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i love my family and friends
i also love 213'10, 311'11 and nynp
i am a sone
i cannot live without entertainment


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1. Threadless tees
2. Helvetica necklace
3. ARTBOX notebooks
4. Kind words
6. Books that I would like
7. Tintin comics
9. Trip to Taiwan
10. Good grades
11. New camera ;D
12. SNSD concert tickets
13. Money for aforementioned tickets ^^

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Some very long posts to waste your time.
(Compiling of this list to waste my time.)
5th September
Class Chalet '10


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school tomorrow :(
Tuesday, August 10, 2010
12:55 PM
First things first: I want one of these D:
And then all the rest!
Went to Macritchie Reservoir at 6.30! Teksiteksi. Spent some time changing, waiting, getting ready! Then we'd a briefing from 42 ma'ams :O turns out Vanessa had diarrhoea sigh D: hope she's fine now? Though she sounded fine on the phone when I called her la but.. you can't really tell about diarrhoea right -blank face-.
Aha so split into our shifts! I was with.. erm I forgot la! But with some ma'ams, some squadmates and some 44s -_- yesh then went to the roundabout to direct traffic! But ma'am is right LOL roundabout = go in, come out really nowhere else to go one lor ._. so squadmates and I amused ourselves by jiayouing 41 ma'ams! Oh yeah some 41 ma'ams came by a while before that to jiayou us :) though it should be us jiayouing them xD Wenxian ma'am was funny when we shouted out to her, 'cause she just turned and stared for a while then continued walking haha ^^ oh and Lynn ma'am's shoes were pink :D!
Eh what next! Oh yeah Mr Nick Ng came by and said that he was "with" Mdm Yeo idk what that means -_- (Oh yes he also said: "You are from NPCC meh?" what cannot ah! Although teachers all say I don't have an NP look ._.) Anyway yeah he amused us greatly. Some people are scared of Mr Ng :O? Idk why but he's always been nice/cordial to me so yepppp (thank goodness I'm not in theatre LOL though Yixin and Cheryl are awesome :D!) (something wrong with me today. I think it's the unproductivity + reluctance to start being productive). Anyway yes he came and amused all of us! Then Mr Shone came and took photographs -_- made to pose -_- and Mr Ng took also! Yeah then erm that's it? After a while all the cars stopped coming by (or they weren't parents of Nanyang girls ._.)! Oh yeah there was a van/car which had lots of police officers inside :D! Then one of them saluted to us LOL the rest of them were laughing ._. Anyway! Oh and also after that the H2O van came along! :D! Ma'ams told us to "come and enjoy the air con" haha :) so we left out posts for a while (erm no cars what!) and enjoyed the air-con LOL. Ohmygod then the driver told us to help take the last 6pack (hmm familiar ;D) and I went/crawled in! LOL haha. Very cold inside :D and the 6pack was really heavy zomg ._. imagine 1.5 litres x 6! Eee and yeah. Grabbed it and gave it to the driver who was outside :O quite fun inside :D (omg haha what's wrong with me xD)! And jumped out O_O
Anyway then, since they were no more cars left to direct we helped to tie garbage bags around lamp posts ._. which is, if you think about it, not really BAD to do 'cause it's helping but somehow it felt slightlyderogatory, to me at least ._. hmm so we took off our gloves and the fluorescent vests to do it (Mr Ng kept cracking CWO-related jokes hmph -_-)! And yep after that we went back and then went to the roadside there to welcome runners! Actually no we were there to make sure the vehicles turning in from the main road don't accidentally kill anyone. But whatever! We'd to spread out a lot 'cause... not enough people :/ oh! Anyway!
First people who came were secondary four competitive runners! Like Jia Jia ma'am! :D! And Esther ma'am! :D! And Clarissa ma'am! :D! So pro la :D then the secondary three competitive runners, then the secondary two competitive runners (213ers! Pro pro Ting Ting, Yi Xin, Sabrina, Roob (her knee D: and then as she passed Mr Ng (standing opposite me LOL maybe 'cause he knows me best :O I'm his drama class' sodonkey (sotong + turkey + donkey) after all -_-) he turned and said: "That girl's.. in pain." wtf ._.), and then Rachel Wu and Lishuen! Who were running with Mr Kaw HAHA xD). And then secondary one competitive runners! :O! ADELLE!! who said I owed her a letter YES I DO MY DEAR MORTAL.
Then all the funrunners! Basically starting with secondary ones, then twos, then threes, then fours. All throughout Mr Ng was making interesting comments, getting me/us to pose for him, etc. kinda stuffz haha. When the secondary fours came we cheered for ma'ams! LOL. Then Esther ma'am, Clarissa ma'am and Jia Jia ma'am came back :O to run with other 41 ma'ams :O and Esther ma'am poked me damn hard LOL ._. Anyway yes then after a lot of secondary fours ran past Kheng Fang and I wondered where Wenxian ma'am and Lynn ma'am were LOL. They were the last runners like that la! Haha xD and we ran with them 'cause finished :O (which was kinda _ towards _)! And yeah chionged omg! I'm not a really running kinda person so it was weird -_- Whee yeah that be it!
