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super sikrit surprise
Wednesday, December 1, 2010
11:26 PM
HAI! today i went to rebecca's haus to do the sss. yknow, the super secret surprise thing! obviously 'cause it's a secret thing i cannot tell yall what we did. well, i could, but that would be very embarrassing so i am withholding that information! yey! i got lost on the way home though, and reached home at EIGHT. EIGHT, REBECCA O_O that is 'cause i was supposed to take the bus to serangoon station, but i didn't see it or something so i went all the way to PAYA LEBAR. what is with me T_T uh so i took another bus back to serangoon station, and because it was dark i couldn't recognize anything so i went into the new shopping centre (nex) and wandered around trying to look for the mrt entrance. anyway it wasn't open (!) so i was annoyed and hungry and i went up again and out of the centre and finally found the mrt station and then i took a train to bishan and then from bishan i took another train to woodlands.
uhhhh it was pretty fun (not the getting lost part, the SSS part at rebecca's house). i fell asleep ._. while watching a movie wth! I AM DEPRIVED OF SLEEP D: only because i slept at like, three yesterday. that is an exaggeration yes.
omg i wanna go kinokuniya soon! like, tomorrow. haven't been on the computer recently (= no blogging) because my father totally locked it because my parents totally don't trust me around the computer ): i admit i can be a TAD excessive -cough- but only because the interwebz = treasure trove.
okay ignore that it was an snsd thing.
uh OMG!! SNSD :O! did you hear that!
okay never mind i am being ridiculous i need to go send my mother cafe world thingies nao. gbye yall! i hope you won't judge me. NO WAIT, you won't - because i've been liddis ALL ALONG. but seriously guys, i am shocked at my use of language. LIEK, i misspell things. ON PURPOSE. how ridikulus is THAT OMG! somemore after some time it becomes a habit ): and i'm starting to abuse exclaimation marks sigh D: OH NOES!
hahaha okay yknow what?! WHAT. imma gonna start reading good literature. btw you know when i say "good literature" in my head, it's like a DISH TO BE SAVOURED, yknow? it has that feel. just say it - say "good literature". doesn't the phrase slip off your tongue in a most delicious manner? is it just me ._.? this reminds me of ariel and her synesthesia. ariel is a very unique individual indeed.
I'M TRIPPIN'. okay ignore ignore ignore that. hmm. do you ever feel that words are beautiful things. artistically speaking. like the word: "elixir". isn't it really balanced and all? it really is, isn't it. oh and the word, idk... "idk" is pretty cute too. balanced! the loops and the lines and the tittles and all that!
sigh again. i am really easily influenced by others' opinions of me. i don't like it when people who don't know me at all judge me. i have said this countless times. am i overthinking this. yes/no/maybeeeee. so difficult. self-worth = 0.