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Wednesday, October 27, 2010
7:33 PM
We got back Geography and LA today.
something sucked and something rocked was awesome ._.
Yeah so...
GEOGRAPHY SUCKED. Even suckier than History FMLTTM. HP, indeed. Not anymore :/ recently I've been having second thoughts about HP and I finally realised that it's not for me. I mean yes I love the humanities but I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SURVIVE IN THEAR. Overall a normal class is more suitable for me, yes. I'm already flopping in 213 so why would I want to flop in 314 ._.
But yeah HP has motivated me for most of the year and I'm grateful for that!
Okay moving on.
GEOG SUCKED. Really honestly. Like... a B kind of suck. And okay, I'm not kidding you, but I always thought my humanities were good. If not good, at least A2 standard. BUT NU OBVIOUSLY NOT.
You see I cannot muster up the appropriate sadness for this horrible result!! I think it's 'cause of (1) I don't really care about Geography as much as I care about my History, and I cried a lot yesterday already ._. (2) LA cheered me up a LOT.
Okay right here right nao I am going to boast. Yeah so if you didn't score that well for LA (D:) and you are feeling horrible I suggest you skip this part. 'Cause honestly I don't want anyone coming to me/tagging that my LA is awesome (LUCKY FLUKE REALLY. One of my better days!) but I suck for being so boastful and stuff! YEAH. Somemore my Geography damn lousy la T_T

Okay so for comprehension I got 15/25. HAHA that's not very good is it. BUT for summary I got 21.5/25 which is awesome :) I'm really happy with my comprehension + summary result, actually (mostly for summary) but during the going-through I was kinda... moody and Rebecca thought that I felt unhappy with my marks -_____- Okay like I WAS NOT THINKING ABOUT MYSELF. I was thinking about other people and how to CHEER THEM UP. Because even though I scored well for this aspect, my friends didn't and I CARE ABOUT MY FRIENDS. So I was pretty subdued. Somemore my comprehension + summary = A2 haha. Aiyoh Roob you are really horrible T_T somemore give me the URGH look.
Okay anyway. Erm then I was freaking worried for unseen and expository ._. Like honestly I was rocking back and forth and trying not to freak out. THEN I GOT MY UNSEEN BACK AND IT WAS LIKE 23/30 WHICH = A1 and I was SO HAPPY 'cause unseen is not my strong suit yeah! AND THEN I GOT MY EXPOSITORY (actually I'm not sure if I can call it an expository, 'cause I did the personal recount LOL ._.) AND I GOT 27/30. OMG DID YOU HEAR THAT 27/30!!!!!!!!!
Omg my heart totes stopped for a second I SWEAR and I squealed, like a baby pig (i.e. piglet). OMG highlight of my day can. Also the marker wanted to have a 'chat' with me (seriously and I really went to talk to her please don't ask me about it it was a terrible experience I've no intention of reliving) and also, the montage! As in the English Society montage. So yeah understandably I was real happy and I WAS BLUSHING HAHA but other people did not-so-well and Kellynn called me "gay" for getting my score ._. Oh ): So despite my score I was also very .__. throughout, wtf.

Oh wait. We went for the Pompeii thing today wth IT WAS DAMN WEIRD especially on the bus ._. then 213 was singing random songs and there were sec4s behind (read: ESTHER MA'AM) and it was altogether quite mortifying. Also Cheryl Yau kept calling attention to the fact that I forgot my nametag T_T oh but the exhibition was good! A bit creepy yes and very sad.