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men who stare at goats OR ALTERNATIVELY, "shut your bloody mouth"
Friday, March 19, 2010
2:13 PM
I am miserable and curled up on a bed.

No I am not.
I am miserable and lying on a bed, blogging. I will put off my homework till one hour later as the pain/discomfort I feel is distracting me and therefore I cannot focus!
You ask in concern, "Why're you feeling so horrible, Fiona?"
I respond, "uhuhuhuhuuhuhuhuuhuhuhuuhuuhm."

Okay more in detail. Today I awoke, fresh as a daisy! At eight o' clock. I dressed in my long flowy skirt and psychedelic swirtly blouse shirt and bermudas and walked out of the door with my mother, carrying an equally heavy bag (it was the same as yesterday's actually ._.), because I didn't bother to pack.
We went for breakfast at Toast Box, and then we...
we took the MRT to -drumroll- Outram Park.
Ah yes yes okay I'd my dental appointment -.- Anyway as I was saying, we took the MRT to Outram Park, walked to the clinic and waited my turn.
Then, we went in! The dentist basically put in a new wire for the bottom teeth :) then she sent me down to another place (?) for my EXTRACTION.
The dentist there was nice actually. Before he started injected the anaesthetic I started screaming ._.
Then he injected it :( it hurtttt okay it did! :( And you know I even felt the anaesthesia coursing through my... nerves. Ohmygod seriously it was MOVING ohmygod. No wonder my nose is numb ._. (yes.)
After that the dentist started to push the teeth left and right :O until it came loose and I could feel it coming out ohmygod (as well as the blood pouring from the wound -gaspgasp-). And repeat.
And ohmygod erm. Then he pressed gauze to it!
Then I went up again to change the wire for the upper teeth. The teeth extracted were of course, in the upper row lar. Erm. Yes.
And ohmygod the worst thing is that my salivary glands totally overwork (Ahem TMI much ._.) But seriously ohmygod blood + saliva = evilness.
And my lips feel like gel. And I'm hungry but I can't do nothin' about it!
Erm yes continuing. Throughout the journey home I was massively irritated by the amount of blood produced. Though I was miserable, I found a kind of sadistic pleasure at walking around with a morose expression and slightly freaking out random people.
Liek wth D: and also the wound started to... hurt. Not hurt as in broke-your-leg kind of pain, but the teeth-extracted kind of pain. It's unique you know. And it pisses me off a lot.
Then at Causeway Point my mother decided that I should get a milkshake yey! And Panadol (for when the anaesthesia wore off. Which is not yet.). So yes we parked ourselves at Mos Burger and she took off to Guardian.
And then whilst she was walking about my gauze (which I'd replaced already so I'd no more gauze from the dentist, basically) suddenly dislodged itself from my wound and fell! So obviously I couldn't use it anymore (well I could, but that would be disgusting). So ohmygod what did I do? I did nothing -ahem-. Until my mother came back - then I told my mother that it hurt... only she didn't understand me. As my mouth was literally, bloody and full of gauze. I gestured until she did and she asked me to pui the gauze out; she'd run up and get more.
So I did lar. Unfortunately there was this tiny problem of what to put in my mouth while she was buying more gauze because I couldn't exactly let the blood drip into my mouth and do nothing right? So I stuffed a Mos Burger tissue into my mouth ._. like, bit on it.
And all the while random customers were milling about, you understand ._. no wonder people stared LOL. So I covered my mouth and just assumed a look of deep pain.
However I had vastly misjudged the amount of blood that could pour from facial wounds (it's a facial wound, is it not?)! Which is, FYI, a lot ohmygod! But what could I do D: (1. no more Mos Burger tissue, 2. and I couldn't even get more for fear of people seeing me looking quite vampirish, and not in the Twilight way) So I kept the tissue in my freaking mouth? While I tasted a lot of blood?!
Ohmygod?! And I can't even gurgle NOW, 'cause the dentist said the blood clot that would form to block more blood would come out. Ohmygod ew.
Okay nevermind. So I was stuck with a bloody piece of MOS BURGER TISSUE (so throwface alamak -.-) in my mouth, waiting for ages. It was probably only ten minutes but ten minutes = torture ohmygod. Give me a broken leg ANYDAY. Seriously :(
So when my mother finally came back, I rushed to the toilet. Unfortunately (yes, again) Causeway Point has this irritating and massively annoying and stupid thing about it, which is that the toilets were not conveniently available thirty metres away from you. So I went all the way up, ohmygasppppppppppppppppppppppppppp D: and finally into a toilet. While passing a lot of people. (Sidenote: Swenson's got a lot of people queueing leh! :O)
So yes in the toilet I speed-changed the gauze with the gauze that my mother bought... only to find that it wasn't gauze, but MAKE-UP PADS. I am perfectly serious.
But heck-care, just use.
And went back to Mos Burger, dropping all pretence of great pain by covering my mouth. And guess what, more people stared at me :( 'cause I looked really vampirish. You know... fanged. Does that give you an idea of where the extractions were?
Sigh, anyway went back and felt better! Now I just have to change the gauze make-up pads regularly. About once every twenty minutes :(
And ohmygod the make-up pads are from a brand called Swissper. Say it with me.
Tamade I should go do work now. I probably wouldn't be able to speak for the rest of the day :( or tomorrow ._.