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i love my family and friends
i also love 213'10, 311'11 and nynp
i am a sone
i cannot live without entertainment


potential gifts

1. Threadless tees
2. Helvetica necklace
3. ARTBOX notebooks
4. Kind words
6. Books that I would like
7. Tintin comics
9. Trip to Taiwan
10. Good grades
11. New camera ;D
12. SNSD concert tickets
13. Money for aforementioned tickets ^^

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all is well


Han Yi
Ting Ting
Wei Ting

2/13 '10

time wasters

Some very long posts to waste your time.
(Compiling of this list to waste my time.)
5th September
Class Chalet '10


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what happened while i was Allegedly on hiatus
Monday, October 18, 2010
4:42 PM
in order, from Earliest to Latest. have fun!
i must be the suayest person i know wth.
okay narration! i went out just now to buy ermmmm cup noodles (I NEEDED THEM I REALLY DID). so yeah i went out to ntuc and i'd chosen the cup noodles (ERM ABOUT LIKE 5 CUPS) and I'd this random collagenplus peach-flavoured drink (for my mother) in the unglam ntuc basket. and i was looking at mineral water -_- while clutching tightly to my natural vegetation notes in one hand. and then i heard a familiar laughter.


SUAY MAXXXXXXXXXXXX wts! and i was HORRIFIED and the somebody with her (please not xuedi PLEASE PLEASE but it is possible that it is her because she lives in woodlands) started laughing and wth so i was like "WTH THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE" and i repeated that while briskly escaping (but not running la that'd be conspicuous correct?) to the cashier (without even taking my evian!) and basically briskwalked back home. because i was freaked. DAMN UNGLAM CAN (okay maybe tees + shorts are not that unglam. BUT RANDOM BANANABOX HAIRBAND RANDOMLY STUCK ON HEAD WITHOUT ANY ARTISTIC ARRANGEMENT IS UNGLAM CAN?!?!) and somemore it's SO WEIRD TO SEE YOUR ANGEL AT THE NTUC YOU FREQUENT (okay i do not frequent it. i'm just saying that for dramatic effect. i do not frequent ntuc.) WTH! it's a completely different thing from seeing her at school and whatever. ohmygod T_T
is there anyone suayer than me?! I THINK NOT.

so, how was your saturday night? (oops i was supposed to be on a hiatus.)

my embarrassing track record
GO TAKE! It's an interactive quiz on your level of addiction to Youtube. Although it's not really la it just tests your knowledge on famous Youtubers :O
I GOT 8/10 = I am a Certified Addict wtf. I don't think any of my friends are no-lifers like me. But actually I don't really watch that much Youtube? I GUESSED?
I don't watch
I only occasionally watch
I watch
shane dawson and ijustine (wtf guilty pleasure okay!!)
aiya i fail. bye.

hahahaahahaha oh joy geog and LA (the more difficult LA paper) is overrr thank goodness. it's passing REAL QUICK.
i think geog was ermmmmmmmhmmmmmmmmm WHY IS CONIFEROUS FOREST SOIL IS ACIDIC WHY how i know ): also mixed up desert vegetation with savannah oh gosh wth (just one point though so not too bad -_-?)
LAaaaa am i the only one who did personal recount? when checking for blank pages/misprinted pages i lingered a while longer than i needed to (AHEM) on the topics page for expository :O and then i saw the personal recount one and i was like i need to do this. hopefully i get an A1 ._.
unseeennnnn what turf T_T is so unpredictable and !!!!!! and i did the easier prose. hopefully an A1? at least a high A2 la (i just need an A2 to get A1 for overall. but YOU KNOW THE HIGHER THE BETTER).
btw am damn proud of my subjects (excluding chinese ._________.) for the CA2 and SIA. for humanities sia I must really thank kellynn and yixin T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T gosh :(
and SCIENCE! SO UNEXPECTED i think i got the highest for science?!?! (i mean out of all my subjects) even my CA2 is like 82 or something (hello this is very good for me already do not impose your judgements onto me thanks a lot do not make condescending remarks do not act-serious about it thanks a wholeee bunch) and my SIA is 89 -_-? how did that happen wth lol ._. EH I KNOW THE BIO SIA THE RHIZOBIUM BACTERIA BROCHURE AHA!!! i just knew my efforts paid off -gives a speech-.
tomorrow is chinese what what what what i am so not prepared for it FREAK OKAY BAI. i am suddenly nervous.
and then wait HMM HISTORY oh gosh i really must go nao goodbai EVERYONEEEE jiayou for your eoys/after-eoys (what -_-)!!!! I AM SO EXCITED.

exclamation mark abuse is worth it!
you all!
train is coming train is comingggggg please start queueing! love~ your~ ride~
okay that was random. btw did i mention that this ^ ditty or whatever it's called is super irritating when you've heard it for long enough. at the beginning it was like, a novelty but now it's like wtf what a sucky tune.
i think that smrt should totally like threaten the commuters with these songs lor they will confirm queue properly. "HELLO IF YOU ALL DON'T QUEUE PROPERLY DON'T MOVE IN AND DON'T GIVE UP YOUR SEAT TO THE ELDERLY THE PREGNANT OR THE HANDICAPPED I WILL BRING THE DIMSUM DOLLIES BACK I TELL YOU"
i have such good ideas.
anyway chinese is over. OVER GEDDIT.
okay paper 1! yingyongwen was fine (mine a bit short -_- but heck eh i think i've the content already so won't faillllllllllll la) (ahem) the baozhangbaodao was... okay! wahaha. they tried to trick us by giving two parts to discuss/write about but luckily i mentioned both part. anyway it was about smoking. i have weird points though ._. OH WELL B3!
hmm oh yeah then paper 2. wtf KILLER. KILLER. but the killer is over~
now it's time for history YEY I AM SO EXCITED ):
P.S. I realise I don't sound like my usual self! Too bad.

Good day everyone! I'm feeling particularly happy today!
Was. So. Stressed. Out.
Because (yes I realise this is really poor sentence structure) I didn't really revise enough ):
But the paper was easy! Well, it would be if I'd studied more. But it was relatively easy even for me, which means I am really, really, thanktheheavens lucky. I think I screwed up one or two parts here and there, and when I get the paper back I'll see that I probably screwed up SO MUCH MORE, but.
I was sooooo blissed out (this is probably the wrong word to use ._.) after History! Sabrina it's okay :) also actually my hand didn't DIE like I thought it would. In fact I kind of chionged through the paper, but at reliability (question 4b) I looked at the clock and I realised only 30 minutes had passed -_-? So I am either a fast writer or the paper was just like that lor. Anyway my reliability is like ONE AND A HALF PAGES -_- but Sabrina says her reliability is worse. As in, ONE CONTENT POINT = one page O_O which is wayyy too long how did she even crap so much out ._. Spam contextual knowledge ._.? But got use meh.
Anyway~ it's over and I'm superduper happy :D! Relieved! :D! Granted, Math and Science aren't my best subjects -coughcough-. In fact during my primary school days they were my worst subjects (FLASHBACK TO PRELIMS). But at least... they aren't as nerve-wracking as History omg ):
LA was okay. Yes. The summary was relatively easy, the comprehension itself had a few weirdifficult questions but I think I managed to minimize my errors.
Anyway! I bought Ten out of Ten (wtf). Princess Diaries~ (I typed 'dairies' yes I did). Just for Rest and Relaxation. I will start on Math/Science tomorrow :)
Oh, and by the way, to You:
I don't appreciate you being so mean to me. I mean, seriously? How low is that. My opinion of you just dropped.
Forget it; it's time for celebration.

meow stickers
i haven't mentioned this but today in popular i saw the CUTEST cat stickers! i am so immature and loserish, probably - but SOOOOOO ADORABLE :O but i gave them up for my meg cabot book which shows that i prize something substantial (why, yes, chicklits mightn't be thought-provoking and/or contain profound facts but they do provide for another genre and can you please respect that thanks and not make any judgements of my book choice ANOTHER THANKS. i realise i am talking to no one in particular but i do know such ^ people exist and they are really shallow in a sense wtf) over pretty things, which shows that I am not superficial at all! indeed.

i think...
i think i'm sick ):
headache + sniffy nose (this reminds me of a hamster so much) (did i mention my desktop wallpaper is some flickrer's roborovski hamster in a cute pose) + PAIN WHILE SWALLOWING (i googled this and i discovered that i could have HIV omg!) (beginning of a sore throat i think whenever i'm sick i'll have this!)
equals: i'm sick, i don't feel well and i have an exam in approximately one day. well done, fiona. WELL-PLAYED INDEED.
also, i bought the meow stickers. actually they weren't on the racks anymore O_O but i coincidentally found one lying around somewhere o_O on the pencilcases i think wth i am so lucky. somemore is the paris one!
also i bought a POST IT PAD. i highly recommend the super sticky ones. don't bother with the normal ones they're not durable at all! invest in superstickies! also i realise this part sounds real wrong. and i don't know why popular isn't selling them in threes anymore T_T very expensive leh T_T