Afterwards we changed and waited for the celebrations to end! I awesomely forgot to bring camp tee (instead I brought class tee -_- wth is wrong with me -_-)! So weird~ and then we sat and waited yes. Then end! Then ma'am told us to faster leave in case they ask us to clean up. BUT as luck would have it we'd to go clean up -_- wth manzx free labour ah. Sian! Somemore we're not acknowledged leh~ Okay end of rant. Erm cleaned up for a while -_- which is retarded! Hello! Throw confetti for what O_O and somemore say that we've to keep the park clean etc. then don't throw something so freaking difficult to remove la! The confetti was stuck in the bushes etc. somemore leh ._. Thank you 414 and other random people who helped so it wasn't just us la huh ._.
Outing with Ting Ting, Sabrina, Yan Li and Yan Xin
Whoo! This was fun! Took the bus after xcountry to Toa Payoh then MRTed to Orchard O: We started by eating at the ion food court nomnom! Then the stupid fly (i.e. Sabrinaaa) had to leave after that tsk! So left Ting, Yanchie, Yanxin and I! We walked around ion, lost! And looking at stuffz :D funfunfun~ and then we walked to Cineleisure to take neoz! I look screwed as usual sadface D: Haha something wrong with me la never mind :D Erm after that. Went taka to eat ice-cream! Then Yanchie and Yanxin left D: (YA SO UNPRODUCTIVE RIGHT). Then left Ting and I! We went to 313@Somerset and Ting Ting made me go Forever21 to look at all the stuffz! And you know la 313@Somerset got like three levels of F21, winz. I don't wear tank tops D:! But Ting does so... and all the shirts so... airy la! Not my kind of place ._. although the designs are chio ^^ then we headed for Subway to eat ('causeiwashungryagain) yeah then I left for my dental appointment! Met my mother at Centrepoint (her office is behind it :D!) with Ting Ting HAHA so funny! I love introducing my parents to my friends, have I told you that manz! If ma'ams were to ever meet my mother I would really not be able to control myself and I confirm will introduce them to her ._. fail -_- make sure that doesn't happen teehee. So anyway then we went for my dental appointment! The dentist is really cmi D: she asked me what colour I wanted, then at the end she said "sorry ah, no colour today" like huh? Then ask for what get my hopes up :( and I told her I wanted pink already la! Hmph. IS FASHION STATEMENT :D
Oh but my male dentists/doctors all very dashing okay! Like my family doctor (before he grew old and fat D: haha I'm stating a fact hor!) and my dentist (when I chipped my tooth -_-) and my previous orthodontist :D! Yeshiede I sound freaky never mind :D (perverse smile :D)!
Saturday and Sunday and the rest of Monday
I can't really remember oops. Saturday morning was jiang. Sleepy but okay (did a paper!). Then went and ate Pepper Lunch, took MRT home... did Lit Circle :O and stuffz haha don't really remember leh ._. oh in the night went to my ahma's haus :D so funz! Ate dumplingz! Though it was painful 'cause I tightened my braces D: but dumplingz are a culinary delight! Hmm then my cousins came! Except for my Shanghainese cousins (ah okay I shouldn't call them that lor they are actually Singaporean -_-)! Oh we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the 2005 version! Ohmygosh la I was damn creeped by it. Roald Dahl is actually very... childrin r skary D: I don't know how to explain, it's kinda surreal + morbid but only slightly? Anyway yeah! But they're nice! And Tim Burton made the story even more creepy la! His gift~ I almost couldn't recognize Johnny Depp (expressions are goood) and oh yeah Helena Bonham Carter.
Ladeeda went home!
Sunday was spent... I don't know -shake head-. Wtf did I do huh, other than Lit Circle -_-
Monday was the same D:
Karaoke on Monday :D
Oosh! Really retarded; we left at like 5.30 and the karaoke starts at seven but we reached at seventhirty. Please don't ask me how on earth we managed to be so late -_-
Anyway! Ate a lot D: D: D: watched NDP :D :D :D and sang! Gladys sings so well :D! So does Krystal and Kimberly actually! ALL MY FAMILY MEMBERS SING NOT BAD LA :D (except me/my brother hmm where went wrong ah). Ooh we sang lots of Taylor Swift and some Avril Lavigne and some randomz songz and some classic songs :) then the erm older generation came in to sing their songs LOLLOL :D! I never knew my father could play billiards :) oh it was fun :D
Tuesday D:
Whoooosh sian haha slacked for three days and now it's crashing down on me. But I believe I'd the right to slack/be veryy unproductive lor; I mean it's after blocks manz! Let down your hair for three days also cannot ah -mutters-. And there's Funfair on Friday :) which is also FDP. Ohmygod I am forced to think about FDP ._. haha oh well gotta do my homeworkz bai :D