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4. Kind words
6. Books that I would like
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9. Trip to Taiwan
10. Good grades
11. New camera ;D
12. SNSD concert tickets
13. Money for aforementioned tickets ^^

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5th September
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strangely humourous
Friday, October 31, 2008
8:54 PM
I am having a conversation online with Yang Yitoe.
Sorry, YYX.
We were discussing why her mother found us breaking Etsuko's brother's bed humourous.
I quote her:
she is still laughing at me
and teasing me about my weight issues ahem

-stifles laughter-
Then YYX proceeded to ask why my mother banned me from Etsuko's house.
I copy my answer:
thepartypredicament says:
D: dunno so untoey
thepartypredicament says:
scared i break another bed

This is rather true.
Now I shall quote YYX's answer to my reply:
you know what? my mum thinks so too
-cough- Great minds think alike
I realize this post is rather weird.
I shall end with happy news! I'm going to watch HSM3 later! at 9.50p.m.!
Oh, glorious rapture!

3:07 PM
Today was the bazaar can and the P6 cohort rocked! We earned like, $12 000 lor!
Pro right? 6J and K got $1000 together :D I think mostly from the game, which many boys like, obviously 'cos it involves shooting (albeit cans).
OK erm let me start from the start ._.
The damn bag of the packet drinks is damn heavy lah D: My domestic helper helped to carry it to the bus stop, after which I carried onto the school bus, placed on my lap (stupid person I am) and then after reaching school, I carried it to the courtyard. On my way up I saw Ariel carrying this pot can! Looks like this lor:

