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i love my family and friends
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escape from vivocity
Sunday, December 12, 2010
11:07 PM
gnight yall! i'm been inactive! but okay yeah.
so yes!! on friday, had QUIZ TEAM SELECTION! omg!
okay you know what i really did study but all the things i studied didn't come out on the test ._. and i'd to THINK REALLY DEEPLY (but obviously ...) and all! anyway. yeah.
after that horrifying experience, i went out with squadmates for a lunch and something that needs to be kept hushhush. yep.
then my parents and brother called and asked me to go to escape theme park with them SO I DID! when they called i was going to park lane mall, which is near dhoby ghaut mrt interchange, so i told them to wait while the thing with squadmates was getting done. however it took really long so halfway through i said goodbye to squadmates and then hastily walked towards the mrt interchange.
in a classic twist of fate, when i reached the interchange i took out my phone, and lo and behold! this text message:
"stay at park lane we are coming now"
!!!!! so annoying, these things.
anyway. we finally met up at the interchange and took a taxi to escape! where i changed into normal clothes.
oh, escape was rather boring. bet you knew that already. but seriously, there was really NO ONE THERE. okay, there was, but less than a 100 FOR SURE. in fact, less than 50 would be possible. even though it was a weekday, but it's ALSO a school holiday, you'd expect more people there (okay, i would). but no!
the rides - bah humbug. all the kiddy rides! but so fun, in a nostalgic kinda way.
and after escape we went to eat at e!hub :D and uh, went home at night. i threaded the shoelaces lynn ma'am and clarissa ma'am got for us at taiwan :D through my sport shoes (the black/pink ones) (don't judge me? i'm saying this even though i know you will)! they are fantastically striking omg and so me.
saturday! woke up late, went to my aunt's karaoke room (the condominium's, i mean) and ... karaoked + ate snacks and cake! for my cousin's birthday :) it was okay.
sunday! which i today, if i'm not wrong! i confess the days seem to blend together o_o but yeah vivocity!
~ nothing really special. we seem to spend a lot of time in the pet shop, looking at dogs (aiy but no, having a dog is not possible. my sister is scared of them. and she gets violent as well -insert creepy stare here-). also! arcade (OMGGGG I SUCK AT THE GAME). also! ice-cream! and gongcha! nomnom. and the food court!
okay there's nothing else for me to say, because i'm not excited. meh i've work to do and since i've been procrastinating my entire holiday away - make that a LOT OF WORK to do.