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Wednesday, December 8, 2010
10:46 PM
today was class outing. class outing = six people went ._. which is technically not very class-y, but whatever.
anyway it was sucky. because we wanted to cycle, to make up for the loss of cycling during class chalet. once again our plans were CRUELLY THWARTED - yes, i say it as so - by the weather. it rained. again.
then we moped around at macdonald's. it was cold. the rattan chair i was sitting on was damp, if you would believe it, and that was an unpleasant thing to be sitting on.
then we went to bowl. it was fun! alas i cannot remember the last time i actually bowled - which makes me wonder if i've ever bowled at all! i cannot recall. nevertheless, it was fun.
oh. i forgot. sabrina wasn't here! now you might go "what's the big deal, 18 other people didn't go". but no. you are Wrong! the rest of them already indicated their non-interest/non-ability to participate in a glorious day of sand and sunshine. but sabrina did not! she said she would come!!
this made us all very worried. me, particularly, and yixin. i concede that some of my worry stemmed from the fact that she said she would pass me my letter today. but she didn't turn up. (where is my letter!)
but it was dreadfully worrying, anyway. thoughts - horrifying thoughts - flittered through my mind as quick as a lizard when i step down hard on the ground next to it. perhaps she'd been kidnapped! perhaps she'd thought we wouldn't come, because (this is rather complicated) we left her alone in east coast park for an hour or so. PERHAPS SHE IS STILL IN MALAYSIA. we did try to call her, multiple times, but she never picked up.
anyway we tried our best to forget that sabrina had STOOD US UP. she probably had a legitimate reason, but we were unaware of it.
anyway. that was it, basically. dinner and all, went home.
i had a terrifying dream. THIS IS 100% TRUTH. NONFICTION. as in i really dreamed it all! but the contents of the dream are not true of course O_O
okay, so there was a part in the dream where i was kicking around a box of cake. it had the words "happy birthday amelia" on it. idk why i was kicking it around, but i was.
skip scene.
my mother told me that my grandaunt had a child who was brutally murdered/killed. (okay mummy do not freak out DO NOT)
skip scene.
lonely dirt road. two cars - my grandaunt's and her sister's/friend's. large rock by the road. it moved and out popped out the head (in gruesome decay etc etc there is no need to describe it in detail, and anyway i forgot) of her son! and his hand. IT BECKONED.
semi-comically, even though this is a completely inappropriate situation to be comical in, she hopped out of her car and JUMPED INTO THE HOLE ALONG WITH HER SON!!!!!!!!
skip scene.
night time. i, in my parents' bedroom, frantically trying to wake them up. somehow, i knew of my grandaunt's dreamdeath. i shouted in their ears.
skip scene.
somehowwwww we got the idea a massmurderer was in the house. actually i think there was a conversation between ^ and this, but i clean forgot it. anyway, my mother and i went on a search.
my dreamhouse was big. but we entered the study room. my mother gripped a torch and a KNIFE. me too. for protection. she turned the lights on; we saw nothing. satisfied, she went on to another area to search. me - i wasn't! i looked under the tables, and stuff.
there is this area (in my dream) between the desk and the wall.
and okay he freaked the dream-me out. he stared blankly, looked quite mentally disturbed, and he kept telling me to shake my head. he also waved his weapon around but half-heartedly.
okay so i was totally freaked out yes? and i took my knife and STABBED HIM. on the thigh. whilst shouting madly for my mother.
it was really difficult to stab him, somehow. felt like stabbed some... unnatural rubber thing. when i finally got the knife in, HE DIDN'T BLEED.
and then i woke up.
and now i'm worried.
arghhh friday.
not going to blog about it, and maybe it won't seem so real.
This is really childish, but please look at the residence of the current Malaysian prime minister.
Take a Look.
HEEHEE. (Click to Enlarge, please!)