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i love my family and friends
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Thursday, January 6, 2011
8:54 PM
hello! it's the third day! and it still feels so foreign wtf like today after history (by the way, the history teacher is SUPER WEIRD -starts crying-. i want normal ms ong back) ting and i headed for 213!! okay so the route to canteen/213 was basically the same, but i was thinking of the 213 classroom!
but no! my classroom is on the first floorrrrrrr. gosh ):
PE tomorrow. i am so unfit! but i've started _ and WOW THERE ARE EFFECTS -excited-. meet the new fit fiona, please.
i'm writing letters to 414/401 people (well some of them o_o those that i've corresponded semi-frequently with in the past) 'cause i feel insecure and sad and shallow.
why do i think of my friends as such! well i guess it's true anyway.
also well. gaining fats. whatever! embrace your body! etc.! but i still need to exercise because i am generally unfit anyway ._.
saw 301's precalc books today! calculus is something i hear of only in the princess diaries, so that was very fascinating :D
okay rundown of my teachers:
1. mr tan: i want mdm lee. and i feel very guilty for saying this 'cause i know mr tan is a very hardworking and smart person who is COMMITTED to his passion i.e. teaching math. but still. mdm lee T_T
2. chenlaoshi: hmm chenlaoshi is nice! ahaha but zhenglaoshi is nice too. so... i guess i don't really mind (don't kill me eh, ting ting).
3. ms boey: okay this is so weird chem lessons! the first lesson with her was REALLY EPIK. she's very high ._.
4. - i shall stop here as BREAKOUT has started. like the 9 o'clock show. yeah. goodbye, and good luck for everything.