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i love my family and friends
i also love 213'10, 311'11 and nynp
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Saturday, March 5, 2011
1:16 PM
obs in a few days! omg but now i'm listening to my podcast omg T_T i suckkkk LOLOL.
okay i am distracted by my own voice. not that it's very nice ._. but arghhh I HOPE I DIDN'T SCREW UP.
okay okay back to the topic.
yesterday was depressing so i shan't say anything here, in case your mood gets dampened by it. anyway yesterday i also tried to take all my files home, for revision (because! block tests are coming oh dear how annoying). and here are two things that happened to me because of the stupid files.
1. on the bus to KAP with squadmates, because i was holding like, 2 gigantic files and 1 slightly smaller file and 1 freaking heavy history book and 1 less heavy but still relatively heavy chemistry book and some random books/papers, as i was walking up the stairs to the second level, my centre of gravity shifted and i fell headfirst onto some random step.
-pauses for effect-
i think this was contributed by my heavy bag, and 'cause i was leaning slightly forward to go up. and yeah... embarrassing much?
i fell headfirst. on a step. but i wasn't hurt, 'cause my files and everything cushioned my fall.
if it can even be called a fall o_o i just... bent forward. but whatever. still embarrassing T_T
2) also on a bus, after KAP! i erm, was carrying all my rubbish and tried to take out my wallet. and i was successful! so i was like, yey. then as i was walking i heard a sudden sound, as if something had dropped. so i looked around, but it was eight plus so i couldn't really see anything. as such, i thought it was my imagination or whatever and continued walking to an empty seat, and with much difficulty unloaded my baggage.
and then in actual fact i'd dropped my wallet, so i'd to make xuedi (213 senior... chinese dancer... also person who helped me pick up my wallet) wait for ages while i struggled with the files. then, i walked and took the wallet, thanked her, and went back to my seat, then thanked the dude who was sitting next to me for helping me prevent the files from dropping off, and then this extra njc guy snickered at me.
whatever la -flips hair-.
omg thursday was depressing! i got back my this i believe essay.
IT SUCKED, WTH. as in the mark. but i can't say anything in defence of myself, but the truth is that it wasn't very good ._. after receiving the result, i just sat there... greatly humbled. honestly, fiona isn't that good at writing. she just has amazing lucky flukes. but no, fiona, you have a long way to go.
like ms chan said, SOPHISTICATION OF LANGUAGE (i expect yall are laughing to yourself now. stop laughing. IT HURTS T_T). but i am totally... unsophisticated, she's right. whatever you were thinking about my language skills... they're probably right too.
i need improvement.
omgomapjqepj123 i feel that people are judging me ):
okay yknow what. i am going to pack for obs.
bai!! ^^