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i wish you enough
Saturday, March 12, 2011
4:31 PM
before i start blogging about obs, i need to state how freaked out i am that the day before the tsunami hit japan and hawaii and other places, i was kayaking o_o it probably has no relation but whatever! still freaked out!
okay obs
on the first day, when i reached obs, i honestly thought i wouldn't survive in that place. it was insect-infested (baby cockroaches were scuttling around; there was many unidentified flying whatevers disturbing us, etc.), the toilets were so smelly that i could smell the .. anyway, it was just really horrible. i didn't have high hopes for the camp, i only wished that i would somehow get through it.
we didn't do much on the first day, mostly admin stuff, which was boring. i learnt to pitch a tent though (as in a different type), which was cool. also, i slept in a tent for the first time.
at night, it rained buckets and our tent was flooded. we were only of the lucky ones, i suppose, since some people had their tents almost entirely water-filled, and they'd to sleep with their backs soaked. an instructor came to zip up the tent flap, but water still dripped in from the top and the sides. my tent slept sitting cross-legged on the damp floor.
on the second day, we practised kayaking. i dropped ting ting's spectacles into the sea (A STUPID CLUMSY ACCIDENT) and felt guilty. to find the spectacles, kai (our instructor! who is btw very nice) had to dive in the sea water and HE DROPPED HIS IPHONE. you are probably hating me now for being such a clumsy idiot, yeah me too. technically, it was his fault for actually bringing the phone down to the water, but i was indirectly the cause of his loss! and i felt even worse. i felt like escaping from this horrible dream back to friendly singapore where there'd be no seas to drop things into. but even as i tried to retreat into a shell, i couldn't, because kayaking - feeling the wind, the water, the sun - was just too real for any sort of fantasy. and anyway i'd to live with it. so i did.
we kayaked to camp 1, which was relatively close by, although it felt so far away when we'd to capsize and all that. i hate capsizing ):
on the second day, we had height elements! something with logs o_O anyway, i tried it, but i couldn't reach the top ): one more log to go. but i was afraid that i would roll over and die; even with the harness (omg the harness i would like to point out that on the first day for belaying practice, the male instructors wore the harness very disturbingly omg). i guess this was sort of a regret: that i could've done it, but i was too scared.
i was so tired on the second night, that i feel asleep during a debrief -_- kai said some saddening things about life in general. he's really inspiring T_T
now i shall digress to talk about kai. i think i'll always remember him. firstly i must say that he's quite shuai o_O okay how disturbing of me to say this but anyway, that is not the main thing that i'll remember him for. the thing is, kai is very inspiring and very - how do i say it? - wise? his words are all thought-provoking, and they make me think about life and family and friends and obs. another thing about kai is that he's really mysterious -.- unlike other instructors, he's super dao at times but randomly random/funny (e.g. lady macbeth's "unsex me here" LOL HE SAID THAT. and other instructors were so shocked hahaha rofl). but more of really dao. i'm a person who is very needy in the sense that i need affirmation and i'm sensitive to others' emotions (kindaa), and his daoness REALLY affected me. i tell you even the most unperceptive person could've told that kai was different from other instructors -_- other instructors laugh and joke around with their group, but kai was like "orh" (then turns away). it IS cool, but... yknow.
okay back to the second day.
generally, it was fine.
the third day! we went trekking :) surprisingly, it wasn't too bad. my shoulders ached, my legs did a bit, but it was totally fine other than that :3 and finally after lots of trekking, we reached camp 3! camp 3 is actually just a clearing in the bushes facing the sea ._. NO TOILET. anyway, we'd to wake up at 2+ for sentry duty, then 5 o'clock to prepare for the sea expedition! i.e. kayaking :O
kayaking was totally... equal parts scary and fun. the first few hours were really good - awesome breeze, bearable sun (but the light shined in my eyes and it was difficult to see ._.), nice water. then suddenly the weather changed a little after reaching chek jawa O_O the clouds got heavier, the water got choppier (seriously i was damn scared! oh and vulgar-level increased tenfold wtf) and the wind was very strong (but TOO strong). then it started, of all things, to rain. we'd to eat lunch holding on to the instructors' boat -_- (rofl kai wore a mask he looked like a bank robber) and lots of food dropped into the water because basically we'd to either throw the food around or feed each other ._. my hands were totally hurting from gripping the kayaks beside mine tightly, gah. it was just really emotionally and physically draining oh godd. TEN HOURS. EIGHTEEN KILOMETRES. my wrist really hurts now. and it was raining half of the way, so i caught a cold, i think ._.
but after kayaking we still had to endure the cold shower ._. anyway yeah.
i cried!! 'cause i was missing obs (already) but i also missed my home ): so i had... conflicting emotions? argh idk.
yesterday... the last day.
i didn't cry or anything. but i missed home REALLY BADLY. and at the same time i couldn't bear to leave camp 2.
after reaching singapore i went with ting ting to coro to eat fried rice (OMG DAMN NICE) and drink bubble tea!! OMG AND I SAW YANNIMA'AM oops.
aha what else. i went home after that!