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Saturday, July 10, 2010
11:26 PM
Well today was fruitful. In the morning I'd my first lesson at jiang zz Chinese tuition sucks! But jiang is okay I guess :O awkwardness. I was the first one in the classroom and being ignorant of unspoken divisions I sat in the boys' side! I was really freaked when I discovered that everyone beside/in front/behind me were dudes okay -.- then the teacher got me to move LOL. But it was still awkward and I was the "New Girl". Which always sucks never mind~ I'm not there to make friends anyway :O so long as we can communicate I'm fine lar.
And tuition I went back, and when I was at Causeway Point my mother invited me to join her and my brother in going to his tuition together! So I did; went to Novena, ate and attempted to find Ying Tong's present D: we failed though D: saw a Spain flag tee at Esprit but it was $30 and my mother was O_O so. And we couldn't find any Spain jersey leh (even at Velocity). Ying Tong argh why did you tell me what present to give you see now I will feel bad. Oh but my mother got clothes for my sister (at Cotton On Kids! Two adorable tees :D) and for me :D (at Cotton On. A skirt and two blouses that are a BIT tight and SLIGHTLY lower than my usual preference erm ._.)! The notebooks at Cotton On are really chio. I saw a really disturbing teeshirt at Cotton On Kids and it makes me worried about the next generation seriously. Will post a picture soon (tomorrow?)! Oh and we bought a shiny silver bag (for charity okay) there; it was one dollar LOL :O
Hmm then went home, 'cause I'd to rush for Fly (play by Theatre Club Nanyang) Chiongbathed and changed, and then left the house with messy hair and that silver charity bag (which is essentially a glorified plastic bag LOL I question my fashion choices sometimes). And I managed to wash and dry one of the blouses (because I like new things! Cannot ah!) (dried with a hairdryer... I'm serious leh). But of course I wore something over the blouse :)
Anyway Fly was awesome! It was slightly confusing at times and I didn't get some parts but I got the gist of it. I think the transitions were done rather subtly, which was cool (since the play has a few plotlines interwoven into one entire story :O) and erm the actresses were good! It was short though, like an hour and fifteen minutes or something :O
After Fly, Li Shuen Han Yi Ting Ting Nicole I (Ying Tong left very soon after that!) waited around for Yi Xin and Cheryl to give them Li Shuen's flowers (epic only Li Shuen got -_- Fail D:)! And then after that Nicole lent random people her umbrella (she thought it'd be raining so she brought it to school, but it didn't xD) to get their balloons! Hahaha :D!
And Yi Xin's family came! Like 19 of them epic :D! It was really heartwarming to see them hugging her and yeah :)
After Ting Ting and Nicole and Han Yi left, Li Shuen and I checked out the Fly wishes (sounds weird but you know the Facebook group! Basically people write their wishes/wants/whatevers and the Theatre Club people copy them onto cue cards and tape them onto a wire structure made to look like wings!)! Some of them were freaking hilarious zomg will post the photographs tomorrow too ^^
And it's pretty late now, I've lots to do (I didn't do anything today lor come to think of it D:) tomorrow so... yeah! Goodnight (morning?) xoxo Fiona!

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