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Tuesday, September 28, 2010
9:53 PM
(omg a bit zihigh)
Today was a Marvellous day indeed!
In the morning I waited for Yuqi! Then we erm did last-minute touchups and ribboningz and uhm.
We wanted to wish _ a Happy Birthday but NOOOOO Yuqi went to put her bag in her classroom and I was scared ._. so oh well~
Anyway it's awesome! Kudos to Yuqi for her awesome idea + artistic ability that I lack. (We decided to omit the erm potentially stalkerish photograph because it is very... personal-looking yes.)
Anyway! Then I went down to quad with squadmates and flopped around. Then uhm dance! Second last lesson D: I will totally miss it rawr even though I am most decidedly Not a Dancer, but dance is FUN. I like ermmm stretching my limits (literally). Yeah ):
And hmm then PE! BADMINTON and table tennis (I am n00b at this D: but yingtong etc taught me ^^ merci beacoup :D)! I suck at badminton too la but I have occasional flashes of brilliance. So there!
Then ICT! Last lesson omg! I really liked ICT 'cause it's slack. Manz ._. Then Chinese.
Lunch! I cannot remember what I did.
Then LA (I was halfway asleep. Rachel Wu would say that I was fully asleep but I disagree). Grah ): Mdm O's voice is seriously melodic wtfwtf.
Hmm Math. It was okay.
Chinese remedial ): then BADMINTON AT THE HALL omfg ._. I totally Regretted it when I saw some people but Sabrina made me stay and told me to 'watch out' (i do have violent tendencies).
Then went home.
Okay I r bored I go nao bai.