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Sunday, October 31, 2010
1:15 PM

Hello everyone! This post is for the 213ers!
If you aren't a 213er erm can skip! Or you can read this (like Kheng Fang will), but I WILL KNOW.
Aha! Okay anyway 213 I think I mightn't have time to write individual notes on paper for yall before school ends (quick start crying nao) so ): I must write something here! In terms of Shika roles.
ENSEMBLE (from left to right): Sabrina, Nicole, Yan Li, Jia Chun, Han Yi, Etsuko, Rebecca.
Ensemble! You guys are the best! -cue cheer- I mean like seriously without the ensemble Shika would be so much more meher! Omg I just coined a new word! OMG SOUNDS LIKE MEYER. Okay never mind. Yes, much more meh-er ): and we mightn't even be able to progress to encore night. So, yes, YOU GUYS R DABOMB. Those startling Shika stares that give the audience SHIVERS! Correct anot, audience. The all-black outfits that are cool :) Your amazing dedication and tolerance of pain. I remember that time Rebecca gave us all a heart attack :/ Thank you for all the effort you've put in, tears that you've shed, and sweat that you've... perspired out (omg English fail). WE LOVE YOU ♥
Some photographs!
By the way why is Han Yi always the one doing something different LOL.
Okay here we see (left to right): Sabrina, Jia Chun, Han Yi, Etsuko, Yan Li and Nicole. TSK ONLY YANLI AND NICOLE SMILE HAPPILY FOR THE CAMERA. Roob wasn't here yet ):
Our main characters! Ying Tong and Dorcas/Mom and Katrina :)
Dorcas your acting is just (Y) you are a natural (Y) I really respect your ability to just let it out (Y) on stage where everyone's looking (Y). That makes you a very unique speshul individual just FYI! Our very talented Best Actress (Y) :D :D :D rock on!
Ying Tong your acting is also very (Y) omg! Your emotions can really be FELT can or not CAN!? And I admire your ability to keep in character even when whispering to me on stage (when I grabbed you you said in my ear "i really don't know this woman" -innocent look- LOLMAX)!! And also... you're very talented also la :D you portray the character of Katrina really well. CASTING WIN!
Hello you two thanks for all the effort you've put into Shika: to memorize all your lines, to really FEEL the character, the costume fails (I am referring to Dorcas lol) and all! Also the many many rehearsals, the stage frights, the... yeah. Thanks a lot :D
My counterparts! Ignore Sabrina (hiding face with phone), Jia Chun (acting Lady Gaga), Han Yi and Ying Tong LOL. ALSO IGNORE HUITING'S FOOT.
But guys! Yixin and Huiting :D! My fellow punks who are so punkish.
You know Yixin, I remember that first day during drama lesson, you said to all of us "I don't know how to be punk". RUBBISHBEANS. You are such a good punk nao 8D! With your hair, your outfit, your entire attitude - it has changed! All for Shika :) I really admire your acting skillz and your effort in sustaining the punkness/sadness :)! It's really great.
As for Huiting, you are a NATURAL PUNK :D! Haha. Swishhair. Your acting is really... good and I know you try very hard to portray the suitable emotions in your lines :') you've put in so much for this play! And your costumes and your makeup - haha yeah I know they mean a lot to you! SO THANKS A LOT HUITING FOR ALL THE SACRIFICES!
And next person...
You're so nice :) and kind :) And even though this might backfire sometimes (ahem remember second day of rehearsal you said "let's kai1 gong1" and everyone was lazing around lol) MOST OF THE TIME we respect you for it! Indeed. You can also be firm at times (like insisting on my stage makeup T_T that made me look like I kena punch. But never mind.) which is awesomebeans. All in all without Xuan Li this play would be quite horrible :/ thank you xinfinity :D
Heyho everyone the person who is tilting her head in an actchio way at the bottom left is Li Shuen :D! SHE IS INCREDIBLY TALENTED IN MUSIC :D all the awesome sad piano pieces in the play are mostly hers :) yes. Without Li Shuen our play would SUCK SO BAD. Also Li Shuen and her assistant director :D! Working with Xuan Li and working with Dorcas and working with... everyone lol. SO YES THANK YOU LISHUEN FOR YOUR EFFORT :))))
Ignore my friends at the back -cough-.
Cheryl ah cheryl. What can I say D; you've been SUCH a well of... strength for all of us! Granted you are very decisive and erm strict with us, but that complements really well with Li Shuen's/Xuan Li's style. You keep us on track, making sure we don't deviate too much from our intended plans -cough-. However sometimes you also make our main character Ying Tong laugh/get distracted (OMG THAT TIME YOU WENT SUPER CLOSE TO HER FOREHEAD) and give us all some fun heehee. Without you our play will confirm die on stage ._. So Cheryl :) thanks for all that you've done.
INTROTEAM! Sophia, Shin Yee, Rachel Ng, Rachel Wu, Ting Ting and Xuan Li :)
You guys MAKE THIS PLAY SPESHUL with your melodic voices :D! Singing the awesome introsong! No but honestly :) thank you for doing your best to PROJECT and to stand out :O Because our intro is really, freaking awesome. Yes. THANKS TO YALL AND THE ENSEMBLE :D!
I has got nothing to say, Jamie. Your scripting and your team are all very awesome and good people. I respect your chiongness and your prompt editions and your working with the rest of the production team to make the script the BEST ONE possible.
Without you, Huiqi, everything would flop around on stage! You had like three pairs of spectacles and the handphone on your body ):! Sometimes we don't see the hard work that the crew members and the production team go through BUT IN 213 WE DO. Okay and in a lot of places also la... but I'm just saying. HUIQI YOU GO!
Okay it seems like I've forgotten a lot of people ._. sorry la!
To Publicity: MY FELLOW PUBLICITY MEMBERS! I know I haven't been really active in your discussions due to having to rehearse ): but numberone: INTRO(Y). Numbertwo: POSTERS(Y). Numberthreeeee: FB(Y). You guys are AWESOME ♥
To Scripting: I say already right!! Your script is wonderful pl0x! I has limited vocabulary so sorry :(
To Sets/Props:
HEYHO! Good sourcing of props (lol actually we don't have a lot ._.) and anyway you guys contribute a lot in other areas :) Thank you all the same! Imagine if Ying Tong had no bag -gasp-.
To Sounds/Lights:
OMG I SPEECHLESS. -pause- Okay.
Without Sounds/Lights people our play would be damn lousy max!! For serious! The lighting effects are GREAT. The sounds are GREAT. Haha but the AV team confirm not very happy lol ._. Omg my content is getting moar and moar lousy. Sorry :/ but yes! You guys make a hugeee difference in Shika :D
To Costumes/Makeup:
HAHAHAHA my three good friends ._. Thank you for making me your guinea pig and spamming eyeliner. Thank you for transforming everyone into someone drastically different and more creepybeans! And for all your makeup wasted on us!! And for choosing the costumes so thoughtfully (I love Dorcas' shirt. Just saying.)! And... and... yes! It isn't easy and you guys rule for that alone! Yeah!
To Fundraising:
How can we forget you :D!! YOUR DELISH HOTDOG BUNZ AND YOUR DELISH PACKET DRINKS!! :D! Good job guys!
Okay I'm tired. I have a fever. I should go do something constructive, like my lit ment. Which I've not Started on and I'm gonna be DEAD. I'm hungry. I'm sick. I am watching Shane Dawson ._. Bah! I shall eat.