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Friday, August 13, 2010
9:32 PM
Funfair was chaooooo awesomeeeeee. And I will blog about it in detail, yes! I really feel like reliving the entire process! I will miss 213 next year like totally D: Ying Tong is right:
This is our last time together as a class :( I just know that funfair next year won't be the same.
Sad :(
And 41 ma'ams :(
Anyway in detail from the start!
Chionged to school (wah the taxi driver was damn awesome~ 15 minutes and he actually got a message from the automated... taxi machine (?) that he was driving too fast ._. but his chiongness made me reach school faster :D
Changed into no 1 U. It was my first time wearing no. 1 U so... a bit scary la haha. Anyway changed into it and gathered! Went down to the armoury and got rifles! Then went up and... did a last rehearsal! Gah I screwed the alignment during that one :(
Then the actual thing! Erm nothing much to say; it went pretty much like the last rehearsal except 1. I fixed the alignment ._. but not before I messed it up and caused much... sadness 2. the cheering of "Oh Yeah" made me laugh try to suppress my laughter HAHA OMG the opening track was really funny ._. and then Merly and Lyo's retarded dancing zomg -_- They didn't even know how to dance to the cheer! Fail D: 3. Dr Yacoob Ibrahim was slightly late! So when he came it was super great yey :D :D :D and 4. inspection was funny too! He asked Sharlene weird questions heehee 5. end! Belok was a bit messy but it was the END!
At the end of FDP I was really relieved but at the same time I remembered that 41 ma'ams POPed.
After FDP, we welcomed the torch-bearers. Pretty lame 'cause we waited for very long and managed to see the torch-bearers running for ten seconds :/ Haha anyway, YOG serves to remind me that Singapore is awesome :)
After that we took photographz then changed out of U! I rushed to the SAC :D and found everyone quite busy indeed!
Erm Banana Box was a success, I think. Mdm Heng's singing brought in a lot of customers haha! And Xuan Li's father donated a lot :O like a hundred plus dollars lor omg!
Anyway erm. I digress. I found everyone decorating/putting drinks in the ice-box/decorating the karaoke rooms/private rooms! So I just flittered here and there. And I took off my skirt 'cause I was really hot during FDP ._. But this skirtlessness (got shorts la!) of me remained until the day ended -_- because I was lazyyy and didn't wanna wear it.
I glittered my face! Someone tried to glitter (yes I'm using glitter as a verb) my hair but they suffered my wrath ._. Anyway my face! I recalled that Ying Tong told me that face paint should be painted on the cheekbones + middle of forehead to accentuate bone structure! So I glittered it like that la. But a bit fail :D but really outstanding! And I stole someone's gold hairband (._. which I am wearing now ._.)! Ooh and I remember the pin! The tacky smiley pinz :)
The first customers were three girls from Assumption English school! They sang really well :O one of them sang a bittt like Rihanna LOL :D
Then more and more people came in! I don't know how to elaborate ._. but erm they were pretty quiet, unlike the people who came in at like five:/ tsk.
I mainly stayed in the SAC because of the air-conditioning, and because in the SAC I was really high/freeee~ yes.
Oh and ma'ams came in! I was trying to call someone (at the top of the staircase, 'cause the SAC is underground and has no reception D:) and then I turned my head and saw ma'ams approaching omg! So I assumed that they were going to the canteen, but I ran back to the SAC all the same haha -_- imagine my shock when I saw them at the door of Banana Box zomg :O
Then I escaped to the food and drinks room because it was staff-only! But 213ers betrayed me and literally dragged me out (ouch friction burn D:). But I was really freaked out la! And Alicia ma'am paid for me to enter the karaoke room -insert emoticon here-. And then anyway ma'ams sang karaoke :D and they gave me one of their free drinks -touched- haha. Ooh and I got a friction burn while rushing to thank them ._. They said they'd come back :O
And I hope ma'ams didn't misunderstand my reluctance to go out and meet them! I was just erm scared la okay! Scared without squadmates :O though I really enjoyed their performance (?) :D (their dancing ^^ Ying Ying gave me a weird look during this part but I ignored her) and after they left the Mdm Heng entourage entered! LOL. Crazy inside the karaoke room so I escaped and flittered around somemore. Though it was really an amazing success :)
But bad thing about Mdm Heng's performance: All the damn loud/hyper primary school students! Really sian and then the teachers who came in told us to "do something about it" so I shouted at them -_- and they were silent. Fiona 1 NYPS students 0 :D! And Ting made me tell them a story but before I could really start they'd to leave -evil laughter-. Made us all glad :) Not that I don't like NYPS students but I don't like large groups (36 of them) that conduct violent pillow fights (with our cushions somemore, tsk).
After Mdm Heng left more people went in? I'm kinda hazy about these parts ._.
I only remember the Hui Han ma'am + Lynn ma'am + Esther ma'am + their friend went in :D and made Fiona a happy person (strike this off a bit disturbing) ._.
Yes! And sang! And LOL Ms Ong came in hahaha. Really quite weird :O and after they sang Mdm Lee sang! Yeahhhh everyone was majorly impressed :D 'cause she's really good yes! Haha I enjoy people's surprised expressions (by people I really mean people ._.).
Erm I forgot what happened after that!
