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Saturday, December 4, 2010
12:01 AM
it's been the usual ladeeda at home these days. borrow chicklits from library (uhm), read chicklits really quick, return them, repeat ad infinitum. today i cried (!) at a chicklit wtf! it was uh, mary hogan's perfect girl! there was an old man who was misunderstood by the main character and he DIED. what D: i am v sensitive to misunderstood people and somemore he was old! and weak. and had no kin. = ):
anyway i'm so boredddd. tomorrow! going kinokuniya with my mother and brother ^^ and perhaps i'll give up chicklits. NOT LIKELY. but it's so hard to find GOOD chicklits. i know what you're thinking. but yes! i am very discerning when it comes to this. REALLY. argh.
need to study for quizzzzzzzzz yo kf! it's night.
i had pizza hut today. i'm gonna get FAT i'm serious! LACK OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY DOES THAT TO A PERSON, YKNOW? so i went cycling. sad to say i'm far from proficient at it... or at swimming too, actually. obviously i'm not very athletically-inclined ): and i'm not academically-inclined, goodness. AND I'M HARDLY ARTISTICALLY-INCLINED TOO! sure, i like to think that i am, but - honestly my masterpieces speak for themselves and it ain't pretty, that's all i can say.
also did you know xiaxue CAN DRAW? i always sort of thought she was artistically-inclined to a certain degree (her photoshopping is good! and all.) but SERIOUSLY! this is her work:
click to enlarge.
see! is talent!
okay i shall flitter off to... whatever. goodbye and goodnight!