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just another monday
Monday, March 22, 2010
5:57 PM
Yes, look at the title and you'll know it all. Today was okay. I brought Burberry to school :) and boy, was she a hit..
Actually zomg I don't know where all my weird sentence structures are coming from :O
Anyway as I was saying, Burberry was a hit -nod-.
Erm let me start from the beginning? Brought her to school in a renyuepai bag -.- on the school bus Burberry kept running, and her wheel was making an irritating sound D:
Oh then yes I brought her to class and contained myself for all of three minutes (three! Last year I just hopped into class, plonked the cage down and shouted that I'd brought a hamster. Yes. This year I am much more discreet :D). Then I had this really gigantic smile plastered on my face while talking to Yan Li.
Aiyah yes so then more and more people came to look at Burberry, who meanly didn't give me any face -throwfaces-.
Hmph go and bite me :( but oh well roborovskis are temperamental creatures.
Ermz. Yeah. After a while I went down with Ying Tong, Nicole and Sabrina to run! I did okay. I did a run-walk thing. Yes. Considered also :O
And then halfway I saw campcraft people and ohmygod so throwface to the maximum ohmygod Lai Jia Hui was smirking, seriously T_T and it's like, wth was I doing there?
Ta-da the answer: I was exercising! So was Ms. Ong, actually, which came as a shock to me and Ying Tong. Hello, seeing your Home Economics teacher/co-form teacher shooting hoops?
Disturbing, actually.
And after 'running', I walked around with Roob and Ting Ting, who came also! :O Did I mention that earlier? Well, me, Nicole, Sabrina and Ying Tong just came down and me and Ying Tong were walking around the court and the two of them (Roob, Ting Ting) came down. Ahem. So we erm, joined them in a school run.
After the run, we played badminton :D I like badminton whoo but I seem to have gotten bad at it ._. Anyway, never mind that :O we played, as I said, until we'd to go up to class.
Then Chinese! I paid attention okay :O I totally did :O I even TOOK NOTES :O Someone should buy me a post-it pad as a reward (yellow. I ran out.)! Of course when I took these extremely useful and beneficialtomycommandoftheChineselanguage notes, I'd no intention of getting anything.
Ladeeda then what - oh, it was Science! Which was Chemistry and not Biology, disappointingly! Our teacher seems nice (she's young :O) and all though, so I hope that I'll excel in Chemistry, grow up and become a chemist, duhhhh (actually, I've an interest in Etymology! It's awesomenez rolled into cheem-souding word.)
-clap- Anyway, lunch was spent being Ting Ting's photocopy assistant/eating with Kellynn, very slowly as I am missing two important thing. Oh, and the left side of my mouth's teeth are like hurting a lot D: so I only use the right side to chew ohmygod I will develop a disproportionate jawline ohmygod I hate extractions!!! (abuse of exclamation marks D:) Okay on a more relevant side,
after lunch was :O LA! And Mdm. Oehlers wasn't at school so we just went through TKaM tags :D and all~ which was funz you know. Han Yi's book is ridiculous. It's now coloured with post-its that are translucent and brightly-coloured! :D How amayzing :D -zibeis at my own less chock-full book with opaque and ugly dull post-its-
Erm then CME! Was okay, but emo. 'Cause...
Sounds wrong hor. But seriously I like my comfort zone and I know we've to break out of it... (sometime)... and definitely not now! I'm in the middle of an hormonal imbalance (oh come on, you know you are, too. If you are a person like me, you are, in fact, permanently hormonally imbalanced.) and you cannot tear my deskie of one term (but in actual fact, last year we were deskies for very long also!) away from me! Because (ohmygod I made an error in sentence structure I cannot start a sentence with 'because' ohmygod!) I will possibly die without Yan Li to chide me every chance she gets! :( and Sabrina's a great person and friend, no doubt, but we will mutually distract each other and then end up we both PHAIL PHYSICS! How can Mr. Tan allow such a tragedy to happen, especially since both me and Sabrina are such OBVIOUS, NATURAL-BORN PHYSICS PRODIGIES?!


Stop looking at me like that, Yan Li. I will not allow you to insult me. Because (ohgod) you know it's true I have a talent for the sciences, for I am an inquisitive creature. Pity that I cannot make use of my innate curiousity for all forms of sciences, languages, and humanities, in such a way that I pass all my examinations with flying colours fabulousity.
-tragic weep-
Well anyway yes back to the point: cannot change deskie! But -sobs- my life is like a Shakespearian tragedy. It is unfathomably suay. I was born under an unlucky star (actually no I am a very fortunate person. It's a wonder I've even managed to survive in NYGH until this year leh.).
(and ungrammatical D:)
Ugh I find myself slipping away from reality. Ermz.
Stop emoing Fiona.
Okay back on track! :O! Tomorrow we're gonna change seats D:
Wait, after CME was Class Contact Time. We did surveys and all, and discussed the change of seats (to which I say: pointless frivolity it is!).
And after that I was supposed to go visit Hui Qi with Ying Tong, Cheryl and Shin Yee. But I couldn't go into the boarding school (which Ying Tong and Cheryl put their stuffz down and all that, 'cause they're living in the boarding school now). So I was tired of waiting. And I decided that I should probably go home; the hospital mightn't allow Burberry :O to enter anyway. So yeah :(
Took bus to home and am now blogging/doing Chinese homework diligently.
Act tomorrow, am rather excited -:D-. Bye!