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i need to get my priorities straight
Monday, August 30, 2010
7:46 PM
I, am, putting, way too much effort into this crappy Geography brochure! I am actually painting (oui you heard that right) TWO A4 sheets of blank white paper greenish/foresty just. For. This. Assignment. When I could be doing Teacher's Day's gifts, or some other thing. I am PAINTING PAPER. Because the paper I bought just now was too thick (!?!#!#$ wth why this kind of thing happen to me) and I am stupid. So I need to make paper green and I decided to paint it!
Though I'm like, succeeding :D it looks good leh :D But still.
Argh tomorrow is Jiachun's birthday! :D! I enjoy arguing with Jiachun she's so comical :) Lishuen was secretly laughing at the both of us! Super childish! But I'm mean la :(
Anyway! Tomorrow is Teacher's Day! I am going back to NYPS :D! And oh gosh presents :/
Ahhh anyway! I shall write about Why I Am So Buyaolian In Reminding Everyone About My Birthday! It is quite frivolous-sounding but it is sort of a psychoanalysis (only not so in-depth) of my character! Or an aspect of my character. So it's interesting what!
So yeah in 213/with squadmates/randomly I'll announce that it's my birthday, and this really irks many people. Like I can tell. Wth do I still do it? Well, firstly by loudly announcing it, it catches the attention of people! And I am an attention-seeker O_O (haha stating the obvious) yes and since being loud/obnoxious gets me the attention I subconsciously crave, I am loud/obnoxious. Yes first point.
Secondly! This concerns the vulnerable side of me. Erm, 'cause I was never really popular or whatever you call it, so these few years on my birthdays hardly anyone wished me "happy birthday", or gave me presents, or whatever. Which is sad. Especially since I have always dedicatedly wished people happy birthday the least you could do is to wish me one too ): Anyway erh so I was DAMN SAD. And this year I decided, I will not allow my birthday to pass like that anymore! I will take action! And that explains my behaviour. Although this behaviour is not good and it is irritating MAX and I myself would be irritated MAJORLYYYY but it I still do it D: So far it seems to be working though .__. Like Yan Li and Kellynn and Ying Tong have gotten me presents (oh no I am jinxing myself I can feel it) :D! Which is nice of them :D
Thirdly! This is regarding my superficial side HAHAHA. Which is that, erm, I like presents -twiddle thumbs-. So eh, yes I like presents and birthdays are prime times (O_O) for present-giving! Omg this totally spoiled your opinion of me didn't it :O
Never mind! It's true anyway ): don't tell me you don't want presents. But actually underneath the materialistic front there is another reason. Like, WHY DO I WANT PRESENTS. 'Cause presents, especially meaningful presents, show that a person cares for me (zomg so ewwwwwww) and erm treats me as a friend/whatever :D? So yes! Receiving a present reaffirms my belief that you (i.e. present-giver) treat me as a friend, yeshiede.
Okay I shall get back to painting the forest. Toodley :)