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oh look what the cat dragged in.. me, lol
Thursday, December 29, 2011
9:44 PM
blogging about chalet~ it's the first time our squad organised something of this scale, i think. i know i said i'd stop blogging but i woke up with the urge to write about chalet ;_; so, anyway.
yes! reached chalet @ 2+, when squadmates were still at school. thenjia sijia and i just hung around and practised for *that*. when ma'ams came i literally collapsed in shock because omg! i'm so glad we decided to part the windows on the door because if ma'ams had peeked through the fabric or whatever that would've been so much creepier omfg.
anyway we let ma'ams in and watched tv (ma'ams had a snsd mv marathon loooooool) until squadmates + 44 + 45 finally came, which was 7+. which meant we waited for 5 hours lol. but all was good because sharlene brought KOI. also because, yay! squadmates! and 44 and 45 ^^ at least the awkward atmosphere was lessened~ thenjia/sijia/i were just sittin' around, with the occasional discussion of the current tv show with ma'ams.
anywayyyy dinner. omfggg how awkward it was~ because thenjia and i were the only ones at the table with ma'ams. not that i'm scared of them or whatever (seriously). i just didn't know what to do/say and then ma'ams asked me questions idek how to answer and ughhh i just appeared very nervous. because i was (i lost my appetite lmao ;_; such a loser ;_;). anyway, after that we went back and bathed (but i didn't). anddd then squadmates played card games/werewolf with ma'ams and 44/45 while some of us went up to prepare for amazing race ;_; we seriously put in so much effort into the planning process okokok idk why the final result wasn't as good as we thought it'd be ;_; after an hour or two we rejoined the group, and then a while after ma'ams went to sleep.
the rest of us slept around 4?5? playing card games haha ._. i woke at 7+, when someone woke me up D': then some squadmates went out to fetch 45/wenlie, the rest of them went to buy stuff for the bbq, so in the end only khengfang sijia and i were left lol. i fell asleep again (but for a short while!).
when squadmates came back the organisers for the amazing race went to recce the place ^^ it was pretty fun i guess~ especially at the playground o_o
we went back around 11 and hung out for a while at the chalet with ma'ams until the rest of the unit returned from their bonding game.
after that... lunch!
after lunch, amazing race! as i said, it wasn't great. it wasn't a complete failure so kudos for that, i guess? imho it wasn't that fun, probably 'cause we scrapped some stations due to time constraints. how annoying ;_; i just hope it was sufficiently enjoyable ^^
then we went back to the chalet around 4+. squadmates went to set up for the bbq while some of us talked to 45. i really hope 44 didn't feel left out (they'd ma'ams to play with/talk to! right?).
thennnn 45 had to leave :/ and ma'ams came out to watch us bbq lol i admit i'm useless at most of it :/ i even put out the fireee lol.
BUT at least i'm good at flipping satays ^^ but squadmates came to steal my one and only job so at the end i barely did anything. oh well, at least ma'ams/44/45 enjoyed (????) the bbq! i only ate hotdogs + satay creyz i regret it. bbq food is delish :(
after the bbq, we'd squad performances and present-giving ^^ i hope the bravo present is okay for ma'am omfg D: and ma'ams gave us presents tooooo.
then i'd to go home. sigh. it was really late too :(
i'm so tired right now i can't even :/ tired + headache + possible fever dear goooodnessssssss crying. plus my math -________- and i feel sort of regretful about chalet. some parts of it at least. manz.
and yesterday was the *farewell* chalet, which means byebye to ma'ams and hello to a new year of being ncos.
i should sleep soon because i can feel myself becoming more and more incoherent but omggg my math ;_;
bye guys :( :( :(