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embellishment of truth
Wednesday, September 15, 2010
8:07 PM
hi all.
i lost interest in blogging! no really.
because idk it's just so.
Weird. to have people reading what you're feeling and stuff. and my blog is (i've said this many times before) VERY PERSONAL and if you read it you probably know quite a lot about my life. which is weird. like cheryl yau said in her LA speech, social media is affecting us!
okay i don't want yall to think cheryl yau influenced me this greatly -_- erm. okay you know what, i just feel Judged when people read my blog!
so don't read it! click the red 'x' NOW!
when i was younger i wanted to be famous o_o
but now reality is Cruel and i realise that 1) i has got no talent to speak of 2) i will not become famous for doing nothing as tabloid magazines will destroy my career before it even starts 3) i like my privacy!
eh, today was weird. ting and sabrina are both VERY IMMATURE PEOPLE that keep embarrassing me -.- it gets annoying, and then it's not funny anymore.
math today was FUN. i like logic and paradoxes :D :D :D (yes we finished the syllabus, and mdm lee is giving us ENRICHMENT TOPICS o_o)
and erm. la was okay i suppose; all the speeches. also, tomorrow is my chinese speech :O like i'm a teeny bit freaked out. public speaking is not my forte (thank you, captain understatement).
i've the most irritating barely-there headache! oh gosh.
okay little anecdote.
yesterday i was on the bus and obviously i fell asleep. because i am a tired student.
and then eh i BANGED MY HEAD AND GOT A BUMP. and hello not ONE BUMP BUT TWO BUMPS. this is as i first banged my head against the poster at the front of the bus (i was seating at the front row. you know there's this... partition that separates the driver from the first row? yes i bumped my head against that) REALLY hard, and i thought it was bleeding (it wasn't). but it was damn painful and i think i passed out (HAHA no actually not). then i dozed off again, and this time i banged my head onto the WINDOW. so now i've one bump at the front of my head and another at the side. this is why i am STUPID.
also i'm anticipating drama! not my own group's performance (-_-) but the other two groups'! omgosh haha. yixin's group's is about discrimination against mentally retarded individuals DD: idk what xuanli's group's is about O_O but IT'LL BE INTERESTING.
also i am worried about subject combinations. should i take triple science ._. it's very very safe that way :O i mean i'm not a mugger but science is... science. yeah. and if i try to understand it i definitely can. but i've zero interest in it! ZERO INTEREST IN PHYSICS especially lol. biology is okay i guess. and chem too. but nonono D: i don't likeeee.
2 sciences + 1 humanities should be better? BUT GEOG/HISTORY?! no idea argh. geog is ermmmmmmm easier to study for i guess? not as... skill-based? idk haha i suck. and history is so Risky omg!
hp ): you know i still want it/am v interested in it but i'm pretty sure i'll Die in it so. idk ): ): ): i really don't know THIS IS ALL SO CONFUSING.
i am very moodswingy now! and i admit my mind is working very strangely now omg. i'm jumping from one topic to another o_o
i saw a funeral today but i thought it was a WEDDING O_O because i've never seen such a funeral before, honestly, and i didn't see any.. coffins or what O_O and somemore there were nicely placed tables with lilies on them. according to my mother it is a Soka funeral.
you know uh maybe i'm not suited for academics. perhaps i shall grow up and become... an artist. YEAH SURE THAT'LL HAPPEN.
T__T am depressing myself.
p/s/ am pissing myself and the people around me off. good job, fiona. good job.