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i love my family and friends
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011
10:22 PM
today was a totally weird day o_o and in a neutral kinda weird o_o
firstly act! O_O O_O I MADE A WEIRD MISTAKE?!?! let's not dwell on it.
-moving on-
yes, moving on... OMG pitching was a terror due to that weird mistake ._.
and omg vanessa + bouncing pole?! (this is v cryptic 'cause you are not supposed to understand it duhhh unless you were there duhhh).
okay onto things.
uhm. i realise i don't really blog much ._.
but honestly, there's nothing much to blog about! i realise that the days pass SO fast nao. it's already week 8 O_O seriously WAO. and haha, i still miss 213.
-reflective silence-
i've to admit i was Disappointed today. (another cryptic message unrelated to the cryptic message above) 2 years - and you STILL don't know. i feel like i try to give and give and you keep on - not even taking, just leaving everything on the sidewalk, while you walk on.
yes, you are moving on. and i? i'm trying to. but when i catch up with you, like old friends do, you brush me off.
okay skip to happier things:
that was not the happier thing. uhm, happy! because ... i... will... eat... less... and exercise moar. OKAY HAHA I FAIL AT WEIGHT LOSS WTFWTF.
and i think i'm growing fatter o_o like i can see/feel a difference? but sabrina doesn't. i think she's just unobservant. you'll probably go "OMG FIONA YOU GETTING BDD OMG" but no! truthfully it's not a very OBVIOUS weight gain, because i gain weight -cough- at the thighs which i Normally Don't Expose (speaking of which today -_- i wore semi-translucent shorts WTFFF VERY UNSUITABLE RIGHT HAHA okay pretend i'm talking to myself) yezzz. okay this is a bit too much information ._.
hmm! tomorrow i must buy new foolscap ^^ i love new foolscap. new anything, actually - they are clean, and not faded/scratched, and i like the thought of new beginnings. except people-wise, i like both old and new people wth. in fact i think sometimes i cling too much to memories.
aiy! anyway. PE tomorrow ^^ i like mr ang :D's muscles!! THIS SOUNDS SO WRONG BUT NO. i am envious of them wth T_T and okay maybe if i actually possessed his muscle mass it'd look super huge on my body frame O_O so maybe HALF of it. and his muscle strength is just WAO! ahaha. i realise i'm super unfit wth -sighs-.
fiona will download snsd videos into her phone O_O i can watch them on the bus!
my like for snsd is completely not weird!
i'm so incoherent and i'm babbling on and no one really reads this lor! 'cause all the people that i know read my blog say 1. "i read it occasionally" or 2. i ctrl-f my name or 3. TOO LONG AND THE FONT TOO SMALL.
HAHAHA it's all so true. i feel so dejected nao. blogging used to be what i really treasured, 'cause in a way - after blogging so long omg like 5 years?!?! OMG. - it kinda defines me. but now i'm blogging less and less (grammar...?) D: so Sad. So Sad. and right now, i'm slowly beginning to discover that no one really read my blog in the first place and no one really reads my blog now and i know blogging is supposed to be for myself but cannot! i'm very self-centred one ARGH.
it's so traumatizing; it's like you're the earth and one day you realise the sun doesn't revolve around you after all (FML).
but... oh well. i'll live with it :(

ms chan gave us a list of recommended books and movies and i am awakened in a "WTF HOW COME I HAVE READ LESS THAN A QUARTER OF THIS" way. i think esther ma'am would totally like the list ARGHZX CHEEM PEOPLE (although their cheemness does not define them).
omg i just typed like an ahlian. (and now i'm stereotyping ah lians!)
okay yknow what, goodbye :)