blame it on Ting Ting, because she made me get the oreo cheesecake ._.
Anyway afterwards we went to the fourth floor to get more work done :D (there were a lot of nice books there okay! But the name of the floor is kind of weird: "vergingallteens". It doesn't make a lot of sense, either. Ting Ting and I decided that it must have some sort of hidden message in it :O)
Okay, then at two we decided to leave the library :O walked around and around :D (plus I got a drink, yey). Discussed current affairs and wandered around in NTUC -.-
Oh! Oh! Then I spotted a pet shop and we went in! It had guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters (even syrian ones :D and ones with red eyes :O which is cool. Kinda. Some of them kept biting, and the roborovskis were chao fast at running lor ._.) and chinchillas :D zomg awesome right?! The chinchilla was freaking adorable (oh, by the way, Ting Ting. You said the fur of the chinchilla was soft, right? Apparently many people think so too and that's why they kill chinchillas for their fur.) (ohmygod what a disturbing nugget of information.) can or not! Oh and the hamsters were all like, right out of babyhood! They were tiny and silky-furred!
Ah :D
Okay well. After thirty minutes or so we finally deigned to take a bus home (for Ting Ting)/to Jurong East Interchange (for me ._.). I fell asleep and thus went through another loop of the bus ride -.-
Anyway yep that's all! I might be going to Roob's house tomorrow for more SIA stuff :/ so yeah. I plan to blog more frequently :D