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i love my family and friends
i also love 213'10, 311'11 and nynp
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10. Good grades
11. New camera ;D
12. SNSD concert tickets
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school, again.
Monday, January 3, 2011
11:18 PM
school today! wow.
about today... what i noticed particularly wasn't the addition of new people to my life, but rather the absence of important people ): actually since it was the first day, 213ers didn't seem to go away. it felt more like... sabbaticals? kind of like that. as if the separation was only temporary. i guess i couldn't believe it.
anyway school started HORRIBLY. okay. so yeah i woke up at five thirty and left the house at six and waited for the school bus (slight digression: I AM SO OLD! Every time the door of the bus/van opened I was expecting to see a familiar face but no! Lots of sec ones and the rest were sec two PSLs ._.). It came at 6.05.
However I reached school at 7.15! -exclaims- There were a LOT of new people and the bus driver got lost and spent 20+ minutes searching for block 351. I didn't just make that number up; it really was block 351. He kept repeating it o_o
Anyway yes - spending 1h+ on a super crowded/rocky bus/van was the first bad thing. The second thing was that when I reached school, obviously everyone else from 3eleven (I'm trying to hide my blog from my classmates ._. In case they google or something. But that is stupid... but oh well ._.) was there already? SO THERE WEREN'T ANY SEATS LEFT.
Okay there was one that I saw, but it was super far away from every one I knew. In the end I just put my bag down next to Ting's table and went to look for 213ers etc.
Okay so third horrible thing. A group of us were at 314 talking, ironically, about how the class was so silent. And then we totally didn't realise the WHOLE SCHOOL was silent... until our ex-vice principal popped up in the doorway and went all "!!!" on us :/ okay it was really mortifying running to the quadrangle in time for the national anthem wtf T_T remind me never to do things like this again.
Oh yes, Ying Tong gave me a evil-warding-off-thing (uhmmm) from Turkey :D it's pretty and blue and so thoughtful of her :D
Also... okay I shan't mention the fourth thing 'cause it's not that bad :O but of course I prefer being close to the people I am familiar with. By the way when we got back to class after flag-raising I got another seat at the front... away from 213ers ANYWAY -_-
Okay highlight of the day! Was not orientation. Okay actually orientation = second highlight. But first highlight: Sabrina finally gave me her scrapbook + card things! AHA! She felt that the scrapbook was too ugly (actually it's fine la) so she made card things that she put in an envelope that is REALLY NICE OMFG I can't believe I bragged about my own skillz -coughcough-. I suppose my average artistic ability didn't surprise yall huh ._. AVERAGE.
Okay never mind erm yes! Super nice ^^ T_T and my happiness and omgness was steadily climbing until IT REACHED ITS PEAK! Which was a revelation of Sabrina's that made me very touched.
Orientation, yes! Compared to last year, this year's orientation was so much better. You realise I totally and completely skipped OBS briefing. That is because it wasn't interesting anyway. OBS... idk. I shall have to freak out when it comes ._.
Anyway~ yes OBS briefing ended late -_- we were supposed to meet ma'ams at 1.45 and the briefing ENDED at 1.50 or something ._. so yeah... squadmates and I changed and met ma'ams and set up the booth etc. SCREWED U WTFBBQ ): okay never mind.
I was... okay? I guess I was more outgoing than last year. I managed to convince a few people... I think. But lots of sec ones expressed interest in NYNP! Yep. Okay technically they said that they'd put NP as their UG choice. But whatever. SAME THING :3 I hope there are lots of 45s!
Ah okay debrief. I TALKED TOO MUCH -_- I think I do things in extremes a lot. Either I don't speak up at ALL or like in this case... I respond to half the questions ma'ams posed ._. but I'd lots of ... things I wanted to share! Yes! Indeed. And my vocabulary was screwed.
Instead of MODELS (as in campcraft models) I said "thingies". When I knew perfectly well it was models. But in that split second my brain died on me and the word "thingies" just slipped out. And instead of COMMITTED I said DEVOTED. W.T.H. is that?! Eh omfg embarrassing.
Okay shall sleep zomg it's late. Tralala goodbye ^^