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Tuesday, July 13, 2010
11:26 PM
Rawr I am tireddddd and I screwed up act today :( When can I stop hyperventilating? I don't actually want it -_- but at least I didn't feel half as bad as last Tuesday, which I can commend my breathing for :D (which is due to ma'am's timing hahaha zomg I feel retarded thinking about how I breathed ._.)! And I feel a bit fail :( squadmates stop teasing me about * lar!
Also I might have screwed something up during the conversation during my sit-out period! I said that somebody liked _ but this might not be is not true (it WAS and I didn't... update myself), which would mean that I would've been wrong and _ might be sad D:! Rawr I am screwing everything up zz but clarification would be damn weird -_- Next week is horrible eek! Founder's Day Parade rehearsal (rifle :O! Zomg stress.) and AREA ATC D: which eats up my entire weekend man, homework = die and block tests = even more die wtf HP = not possible, my life = ruined! Actually no I can go become a dishwasher I am not bad at it honestly and I quite like the idea of things being clean (due to my OCD) and thus I am very suitable for it leh! (No I'm not serious -.-)
Grah nevermind I will grit my teeth and bear it (alternatively I can sleep through life and wake up at the fun parts... which is impractical and sad).
I think students in Singapore have damn bad lives! Sleep is crucial to development yet I think half the student population don't have enough at all! And some have so little (not me I'm talking about people who regularly sleep at two in the morning or what) sleep they'll die at 40 (choy touchwood ._.). But yez it is unbelievably unhealthy we should all migrate to Italy!
Okay I'm not being coherent I shall sleep nao!