Anyway we walked to the courtyard together! :D XH and Yan Tong were doing their posters. They're quite nice.
So blah all the ceremony things 'cos we do that everyday. Then we went to class, where the teachers briefed us.
At about 8, we went down to set up our stalls! Lalala.
Was tres tiring. Put all the drinks, food etc. on the table in such a way as was presentable. Being selectively neat and OCD, I arranged all the titbits according to their respective flavours/brand. For the basket (the basket is used by the Mobile Stall Person, who goes around the courtyard brandishing said basket and asking people to buy stuff) and the box (in which we put the rest of the stuff. Those that couldn't fit were simply placed anyhowly on the table D:<). Because I am so freaking clever and I possess entrepreneurial (yeyness I can spell this properly now! - actually, cannot.) expertise, I put more Mammi and Chicken Rings than let's say, erm, some weird digestive oats biscuit thing. Ahem. Oh yah, and for the drinks basket, (same purpose as the basket, only that it's stuffed with packet drinks I and Sara-Ann bought) I just put all five types (Ribena, Peach Tea Pokka, Peach Tea Seasons, Lemon Tea Pokka, Green Tea Pokka) (I think) into them and arranged the packets neatly, with help of Ariel. LQ also gave us drinks to drink (Ariel, green tea. Me, peach tea pokka.) 'cos the straws came out and of course we couldn't sell damaged goods, could we?
Oh anyway, I was the Walking Advertisement. (Not that I did my duty as one lor. I simply suck at selling stuff to people lor! But I did table duty (serving customers)! :D) The stupid advertisement which I was supposed to hang around my neck in the typical walking-advertisement style (one advertisement sheet on both sides of me! Attached with strings, and strings rests on my shoulders) was like, weird. Firstly, the strings (as mentioned) were positioned too far apart and one end, left or right, constantly falls off my shoulder. Which is bloody irritating. Imagine having to push up that end of the string every one second, and after two freaking steps, having the other end to fall -.-. Secondly, one side of the string attached to one advertisement sheet was prone to dislocating, and breaking off from the advertisement sheet 'cos it wasn't attached properly with tape or something. In a span of 15 minutes, the bloody thing broke off from the advertisement sheet a good four times.
So I got frustrated. And gave up on wearing the advertisements after walking around and getting ignored by rude people D:<. (Dumped it at the games stall! Waha :D) The basket I was supposed to hold (while prancing around) was then taken up by YYX and the drinks basket by Ariel. They attempted to sell the things, not to much avail however. Hmph. OK at about 8.45 p.m. people started coming up and prodded around, but they mostly ignored the auctions stuff, which are stuff that were left over from the auction we had some time ago (read my archives). I was immediately reminded of the fact that the box containing these stuff was messily brimming. This is because some person just dumped the auction stuff from a plastic bag into the box lor. And never arrange somemore lor! Ewil. My OCD/neatness spirit was angered and I dumped all the stuff on the floor (after bringing the box to the floor lah) and started to arrange them in the hot heat. Our form teacher was bemused and asked me what I was doing. I told her I was arranged properly and she seemed to accept the explanation (of course lah!) and walked off to look at 6K's cocktail sausages or something. After a bit I finally finished and put on the table. I took one pencilcase (it was recycled lor) and kinda brought it along with me everywhere. Hello hello, I never steal lor! D: I ended up asking Ariel to buy coupons for me (I didn't have money on me then) but they were out of coupons lor! WTH?! How can like that one D: So I waited patiently, holding said pencilcase tightly while attending to the few people who passed by. After like thirty minutes Ariel came by and passed me $2 worth of coupons. I immediately bought the pencilcase and stuffed it in my pocket. Things started to pick up during the P1 and P2s' recess. Lots of P1s or P2s or whatever came by lor! People were actually queueing up leh! :O This lasted for like 30 minutes.
We had short spurts of the same activity until after the P3 and P4s' recess. The P5s are not generous! D:
OK maybe that's a generalization.
Oh wait but throughout the freaking whole thing until the P5s' recess was over at least, the games stall was damn popular lah! Got one whole mass exodus gathering there lor! :D Yeyness.
The bazaar was a blur of activity and serving customers. I occasionally saw LQ bursting in and acting gey to customers. OMG he like flirted with these P3 girls can, when they were at the auction stuff section. Quoting him somewhat:
-in slightly gey voice- If you buy something -gesture to few remaining auction items, told you they were running out!- from here I'll wear this -picks up gey electric blue string thingy-
Anyway it worked 'cos the girls giggled (bah!) and bought some weird things I couldn't remember.
I also recall bringing WR's sister to the 6M's stall leh! See, I'm so nice :D.
OK enough egoing.
Oh yeah leh, a little before the P6 recess time I got a bit hungry so I bought one of my own lemon teas ._. and a Wei Sheng cookie! Tasty and nice! :D
At the last part I really slack can. Mostly sat around and briefly attempted to sell cookies. Failed.
At the last last part I helped the games stall. Ever so popular :)
The bazaar was funfunfun! Not as fun as Snow City but still nice lor. Ariel tried to get people to buy the cookies/muffins by talking in Chinese about how the cookies/muffins are damn tasty, and somemore portion of it is for charity. Quoting her:
Roughly translated, "buy all these titbits, not only can you enjoy the taste of them, you can also support charities! isn't this killing two birds with one stone,
killing two birds with one stone, killing two birds with one stone?"
Needless to say, most heck-cared her lor ._.
At the end our food stall had a big big bigggg sale. A cookie which was originally one for 50 cents became...
Suspense! Suspense suspense!
(I must stop using this line.)
The cookies is not only damn chocolatey hor, it's like 4cm in diameter can!
Cheap or not you tell me! Freaking cheap lor!
I must omit the fact that quite few people wanted to buy even after the sale
Erm OK I think I finished this post liaoh! :D So happy today, can make so much money. And the auction stuff only left a bit. My drinks were sold out in approximately 2 hours! Hurray! :D
And Etsuko got Ah Lian hair
After the bazaar we packed up, went up and then 'cos there were some muffins and cookies left we went to sell to teachers.
The muffins were damn popular and in like, 10 minutes? all were sold out lor! Yen Siang baked them! :D
Wei Sheng cookies left like five, and I brought home two. They ended up mostly crushed and lay scattered in my bag which then needed washing.
Etsuko cookies left none, I don't think, except one which she brought home herself ._. It was like 10cm in diameter, not kidding.
P.S. Ariel thinks 一石二鸟 is not a proper Chinese idiom but I don't care, I'm quoting her anyway! :D
P.P.S. Ewil me -.-
P.P.P.S. OMG did I mention I lost a damn pretty photoframe made out of ice-cream sticks (asked YYX to help me buy from 6G, I think) lor! It had a pinky ribbon on top. And it was $1 lor! D:
Bye :D

