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NCO interview!
Wednesday, July 6, 2011
10:18 PM
I'm blogging now to attempt to wash down the *other* post -coughing-.
Okay so NCO interview is today! I think I did really weird ._. LOL. Ma'am thought I was hyperventilating when I was just laughing weirdly ._. and okay breathing weirdly also aiyo! I was really nervous and to diffuse the tension I was speaking all sorts of nonsense at the front. But I calmed down :D
Oh and LOL omg the random question is cool~ The one with the white paper with a dot in the middle [.] Somehow I thought of the Japan flag, but squadmates who got that thought of different stuff! Like target card (LOL), Yuqi's "dot" (creative max), etc.
Ah speaking of creativity! I SAID I WAS MOST CREATIVE OMG DAMN BUYAOLIAN LOL. I also said I was the most tech-savvy... which could be true/not. Truthfully I don't know la. I'm less of tech-savvy and more of "interested in fiddling with Photoshop and GIMP and gif-ing and rubbish like that". Although I know how to code... sorta (omg actually tbh I only know CSS okay this is bad)(please let me not be in Publications so diulian omfg)(OMG MA'AMS IF YOU SEE THIS, IDK HOW TO CODE REALLY D:).
Ahem. I want Welfare/Functionz! I think Weiting and I work well together and we're function-y people -is not hinting at all-.
Also... I thought the interview was really fun and stimulating, in a way! It hasn't been too long since I thought of what positions squadmates should take (LMSC ._.) and attempted to analyse all their traits. But it's hard to pin one squadmate down for one job... plus I will definitely be biased!! and all.
But come to think of it, ma'ams' opinion of us from the interview will also be slightly skewed... (except for me because I was honest!max)(hmm sorta. I was politically correct diplomatic, but that's just me being passive-aggressive haha. The truth is underneath all that jazz ._.)(DID I JUST USE A WEIRD TERM LOL) because squadmates couldn't open up to ma'ams.
Aiyah anyway whatever la. Omg I said I was analytical and logical wtf! It's true I think, especially for NP ._. In NP I detach myself from the emotion (sometimes I can't though), so when something sad happens (POP._.) I don't even cry. I know I'm sad, or supposed to feel sad at least, but a part of me is just like "okay". I guess it's 'cause my passion for NP has been constantly... not that much (there I said it)(compared to squadmates). But come on you can't expect everyone to passionately love NP ._. I love the people in it, but it itself... hmm.
Anyway why would you care lolol. Does it matter? Sigh.
ITS NOT MY FAULT :/ I want to really care for things like NP but I'm a more people kinda person (god how bimbotic that sounded).
Ending off to do montage for _ _ _ hoho. Please squadmates let's make this werk~ okay bbai.