I think I went for publicity duty at around 2 :O super tiring and I got a really painful bruise zz wtf. And I sort of spoilt my ankle but jumping from a high place (i.e. SAC's whatever you call 'em!) and had to return and do other stuff :O like catering to people's drink desires/answering questions/THROWING GLITTER ON CHERYL YAU'S FRIENDS :D! Superfun and I admit that it was wrong of me to do so. But I was under the influence of endorphins ._. cannot blame me :3
Oh~ and 213ers were camwhoring. For a moment the loudest person in the room was Rachel Wu (-coughs-) hahaha :D but super fun! And I disturbed Xuan Li and her Tall Friend :)! Who is really old and ermm I cannot remember much about him but I just kept going in and kachao-ing in oops :/ and then there was a this funny part where Roob came in and I said that she didn't ask and she was disturbing their privacy (it's called a private room after all) and Roob looked damn apologetic like she was really disturbing (ahem) them ._. and Xuan Li almost killed me! But whatevs 8D I took her camera to take more photographs of 213ers camwhoring :D
AHHH this entire part that I've typed out somehow disappeared wth :(
So I shall briefly talk about it.
Around four to five the place become really chaotic and noisy. Sucked D: as compared to morning's tranquility sian! Hmm and oh some 41 ma'ams came but the queue was really long and the other ma'ams didn't come so :( they left in the end. This disappointed squadmates to varying degrees!
Oh and got two people in the private room getting a bit too close for comfort ._. They weren't really doing... anything wrong la, just talking. But then bimboish people who came (Roob's senior and her friends) were laughing haha. The bimboish people were actually quite nice to me :D because I am so good at my job ._.
I think that yesterday a really different side of me showed up. I ceased to be the Fiona that was shy around strangers, but I somehow morphed into someone really super high and loud around everyone (even guys zomg am shocked with myself!) :O (which is why I kachao-ed Xuan Li's Tall Friend hahaha). Except with ma'ams because I cannot detach that part of me ._.
Oh wait what else is there. Around sixish I left to get foood (wah I love 204's fried food max) and I got ermmm cotton candy (nom ^^) and! Nasi lemak. I still have $4 left, sian! D:!
Anyway went back to SAC for the last lap! Some teachers sang hmmm. Like zhenglaoshi and various Chinese teachers (ooh I remember that before the bimboish people sang (they sang like 15 songs = 5 songs x 3 ah o_o no wonder the queue like that) Rachel Wu's gym teacher came LOL.
Anyway Mdm Chew (VP) came to sing but no one really turned up :/ which sucked la :( I think 'cause it was too late and no one really cared about karaoke at that point in them :O
After that we kinda cleaned up! Oh wait after Mdm Chew left and before cleanup some Hwachong people -coughs- came! Like MPC and Jeremiah Choo and ermmm Weiren and erm XX. Ting Ting was really embarrassed :3 'cause some 213ers were like "OMG WHEAR?" and chased after him O_O win ._.
Anyway yesh they came for a while and wandered around and Didn't Recognize Me (I'd the Union Jack glittered on my face ._. but it was all smeared D:). Admittedly I've changed slightly from my primary school days but this does not mean that I am forgotten! Tsk tsk tsk.
Alternatively they recognized me but didn't want to say hi ._. which is sadder LOL.
Okay cleanup! Super fun ^^ I love 213ers max! Haha we screwed up the SAC though - the ice-box broke and the massive amounts of melted ice (i.e. ice-cold water) broke out O: and some water went into the _ _(which is retardedly on the floor zzz O_O). And ermmm just a bigbig mess; everyone panicked la LOL. Then I helped to spread the water so that it would evaporate faster (actually in an air-conditioned room water evaporates faster -sudden realization- 'cause the air is really very unsaturated! Omgosh haha).
Oh and the tearing down of decorations, putting back of cushions in their proper positions etc. We'd like TONS of drinks left (literally I think -.-) and I really hate the irresponsible customers who messed up the 8days la wth! The Jay Chou one was bent beyond belief -_- omg poor Etsuko D: as was all the other mags D: wth and my Guinness World Book of Records 2010!
Hmph never mind :(
Ooh and we sang! Damn fun la :) :) :) Li Shuen sings well :D
:D We sang this! And Complicated - Avril Lavigne. I love references to Frank Sinastra idk why ._. I'm not even a fan but still! It's really cool~ I love references to people in songs~
And somehow oh yeah we wrote on the whiteboard in PERMANENT MARKER INK haha winz -_- Mr Tan got tar remover (from his car boot) and we sprayed it liberally onto the whiteboard wtf really smelly D: but it works :/
Oosh that's all. Left at nine plus with all my stuffz including 30 packets of green tea (I LOVE YEO'S I SUPPORT LOCAL BRANDS) for my brother's birthday! Which is today! Which is also YOG DAY! Cool not :D
Happy birthday Travis :)
Ooh that'll be all. I miss funfair :( the last major event with 213 and honestly despite what we say without regular contact relationships never last. That's why it's so sad ah. And 41 ma'ams :(
p.s. i remember i ran from 40 ma'ams when i saw them omg awkward xD tingting stared at me weirdly.
p.p.s. from this funfair, i took away
green tea
many many lightstick bangles
four dollars' worth of coupons
laughter (totally remember thursday we were preparing and we were HIGH :D! ting and i acted as potential customers, though it wasn't really close to reality 'cause we were like foreigners and yingtong was a turkish helper xD)

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