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i love my family and friends
i also love 213'10, 311'11 and nynp
i am a sone
i cannot live without entertainment


potential gifts

1. Threadless tees
2. Helvetica necklace
3. ARTBOX notebooks
4. Kind words
6. Books that I would like
7. Tintin comics
9. Trip to Taiwan
10. Good grades
11. New camera ;D
12. SNSD concert tickets
13. Money for aforementioned tickets ^^

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Han Yi
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2/13 '10

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Some very long posts to waste your time.
(Compiling of this list to waste my time.)
5th September
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new beginnings
Tuesday, November 29, 2011
11:39 AM
hi guys! it's been a long time without updates here, but i want some sense of closure (lol).
yes, you read that right. i'm discontinuing this blog. that's not to say i won't everrr blog again, because i might (?) but i'm definitely not going to be writing here anymore.
the reason for that is... i feel as though i've outgrown this blog. like a snake shedding its skin (!!), i am shedding my internet persona of "thepartypredicament".
it has served me well for many years. i started this blog when i was a youthful 13-year-old, and now i feel old. graduation from nygh (!!!) is almost upon me (okay not really. but it'll come soon, i know it ;_;).
that's why i can no longer bring myself to write here, because in this period i've grown a lot. in height etc etc but more importantly, in my... ? something? i don't know. in some ways i remain childish and stupid, but i've definitely matured... somehow. through np, through the ups and downs of 213... and 311.
and so.
this will be my last post here. if i make a new blog i'll inform you (you as in, my friends, not creepy people stalking my blog)! or not. lol.
farewell... until we meet again ^^
/edit 2 minutes after posting:
OH YEAH THE TAIWAN POST LOL. forget about it~~ because i'm going to taiwan again. the day after tomorrow. lol. thought you (?) should know.