i am a person
Thursday, October 30, 2008
8:13 PM
Note: Title has no connection to content of post.
Note note: Stolen from Niko.

[ ]Talked back to a teacher o.o i'm too nice -blink blink-.
[ ] Been kicked out of class ._.
[ ] Worn pyjamas to school ._.
[x] Had your tooth fall out at school omg i think so leh!
[ ] Gotten lost in your school don't think so.
[x] Broken the dress code in school -cough- occasionally.
[ ] Completely failed a test got not-completely fail one meh?
[x] Left class without asking countless times.
[ ] Missed a whole week of school no lor! i'm a healthy person hor!
[ ] Thrown up in school ew.
[ ] Been beat up at school ._.

[x] Argue with your parents a lot -whistles-
[x] Argue with your brother(s) duh.
[ ] Argue with your sister(s) no - this proves brothers are horrible plips.
[ ] Have your own room D:
[ ] Do your own laundry ahem. -changes topic-
[x] Cook dinner once in a while i cook nobody eat except me. they cannot appreciate lor!
[ ] Are loud and obnoxious at home i am loud. not obnoxious lor! -act blur-
[ ] Wear pajamas when you are not going anywhere -.- so bo liao.
[x] You sleep in very long -cough cough-
[ ] All you do is watch television if i only watch television, then i would not be doing this quiz. go figure :)
[ ] Your parents are divorced choy choy choy touchwood lor!
[ ] Your family makes you cry alot a bit only lor, i normally cry for no reason -.-
[x] One or both of your grandparents live with you grandaunt count right?
[x] You cant stand being with your parents when they are seriously bugging me D:

[ ] You currently dislike one or more of your friends :) my friends are all v. v. nice one.
[x] You are jealous of one or more of your friends half of my social circle. you had to ask.
[ ] You have known a friend your whole life reminds me of those drama, even baby in hospital the cots beside each other one lor.
[ ] Your friends are all taller than you wahaha shortie ariel.
[ ] You have been ditched by a "friend" ditched? omg i don't think so lor.
[x] You have memorized a friend's phone number o.o duh.
[x] You have lost/forgotten a friend's phone number of course.
[ ] You have been to all of your friends' houses nopeee.
[x] You love most all of your friends :D wuff them (wahaha).

[ ] You bite your nails nope.
[ ] You have an odd obsession with knives omg?
[ ] You cannot sleep with the door closed ._.
[ ] You cannot sleep with the door open ._.
[x] There is at least one sound you cannot stand yes D:
[ ] You write stories about mad cannibalistic serial killers -looks at you strangely-
[x] You are good at telling lies it's an art lor.

[x] You currently like someone. this is very vague.
[ ] You want to kill one of your exes 1. i do not have an ex. 2. i am not that ott lor.
[x] You can stay committed for an unusually long time :) good thing or bad?
[ ] You get bored of your crush/bf/gf easily -.-
[ ] A crush/bf/gf has called you a bitch before i don't have a crush/bf/gf leh.
[ ] A crush/bf/gf has called you self-centered before see above.

