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i love my family and friends
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hot and cold. just no.
Tuesday, January 11, 2011
7:33 PM
school's been okay. nothing that i dread particularly (well for chinese there's this SLIGHTEST bit of apprehension, but mostly it's been okay :D). i've been doing work that's required of me and sometimes not required of me, but that's good.
now i must work on my fitness regime. you must be going "fiona you have been talking about your goshdarn fitness regime for a-ges have you actually started" the answer is NO. i have not.
but i will. REALLY AND TRULY AND HONESTLYYYYY i will! cardio, you say? muscle strengthening thingies, you say? DIETING! you say (i mean... limiting my drink intake, mostly. i'm sorry if you think i'm overreacting but 1. THE WEIGHTING MACHINE DON'T LIE! actually it's not the weighing machine tamade it's the general feeling of excess... fats. 2. my metabolism is TOTALLY slowing down D:! or maybe it's just that i ate way too much during the holidays and my metabolism is struggling to keep up, whatever. 3. I MUST FIGHT THE GENETIC ELEMENT! yes. so i'm going to keep fit and keep get back my pre-holiday body fat level ._.
another thing about holidays.
during the holidays, i watched a lot of -coughcough- korean -coughcoughcough- shows. THIS IS BECAUSE why bother explaining korean variety shows are funny wtf. anyway yes so i'm afraid i'll start to suck at grammar and sentence structures and vocabulary and all that! omfg i'm probably paranoid but the fear! there it is! -points-
i'm totally scared! 'cause i want to be able to write well... and okay -flip hair- the writer's spirit FLOWS FROM WITHIN (wtf) but i need the proper words to express myself, yes/yes? so another resolution: READ MORE BOOKS. they can be frivolous shallow timewasting chicklits for all i care but at least their grammar is accurate (mostly).
next! hmm! 213ers and i are drifting apart :( i can FEEL it and maybe i'm being paranoid again wth... but probably not, 'cause ting ting shares (a semblance of) the same sentiments. so there! if you don't feel it, it's because YOU ARE IN A CLASS WITH MANY 213ers! so the feeling is less strong and not that evident... Yet. but you will. feel it, i mean. yes :( i try so hard to feel normal. i mean how COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS am i! for feeling that my friends of two years will think of me as a crazy idiotic lazy... person who was once a friend. actually i don't really feel that ^ but...
okay i'm incoherent. what i meant to say was that: i feel insecure. yes.
omg i realise i'm so freaking open on my blog!!! WTF!! fiona this is not your personal diary you cannot be so GOSHDARN TRANSPARENT wtf.
but 213ers, you read that right? please try to assuage my fears. omg i sound so SPOILT and demanding. but seriously T_T my social life is sorely lacking. and i do try to talk to yall... but sometimes it feels like you're talking to each other and ignoring the person-from-the-other-class.
anyway i'm sitting here being open like a book and worrying about my body (totally have body image issues! argh but i must attempt to get rid of them FAST (and i will do that by... LOSING FATS AND GAINING MUSCLE AND PASSING TWO POINT FREAKING FOUR)) and i should be doing work. yes. gonna do work.
goodbye :D! have a beautiful day aheaddd.