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Saturday, August 13, 2011
12:11 AM
So! Another update on my life, just to keep this blog from dying ._.
Chemistry today was half-spent on waxing lyrical about Girls' Generation and half-spent on focusing on the task! at! hand, which was Volumetric Analysis ._. I tell you, the teacher is seriously Mr-Tan-like, in the sense that she can talk and talk about one topic for ages and no one is really getting it. But she goes on and on and on and our minds gradually drift to more exciting topics (i.e. SNSD).
Hmm. Block test results are gonna be given out soon NOOOO :( I'm really worried for Mathematics omg ._. (Speaking of Mathematics! The current topic is pretty easy HAHAHA but omg my Term 2 stuff :/)
Quiz team! Our round is on Monday :/ Please if someone up there is kind enough PLEASE DO NOT LET MR TAN RETURN MATH PAPERS ON MONDAY I BEG OF YOU. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE thanks.
Ah yes but team one yall did well! :D! BUT why did you try to lie to Mdm Yeo :( she took revenge by lying to us. And it made me really very.. idek HAHA it made me very loud and OTT. Then when Mdm Yeo broke the good news to us I was screaming like siao confirm tomorrow shi1 sheng1 (HAHAHA omg I am reminded of PE today).
ANYWAY OF COURSE WE'D TO DO SOMETHING ALSO TO GET BACK AT THEM LA. So someone (not me) came out with the idea of... okay never mind.
But they fell for it lol. Except apparently my acting was lacking in several areas. For example, it was quite unnatural OOPS ._. And also I think I was too loud trololol. But that's not my fault~ I'm naturally loud la so I Was Just Keeping In Character.
Aiya next time this kind of thing happen I shall just cry in a corner and up my believability (?) factor by a hundred.
Tomorrow is quiz training! Team 2 we must jiayou ;_; (so that we've a chance to prank others LOLOL wait no that's not the focus)
RAWR RAWR okay I shall go nao zaijian.