[ ] You hate George Bush i dislike him.
[x] Abortion is horrible and should be illegal i decline to comment lor. so controversial leh.
[x] Gay marriage is fine to you :D
[ ] Boys make better friends than girls do i have no comment.
[ ] The beach is an excellent place for a date damn hot and bright lah.
[ ] Pink is an ugly color no it isn't lor!
[x] Needles aren’t so horrible obviously not right.
[ ] Human flesh tastes like fine aged veal omg this quiz-maker is damn 恶心 and disgusting can! D:
[x] You have plenty of secrets duhduhduh!

[ ] Fallen down the stairs :D
[ ] Someone has tied your shoelaces together erm.
[ ] Had a nail fall off that would be really weird. gross lah.
[ ] Captured, Manipulated, or Destroyed a soul ._.
[x] Had surgery on my bottom lip 'cos there was a - wait, you don't want to hear.
[x] Slapped someone across the face plenty.
[ ] Killed someone omg! maybe :D
[x] Someone has called you a tease implied counts hor?
[ ] You have been to Europe erm. genting highlands. lol.
[ ] You have worn something inside out for a whole day eh. -laughs at niko-

[01] Name: Fiona :)
[02] Nickname: FLFF, FioLeFioFio, Fio, etc. etc.
[03] Married: Noooo.
[04] Zodiac Sign: Rat.
[05] Gender: ♀ Yay I like Niko's sign for this!
[06] Age: 12
[07] High School: RGS/NYGH. -hopes-
[08] College: RJC/H-something.
[09] Height: 153cm now I suppose.
[10] Weight: 40kg or thereabouts I guess.
[11] Do you like yourself: Obsessed.
[12] Piercings: Navel
[13] Right or left: If you guessed I was right you're right! ._.
[14] Are you a freak: Maybe.
[15] Hair: Shoulder-length, black ._., style is eh, bob-like but individual hairs curl forward.
[16] Skin: ._. Slightly tanned I think.
[17] Allergic: Nothing! Except I've got eczema (?) but I dunno where I get it from ._.
[18] What are you doing now: Lots of things.
[19] What will you do 1 hour later: Sleeping, hopefully :D
[20] What will you do 10 years later: Dunno.

[21] Live with mother/father/parents: Parents lah.
[22] Siblings (included you): Brother, sister, myself ._.

I shall heck-care this part.

[56] Are you a good student: Not really.
[57] You always do your homeworks/assignments: Mostly lor.
[58] The teacher/tutor you love the most: -shrug-
[59] Always late to school/college: Early like siao.
[61] You love your seniors: Erm. I dunno most of them leh. :P
[62] Senior who you love the most: Laura. 'Cos I know her. -.-
[63] Your classmates good/bad: Mix of both, more of the good though :D
[64] Excellent result classmate: YYX! ETSY!
[65] Laziest classmate: Myself. That counts hor?

THE PEOPLE (or random things)
[66] Smart people: See 64.
[67] Stupid people: ._.
[68] Good looking people: Apple tea from Pokka.
[69] Ugly people: My brother's underwear. Esp. the yellow one.
[70] Funny people: Me of course. How could you not know? Tsk.
[71] Cute people: My hamsters, all 11.
[72] Bad people: Ewil plips. Or untoey toes. Ha, I know: Anti-Toe Traitoes!
[73] Honest people: Ariel? I think lah mostly.
[74] Acting people: Angelina Toey, Brad Plip etc.
[75] What kind of person are you? FLFFly. -laughs hysterically-

[76] Lip or eyes: Depends.
[77] Hugs or kisses: Erm, hugs more. Hate people kissing me for some reason. :P
[78] Shorter or taller: Taller.
[79] Hesitant or spontaneous: Spontaneous!
[80] Nice stomach or nice arms: Now you're talking. Ahem. Both.
[81] Listener or talker: Both lor. At appropriate times of course.
[82] Romantic or rich: Both! Waha I'm damn choosy can.
[83] Good husband or good father: Both.

