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Sunday, August 8, 2010
7:34 PM
omg haha!
guess what ;D!
just now i went to starbucks to buy ... starbucks (omgomg green tea frappuccino = best :D) yeah with my brother! and he saw his FORM TEACHER THERE zomg haha suay~
brother: -slouches in a damn ah beng way on the chair-
me: -subtly reaches across the table to take his chocolate chip frappuccino-
brother: oi! chou4 xiao3 zi! (it's his newest catchphrase ._.)
me: o_o
teacher (at counter): hi travis.
brother: -looks up and O_O!!!!, instantly sits upright-
teacher: travis, you lost your exam schedule is it?
brother: -nods dumbly-
teacher: on wednesday, go to the general office and photocopy.
brother: orh. -freezes like a deer in headlights!-
teacher: -looks around- where's your mother? -kindly smile-
brother: she... erh... she's not here. only my sister.
teacher: oh, i see -smiles-.
me: -tries not to laugh-
his teacher is nice and quite chio leh!
anyway yeah! yesterday i saw thenjia at causeway point too :D! i love meeting people unexpectedly la~ but i hardly do that :( anyway she was with her classmate (erm rou jing i think?) and on the escalator. 'cause i was sick (slightly!) i was staring blankly into space with my mother and then...
thenjia: FIONA!
fiona: -looks up, spots thenjia on the escalator beside the escalator i was on (hers was the one going up and mine the one going down)-
fiona: :O (seriously damn shocked)
thenjia and roujing: -bright smiles-
fiona: :O
and then we passed each other ._.
and yeah! wait this is not it!!
after the starbucks encounter we were so shaken we decided to go home! so anyway civic centre is connected to an overhead bridge. so we walked down in and halfway on the staircase we saw my cousins (back from shanghai (see archives) :D) and their parents.
brother: HI KIMBERLY!
all of them: -o_o looks at us-
uncle: hi!
omg so freaky!! they were visiting their church friend who lives in the block opposite us O_O
haha anyway i've been having a STREAK. hopefully this STREAK continues! :D! as i said it's really fun and exciting and stuffz ^^ (unless it's ma'ams then it's scary hahahaha imagine weiting and clarissa ma'am -_-)
oosh! tomorrow going for karaoke with my extended family! my cousins are leaving on the 13th D:! so yeahhh last time i'm seeing them for a few moar years :(? tsk anyway it'll be funz! i'm having a cold so i probably won't sing muahaha :D so rachel and michelle can sing ^^ heehee.
michelle was from np o_o (before she quit tsk lol)! and ohohoh it's really cool
rachel = kheng fang's primary school classmate (rgps!)
= thenjia's current classmate
= ting's squash batchmate
= xuanli's primary school (p3! before xuanli came to nyps for gep) classmate
= my cousin! isn't that awesomez!?! damn cool la! like 2 of my squadmates 2 of my classmates. therefore i am a bringer of goodness and light.
HAHA DONT MAKE SENSE :O lit circle lit circle omg! etsuko is really organised :)
and ohohoh! fdp D: chao scared eesh D: (eesh is a very familiar sound.. oh wait. hmm.) how! die la ._.
nevermind shall not think about it yet! i still have monday (national day whee :D! i love national day 'cause whenever it's national day i feel very singaporean haha :D) and tuesday (erm why is tuesday a holiday? i don't really know but... whatever la.) so yesh!
andddd blogging about xcountry, the outing with yanli/yanxin (yanli's sister from 103 :D!)/ting/sabrina soonish :D bai~
singapore is so multi-lingual omg! today i was going down (to starbucks yesh) and i was in the lift with my brother. behold:
2 china nationals conversing in chinese
2 malay dudes conversing in malay
2 chinese children (us!) conversing in english
1 random woman who said nothing.
haha would've been a perfect moment if two people were speaking in tamil :D!
by the way, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dicrocoelium_dendriticum