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blue peppermint
Saturday, January 8, 2011
1:36 PM
it's saturday! i've started doing work already -gasp-. and actually i think my social ineptness is really helping my work la. e.g. during math, we're put in index number groups and i don't really talk to them (and they talk amongst themselves and i feel even more unwilling to talk to them ._.) so i DO WORK INSTEAD! omg la. i actually feel the ... drive to do the examples WELL! and fast! yes. for once in my life o_o and just now i was doing supplementary exercises on the textbook - get this - for fun. HAHA SO BIANTAI! (but er i gave up after 5 questions ._.)
anyway~ life is okay. it really is. i'm going to accept cruel truths and i will live on happily! act on friday was really weird o_o actually it wasn't that tiring but i got really sleepy and confused at one time in time and omg new timings and commands :O :O super confusing :( oh well the more practice i get the better i'll remember them. and my feet were cramping! i think it's because i haven't done drills for REALLY long :/ oh well!
since it's the weekend, and i haven't been on the computer for a while (i mean actually for random facebooking/fun trivia/watching youtube... not printing periodic tables and doing LMP), i'm going to have fun today!
things i need to do:
1. do biology AS1.1! in fact it's printing now. as in the research.
2. cut my hair!
3. read chinese notes laoshi gave! but i think i left them at school x.x so i'll read them on monday instead :(
4. read IH notes again?
5. erm complete supplementary exercises? seriously. i think i forgot all about simultaneous equations D:
that's all i think :O i wrote all the things i'd to do down but it's somewhere else and i don't want to go out and get it O_O so yeah.
goodbye! and marvel at my new hardworking persona.
oh btw huiting "OMGWTFBBQ" is an internet meme. http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/omgwtfbbq