[84] Age to get married: More than 24, less than 30.
[85] Numbers of kid(s): None? Dunno. Labour is pain hor. I think.
[86] Career: Author :D
[87] Salary: $9458293748162354835034693093049853049853...... At least $7000? Waha.
[88] Retirement age: 65? OMG damn old lor. Depends on salary.
[89] Properties' value: Dunno what this means. Ahem.
[90] Wishes: Look at sidebar. Go figure.

fund raiser
4:35 PM
You know Etsuko's brother's bed? YYX, me and Ariel spoilt it right?
Erm so Etsy's mum called my mum and my mum called me a while ago, ranting about how-i-was-banned-from-etsuko's-house and i-should-not-have-done-that. Altogether not too big stuff, although being banned was sad...
I've to pay the fifty bucks myself!!
Seriously leh. $50. The bed is irrepairable apparently and so Etsuko's mother has to buy a new bed.
How am I gonna get 50 bucks?! Rob bank ah? ._. I don't have money lor! That is approximately 5 weeks' allowance! Five weeks don't eat issit?
OMG. How how how! D: I really really didn't mean to spoil the bed leh...
Maybe I should ask my mother if I could volunteer to sweep the floor or teach my brother or something and get 'paid'?
Possible. But that's at most like, er, ten dollars lor! Or something! Die lah.
Etsy said persuade her to split half-half so I pay $25.
I shall try.
She not replying on MSN leh.
Call her see how.
Call le.
She said she would discuss with my father about splitting $30-$20, me obviously the $30.
Now my grandma is scolding me.
Somemore my grandma now is telling to my domestic helper.
Gosh. Me damn stupid.

snow city
2:29 PM
Today went Snow City.
As I stated in my frivolous post, I was worrying about wearing the too-short-jeans to school, and somemore laughed at by my busmates D:
Due to my miscalculation, however, my jeans are only like an inch above my ankles D: which is still kinda short but not as short as I thought.
And 'cos of my cleverness, I managed to escape laughter! :)!
In the morning, I wore my jeans first. Then I started thinking.
So at first it was like this:
Pardon crude drawing.
Anyway, then I had a brainwave! :)
So it became:

