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i love my family and friends
i also love 213'10, 311'11 and nynp
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1. Threadless tees
2. Helvetica necklace
3. ARTBOX notebooks
4. Kind words
6. Books that I would like
7. Tintin comics
9. Trip to Taiwan
10. Good grades
11. New camera ;D
12. SNSD concert tickets
13. Money for aforementioned tickets ^^

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Some very long posts to waste your time.
(Compiling of this list to waste my time.)
5th September
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she rubbed her eyes in fatigue
Thursday, March 25, 2010
11:33 PM
I slept from 8.40 to 9.50 just now. Which is why I'm staying up voluntarily... to blog somemore.
I will aim to make my writing clearer, and be more observant, and other academic nonsense.
Ahem starting from now:
Today was a cool day. Cool as in 'awesomez' cool, not 'got wind' cool. Anyway lessons were fairly nondescript. White Space was spent with Kellynn and Rebecca making up songs ._. Other classmates came back and I told Ying Tong: "I whiled away White Space," and she said "I'm not surprised."
I wondered briefly why the hell I hang out with people who make me feel small (small as in low self-esteem, and not small as in atom). In fact, now as I blog about it, roughly 3/4 of the people I come into contact with do that -points out-.
This will not be an emo-oh-god-life-is-against-me-wtf-not-fair post, because I am fully aware that it is I who shape myself! And others' perceptions of me. It's a wonder I've not decided to put my thoughts into action yet sooner. I will now!
After school was the cool part! Erm ohmygod yes :D went with squadmates to pass ysm her present made with LOVE LOL ._. We walked there and I got some exercise by running as Elaine chased me -.- It was really awkward though (the meeting of ysm and present-giving). We took photographs :D yeah but squadmates were all highing zomg. Especially Elaine -smirk-. Yey!
Hmm afterwards squadmates and I took a bus -.- back/walked across the overhead bridge. Where I met up with Ting Ting, supposedly to help time her while she ran 800m. But of course it was raining ugh. And Ting Ting was damn gey zomg she made me take the bus with her because she said she was gonna treat me to chawanmushi at West Mall. Gah and she lied when she said that.
Got off at West Mall, took bus to Woodlands Interchange and slept on the way. Then I bought bread at BreadTalk due to starvation D:
Sorry Yi Xin! I said I'd be VEGETARIAN for a day but after I came back I stoned until dinner (okay I didn't. I just stoned around dinnertime.) And I didn't realise the porridge had duck in it D: so I've decided to be vegetarian tomorrow instead :D
Lalalala finally I've come to the end of this post. I will end it with: