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yay we are small kiddies and we love lollipops!
Friday, October 1, 2010
5:54 PM
OMGOSH today so exciting! it's children's day today! and on children's day i become a child again!
(haha omg i just made that up .__.)
anyway i'm very hyperactive now (sugarrush sugarrush oh no maybe two packets of kokokrunch was not a good idea)! so yeah i am blogging!
but oh yeah i'm going on a REAL REAL REAL HIATUS from now on. like serious -serious face-. yeah but i'm considerate and a great person so i'll just separate my countless photographs into different posts and set them up so that on a specific day they'll just show up. so YES! excited not! (talking to sabrina has robbed me of my grammatical skills -_-)
anyway today~ was awesome~
in the morning i erm touched up on les cadeaux and i got yingying to help -choke cough-. thanks yingying :D (though i am very suspicious-looking ._. yuqi and i looked like we were randomly stalking/staring people but no! we were not!).
after that i sort of went back to class very excitedly and then 213 went down for assembly in the air-conditioned hall (whoever invented airconditoning should be given the nobel peace prize wth). and oh then we went for pccg! CLASS PARTAYE IN THE CANTEEN (okay not really a party but whatever). ms ong gave us all lollipops YEYNEZ ^^ and erm the food we ate were really
1. unhealthy 2. childhoody 3. awesome!
like marshmallows and chips (but lightly salted ._. lol whoever brought that is really considerate of our arteries) and mantous (granted they aren't really mantous. you know those tiny tiny meltinyourmouth biscuits that are really cheap! yes Those :D) and... jam biscuits? and grapes (LOL BEST :DD) and stuffz! omgomgomg. yingtong tried to stuff marshmallows in her cheek but failed ): and huiting/tingting/i/xuanli were trying to throw random mantous/grapes/etc into the air and catch it in our mouths! i r epicfail at it ):
roob brought her holga to school!
see? so chio. i want a camera too ):
hmm after we were done we went to the hall! and 'cause it was freaking crowded i mostly stared at people instead of playing (erm this sounds wrong. what i truly mean is that i looked at huiting's proficient smashing and michelle running around. teehee :D).
after pccg was DRAMA :D preparing for dramafest. i hope everyone comes for it ^^! because i've a feeling that SHIKA (yeah name of our class play. but it's different from the one my drama group presented :D) will pwnz! i have a lot of class spirit.
anyway i'm in publicity -hops around excitedly-.
hmm then after drama was recess! i ate :D
after recess.... BIOLOGY BLOCK TEST OMFG. actually yeah i know what mark i was going to get, because mr tan could not resist telling me over sms that i'd improved (from physics. wtf my physics -starts crying-) :D but of course. my physic phails. roob got 38/40 for bio good for her :D!! and our class did very well, generally :O
then was LA! we got back a lot of stuff T_T i feel that my LA grade has dropped wtfwtf D: no A1 i'm dead wth ): i told mdm o i hated her -cough- accidentally. then she explained and etc. and she asked me "do you hate me anymore" and i'm like "no", even though i never really hated her la omg hate is such a strong word and anyway i love mdm o she's nice! so it was very .___. but my oral communication marks! -starts crying again- i die nao ah.
okay it's children's day i will not spend it being prissy about adultish things like A1s and the FUTURE.
after LA was lunch and i ate again ._. i felt so guilty about eating so much (uhm yes i did you just didn't see it) that i decided to exercise!
then was chinese! it was okay.
i did history during the more bleah parts of chinese (by bleah i mean that zhenglaoshi was going off about something slightly irrelevant) and then during remedial! this is not as bad as it sounds. the remedial was actually more of a Turning Up kind of thing ._. 'cause roob and i missed our remedial session yesterday~ and we already know how to do the questions anyway yes history ._.
erm then i did a bit more history, then went down to the hall to play badminton (YES EXERCISE I FEEL ACCOMPLISHED WTH).
badminton was... strange lol. omfg when i'm playing badminton i am REALLY competitive and hard on myself and idk why, because... hello? i am not a sportsperson. and towards the end of the badminton session (around four. it started, for me, at like TWO THIRTY wts. but ting and huiting were worse - one plus to four plus (they were still there when i left -_-) HARDCORE OR WHAT ._.). anyway i was really tired at three something but i kept pushing myself and being scary. i think tingting/huiting were a bit freaked lol ._. because i didn't laugh and i had this very... okay i don't know how to describe it, but it just wasn't me O_O
sidenote: my brother is playing beyblade (YES omg how old is that ._.).
anyway i went home! so here i am! and now i shall post another post about my birthday (YES I AM AWARE THAT A MONTH HAS PASSED SINCE THEN).