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Friday, December 17, 2010
11:47 PM
Today was a semi-productive day! Did some Chemistry and now I am motivated to complete my revision. I suppose when you actually get the ball rolling (Eek the phrases I use), it's easier. For me, it's difficult to start AND complete whatever I want to do... which sucks. It really does.
I have decided! I'm going to make use of my newfound productivity and DO MANY THINGS. It's better than letting it all pass me by, yes/yes? Yes.
So! The things I shall do this weekend (I am suddenly excited... yet nervous):
1. the calendar! I will complete it! Yes! But I screwed it up mildly already -_-
2. the cross-stitch! Why am I intent on such crafty things. I MEAN craft-y, not crafty as in sly of course.
3. the chemistry revision! By Monday! Oh wait - Tuesday, most probably ):
4. uhm, planning last-minute outings? I've been stuck at home for an extraordinary period of time.
Today! Aha. Yes semi-productive day, so I decided to treat myself by.. uhm, going out to Causeway Point to walk around. My life is boring. Yes, so walked around Causeway Point and amused myself by buying packet drinks (!) (the depths I have sunken into) (was that grammatically correct) and potato chips and a magazine (NOT 8days, I bought that already haha). Which shows how unhealthy my lifestyle is. A point in my favour would be that contemplation between the magazine and Dettol hand sanitizer/hand wipes... but obviously the magazine won. The proclivities of life -_-
And and! I realise that my diet is seriously unhealthy. Well, you say (or rather, Yan Li says), you finally realise that!!! ALL YOUR PEACH TEAS AND LEMON TEAS AND APPLE TEAS AND EVERY SINGLE POKKA TEA AVAILABLE!!! Uhm yeah it finally HIT me that I should be changing my diet, partly because of my expanding waist/arm/thigh/calf/etc. line and also because for Health.
And my father wants the laptop nao tata goodbye uhmmmmmm!