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vigueur de la vie
Sunday, June 6, 2010
1:58 PM
Heyho everybody! Vita Con Brio is over :O and once again I feel unmotivated to anticipate.
Well anyway :( it was really funz 8D and I think the schools had a lot of fun too? so it was a SUCCESS yey! Station 6 (my station) was the most fun (erm my lack of vocabulary shows)/perverse one lor! No seriously it was damn funny :D
It's too bad my part of the station ('cause the station was split into two classrooms, with two people in each classroom) couldn't take -coughinsertschoolcough- :3 because ACS (Barker) showed up! Anyway ACS came to our station many times -_- and one of them was freaking hilarious wahahaha with the eye-sleep-mask thing xD
The person in question wore a mask like this:
Only the actual sleep mask was super feminine and had Rachel-Wu eyes and purple eyeshadow... and the worst thing was that the features actually fit together in a not-bad way zomg O_O
Hahaha everyone laughed like siao zomg.
The RGS people were cute! As in ._. I was reading instructions to them, and the part I was reading was about the getting-out-of-classroom-and-you-have-to-be-in-a-PT-position when one of them gave me a wide-eyed innocent look and said "but our muscles will hurt" LOL.
Oh and I was actually kinda sadistically beingstrict and stuff :O
Anyway after Vita Con Brio, squadmates and I headed to KAP for... *fun*. After a bit, Kheng Fang and I went to Beauty World to purchase *recycling materials* (You probably won't get what the asterisks mean ._.)!
Anyway rawrrawr worrying! These few weeks will be torturous but I will cling on to life with both hands and firmly pull myself up to salvation.
Good day and bai~
P.S. I might be getting new spectacles ^^