the U.S. of A.
i wanna go to america! haha rebecca is probably recoiling in Disgust but whatevs! hello! they have THINGS in america.
WAHAHA the dude has a pedosmile. btw yes the focus is on
i can't believe it's not butter! what is this actually called? as in like pringles are chips... and the laughing cow (LA VACHE QUI RIT) is cheese.
i've always been fascinated by pop tarts! i once played a zelda game (erm yes) and it mentioned POP TARTS and i was a wee lil' kid then and i was like WHAT ARE POP TARTS :O! they sound so cute. bah.
LOL twinkies bake set. only in america. i must admit i get the knowledge of such things from the princess diaries.
oh gosh i remember while taking the gep english test (YES I STILL REMEMBER but only this one part) there was a question about the word FALLACY. and i KNEW WHAT IT WAS BECAUSE OF THE PRINCESS DIARIES.
omg! it changed my life!
also you must be wondering why my taste in books remain at a p3 level. this is not true! in p3 i read the second/first book of the series! while i've progressed to the tenth book now (...). it's like harry potter (omg hardcore hp fans are going to kill me for associating harry potter with the princess diaries)! in p3 i read it too! and now i still do.
hmm okay yes harry potter is a timeless tale.
omg omg tomorrow is math and science and i'm googleimaging POPTARTS what is wrong with me.
hmmhmmhmm i wonder what they have in america? i am Very Deprived okay i've been only to asia! and even that is exaggerating because i've only been to malaysia -_________- (malaysia, truly asia~) no seriously ):!
NO WONDER I AM LIKE THIS. and somemore i went there THRICE. once to genting highlands (ahaha very funny and so touristy! cannot take it), once to desaru (for like one day or something what turf) and once to malacca (with my school). wtf is wrong with me ):
okay i just googleimaged 'wallaby' and i got images of this
interspersed with this

konapun strikes again
i have two exams tomorrow and instead of sleeping i am watching konapun videos -_-
but look, guys, LOOK!
p.s. after tomorrow WE WILL PARTAY (oh come on tuesday has math paper 1. paper 1... BIG DEAL.).

worst paper so far D: D:
oh gosh today was really a horrible day and it was saved by my spendthrift ways. GAH. math math math. my A1 = gone. i actually want that A1 a lot, possibly more than an A1 for LA in some ways? before you all go "WTH IS WRONG WITCHU FIONA" let me explain. well firstly mdm lee has put so much effort in remedial (am suddenly reminded that she has read my blog before omg what turf never mind haha) and i really don't want to let her down T_T people say that we should do things for ourselves, but i'm not really a self-motivated person? and mdm lee has made miracles happen (e.g. LAST YEAR EOYS OMGOMG T_T full marks for paper 2 leh FULL MARKS LEH. what happened now D:) (also this year CA2)! so right now if i get an A2, or God forbid, B3 (please if i get a B3 let me kill myself thanks), i'll feel that i let her down!! and also for myself la. i have been more or less consistently getting A1s for math and if i DON'T now, i'll feel soooo disappointed and !#$! ): but really i screwed this one up Really Badly. SERIOUSLY why no one believe me?!?! )): gahhhh i MUST get full marks for math tomorrow. okay maybe not. eh. OKAY I SHALL TRY D:
science was quite okay. haha as compared to the trainwreck that was math -_- and also the chem and bio parts were all good. (notice how i subtly leave physics out? yes?)
OKAY NOW ONTO BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS. all these are photos from super long ago + many recent ones too soooooo yeah go figure ._.
this looks like a really poor quality photograph (IT IS, ACTUALLY) but i swear it's just the paint (yeah right). anyway it's roob's present in the making! i should really stick to painting flowers (OR BETTER, STOP PAINTING).
hahhahaha erm. paint.
these are of burberry! they are in order:

HAHA SEE SO CUTE! in the first photograph she is a total puffball la hahaha (somehow when i tell everyone that, they go like "errrr"). i woke her up and took the second photograph.
hai this is my signature pseudo-artistic shot.
@ macdonald's with cheryl and sabrina, MUGGING GEOG!
i am supposed to rotate this but i am lazy la ): anyway the point of this photograph is for you to admire the BIGNESS the HUGENESS the ENORMITY of a Large Coke. insaneeeee :O
this was my method to induce fear in my fragile insecure heart:

waha my witty quote. you know likeeee, the space-time conundrum? (okay this does not make sense)
who unlike He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's cronies, is 1) a bear 2) full of love 3) a fan of fuchsia. 4) and ribbonz.
he is full of love! also he reminds me of my soft toy bear named Berry. it was a play on "Bear-y" HAHAH I KNOW I WAS SO PUNNY EVEN WHEN I WAS SO YOUNG.
before third language one day:
I DISLIKE THIS! so rubbery and ewwww.
after third language:
hello the composition of this photograph is a bit weird haha oh well. but see, i told you, I KNOW THIS CAT ISN'T ENTIRELY BLACK i just forgot where the un-black parts were. but now i will always remember.
i like!
i like!
okay these are the meow stickers :D
hello bigass head of a cat.

see paris paris paris ^^
YES I KNOW don't give me disapproving looks ): it's really very cheap lor.
I AM A STREETSMART BARGAINER, or so i like to think.
hai this is AWESOME.
am youtubing google search stories :) so nice! i like the parisian love story one, the mother bringing child to america one, the brother and sister one and the dog one! go watch ^ ^