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yoyoyo WHOOSH
Wednesday, May 12, 2010
9:09 PM
Feeling disoriented now, like I don't know what to do first. Except for Chemistry, 'cause tomorrow there is SPA and also we've to hand in the SIA :O which I am editing.
My fat brother is attempting to karate chop me. And his hi-jump kick is like at hip level teehee.
Ow he hit my jaw D:
Okay nevermind I just screamed at him and my throat is sore now -.-
Anyway where was I? Oh yes, today's events.
First period of the day was LA, which means Lit Mentorship! Hahaha the different poems are rather cool! I love The Real "White Man's Burden"! It's so ironic and satirical.
My favourite stanza:
They need our labor question, too,
And politics and fraud-
We've made a pretty mess at home,
Let's make a mess abroad!
Alright next was Chinese, which was not bad 'cause we didn't have to do a zuowen xD (we're doing it tomorrow -.- which is rawr D:) At least zls went through all of the points with us :D
After that was... lunch? Drill practice in the quadrangle and random people were stopping and staring at us ._.
Math! Trigonometry is kinda rawr ._. okay, it's not too bad since I've done it before. But still it's way more irritating than Pythagora's Theorem D:
Hmm then was MALAY which was epicfunnyshizzaz! Cikgu said 213 had "nice voices" (her words, not mine xD) so we'd to compose a song about best friends ("Kawan Karib Saya"). I tell you ah, Li Shuen's group and Cheryl's group were the best in terms of hilarity. Cheryl's group was like "yo yo" after each verse in this weird weird tune and everyone was laughing. But Li Shuen's group is even better:
Li Shuen: Xuan Li! Kamu.. Sedi...a!
Xuan Li: Ya! Ying Ying! Kamu.. Sedi...a!
Ying Ying: Ya! Li Shuen! Kamu.. Sedi...a!
Li Shuen: Ya! Satu! Dua! Tiga! Empat! Lima!
All: Kawan Karib Saya!
Ying Ying: WHOOSH.
And this continues. It's damn epic funny I tell you. Especially Ying Ying's "WHOOSH" it just has a mystical comedic effect. I will record it (one day) and upload it here (one day) :D! Hmm my group's was not bad I suppose. A bit random, and we used the YOG song's tune LOL ._.
I cried in Malay too. I hate being left out.
Ah! Then was art, fliphair.
Oh then was collection of History paper :O
It's not a bad mark, per se, but it's... not up to standard/expectation. I hate the last question :( I lost like _ marks in that ohmygod! Otherwise I'd have gotten 19.5/20HAHA ._. dreams. Tsk.
Like that HP how?! I know results aren't everything, et cetera, whatever. I don't put results on top of my Life's Priority List but I've standards and goals (it's true you know). So I feel that I've disappointed myself in a beeg way. Real beeg :(
Well, the past is the past (ohmygod Taylor Swift!) so I will try my best to let go of the disappointment and start to mug, like now. Etsuko got full marks for History you know :)! (if you find these two sentences unrelated it's 'cause I deleted a lot of stuff in between ._.)
Erm, where was I? After the history thingy went for drill practice! Whew, it was very effective and painful but effective nonetheless! I think... I've improved in terms of attitude in the sense that I listen carefully to advice and try my best to act on the advice and... yes. Not that I didn't do that last time lar -cough- but I've improved! Yes! NPDP tomorrow! I sincerely hope I don't screw up :D taking a taxi to school, and stopping on the way to fetch (?) Jia Hui and Jialing xD at The Linear~ (? Is this what it's called? Oh whatever.)
Oh and the drums! I think they're way COOL LOL. So anyway everyone jiayou for NPDP we can do it!
What else. Oh yes, I really feel tired and jaded right now. I just want tomorrow to be a holiday! A day I can slack and not feel guilty about slacking! Gah there's so much to do - Open House (everything about it ._.), SIAs, mending broken hearts and all of that.
P.S. I added the broken heart thing to make the sentence sound cooler. I am not romantically involved with anyone ._.
I MISS VIVER. Sometimes I wish I was up in heaven with her.
P.P.S. Effing. Hate. It. When. You. All. Don't. Take. Me. Seriously.