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Monday, August 8, 2011
9:56 PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE! although it's not the 9th yet, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY ^^
ah, today was national day celebrations! parade was okay (omg i saluted when i was not supposed to) i guess, and then the collage thing was pretty good. it was really shocking when after the celebrations i saw the crumpled heap of gigantic paper O_O WASTE PAPER ._.
ooh yesterday i watched mr simple lives on youtube o_o it's very catchy and it's playing in my head right now~ but i shall replace it with mr taxi ._.
also! we'd quiz training after celebrations ;_; then after that we went out! (this sounds glamourous but actually it isn't lol currywok O_O YSM O_OO_OO_O also bubble tea :D)
gah i've IH sia and chinese sia and quiz to mug! WHY SO SAD D; (haha don't tell anyone but i steadfastly refuse to do anything tomorrow starting from 2.30. WHY 2.30, you ask? because the mnet thing starts then! f(x) will be there! plus i am going to indulge in a channel 8 marathon HAHA)
(i might do some work at night...)
(i have to do work at night omg sad life! MY NATION)

btw for quiz team people, from my mind:
South Africa - Pretoria
Germany - Berlin
France - Paris
Singapore - Singapore
Sweden - Stockholm
The Other S-country that is not Swaziland (Switzer?) - Bern
Malaysia - KL
Indonesia - Jakarta
Vietnam - Hanoi
The Philippines - Manila
Cambodia - Hmm.
Laos - Double Hmm. I guess you've got to check this out yourself.
East Timor - Erm let me google this.
OMG what a cute name! Dili!
Brunei - Aiya.
Myanmar - omg I'm so bad at this -is crying- (GGGADADA clgnsd fsahaijfa i googled this and now i forget. again i forget)
Italy - Rome
S. Korea - Seoul
N. Korea - Pyongyang
China - Beijing
Taiwan - Taipei
US - Washington, District of Columbia
Iran - Tehran
Iraq - Baghdad (please distinguish the two. I do this by 1. watching Invincible Youth hohoho 2. Iran/Tehran)
Israel - Jerusalem
Norway - Oslo

Anymore? COME AT ME BRO :3