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11. New camera ;D
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le petit nicolas
Wednesday, September 22, 2010
11:19 PM
today french was awesome!! LIKE SERIOUSLY GOOD.
we revised subjonctif and stuff until break, then after break WE WATCHED LE PETIT NICOLAS!

yey the boy playing nicolas is so cute! in a pure and innocent sense.
and they are so adorable in the movie! the schoolboys wear long sleeves and SHORTS HAHA :D

it was adapted from a book! the comic-y kind of feel is very obvious in the movie. i mean like the scenes just... flow from one to another. for example, this boy, clotaire, was punished and he goes to a corner, and at the corner there is a door, and he opens the door, walks through, and appears in his house and his father scolds him (it tallies with nicolas' narration you see). so it's really cool!
and the humour is just childish and fun! HAHA OMG.
basically nicolas is a normal schoolboy. there is a lengthy introduction that introduces the main characters (wao thank you captain obvious) and then a lot of credits O_O then the actual movie starts: nicolas' classmate, joachim, has a baby brother! and joachim says he hates his brother and stuff.
then somehow nicolas gets the idea that HE is also getting a brother, because his parents' conversations are delightfully misleading. and then these conversations are not about nicolas' brother and how they're going to throw nicolas into a forest, but rather that nicolas' father decides to invite his boss for a dinner.
and there's a lot of incidents that happen because nicolas wants to get rid of his brother ._. VIA KIDNAPPING.
okay i decide that i cannot explain the plot fully because it's very intricately woven, so you need to watch it! WATCH IT :D
okayyy i've to go sleep now! gday mate!