I fold like siao until the ends of the jeans were then slightly above my skirt length! At first it was a bit below skirt length and I fold somemore! Fold fold fold! :)
Then I put on my skirt! Wahaha.
But D: it was damn difficult to keep the jean ends from showing lor! T.T
So lalala went to school, slack a bit discussing Snow City.
Mr. English kept calling me hamster! D:
I'm not a hamster lor! D:
I just love my hamsters :D.
Sidenote: Mr. English appeared in Straits Times lor! National award! Quoting Ariel quoting article: "the first national award to recognise teachers who have helped their students improve their English skills". I'm so damn proud of him lah! :) Wuff Mr. Tan! O.O Wuff all teachers who've taught me before! Haha sounds better :D
But I digress. Like Ariel.
Erm where was I? Oh yes, we then proceeded to Snow City!
Yippee! :)
We first made ice-cream. I got damn damn damn sian waiting for the guy lor! Instead, I ended up alternately wearing my mittens and YS's beanie. And wore my winter jacket :D. Finally, we started making the ice-cream.
Yeyness! :)
Step one: Pour thickened cream into metal mug thingy. The metal mug was placed in an aluminum tray. Quoting the guy: "Every single drop!"
Step two: Choose from 3, 4, 5 spoons of sugar. YS was dumb ._. and asked what the difference was. Of course more sugar means sweeter lah! We chose 4. The guy came and put, and asked us to stir throughly. I think all of us at the table stirred :D. Mr. English said more we stirred, less ice-cream there would be. (This was unfortunately true lor D:) (So we got very little lor!)
Step three: Choose flavouring. Coffee, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. After voting amongst our group chose vanilla! :D Stirred again.
Step four: Scary part lor! The guy put in - oh yes he did! D: - liquid nitrogen. -shudder- So scary lor! You put a finger in then the finger will drop off one lor! D: To demonstrate what the liquid nitrogen looked like, the guy actually splashed some liquid nitrogen from the
huge flask thingy onto the carpeted floor! Suddenly the air near us was clouded with the nitrogen. -.- Cold one somemore! When the guy came with the aforementioned flask thingy to our group to freeze the cream-sugar mixture (for forming ice-cream), Ariel instantly scarpered away kuakuakua! -chuckles- OK lah to be fair I also quite scared lor, and leaned into YS's seat (resulting in me getting hit roughly on the shoulder! Ewil plip her!).
The guy poured liquid nitrogen into the aluminium tray (in which the metal mug was put) and then the air in front of me was like cold and cloudy can! In total the guy came to pour like, three times. We discovered blowing at the general mug outline would result in nitrogen floating around (we were able to see 'cos it was cloudy can! Cloudy!). Then the girls got ewil and all gathered at the side opposite me and blow lor! All float at me can! D:
Anyway the liquid nitrogen was bubbling and boiling can! 'Cos it's boiling point is damn low lah.)
Step five: Eating. The guy came and poured hot water around the mug into the tray (the nitrogen all evaporated or something). Then he cut the ice-cream and I distributed! We had too little each!! D: The ice-cream was damn buttery and vanilla-ey and sweet lah! Much nicer than commercial ice-cream.
Anyways. Tasty. After that we went to the Snow Chamber! -cheer cheer!-
Before that we got into our winter wear (of sorts I guess). Wore my mittens and YS's beanie 'cos she lent me (not so ewil there! Haha :D). My jacket was already on me -.-
We'd to wear the customary Snow City jacket thingy. I got a small one :) and then I proceeded to wear it over my jacket ._. And put the hood over the beanie! Heh.
I thought it would be super warm inside lor, with double layers of insulators. Excluding my PE shirt! :)
But I was wrong lor! One step into the 5 degree celsius chamber, which I went to after I put my bags outside, (preparation to go into minus five degree celsius actual Snow Chamber! So we wouldn't die when we went into the Snow Chamber. Sudden Cold Syndrome. I made that up, by the way.) and my jeans were like so damn cold lah! D: Wasn't warm enough lor, but my LEGS weren't my coldest body parts each time I stepped out of the chamber.
I went into the Snow Chamber and I immediately rushed for the icy slope thingy with Ariel lah! Grabbed a float-like-thingy, a tube or something and went on the path upward to the top of the slope. (There's this part on the path leading up that was damn what lor! A slope - but downwards leh! And slippery somemore! I fell like twice out of the five or six times we went up to slide down lor! Stupid T.T)
Really lor! We went up, put the tube thingy on the top of the slope (very easy to roll down like that, so slippery!) and then sat on it. The first time me, Ariel and XY held hands and the ewil guy in charge pushed us! D: (P.S. I realize the person on the most right is the one who kena slide the fastest wahaha! P.P.S. The person who slide the fastest is the one who get the most impact lor!)
DAMN FUN even though I got snow into my jeans D:
I had to go out 'cos the cold was biting me lah. Warmed up and bit and went in again! Woosh! Another slide ride (plus got hit by snow thrown by guys lor), and then had to go out again ._. Damn cold lah. -6.1 degree leh! But it gets easier!
The third time we entered the Snow Chamber we had a mini snowball fight. Etsuko was so pitiful lah, all the boys seemed to want to hit her. I saw her and YYX red face one. Like damn red lor! D: And really messy hair.
The fourth time we went in we got on the slide ride three times in a row! :) Damn shiok can!
But when we wanted to do the ride the fourth time consecutively, the guy said our one hour was up. Saddd. D:
So we went out and got out of the coldwear. Haha so warm! In the bus our toes and hands and whatnot that were numb gradually regained feeling.
Happy happy! Was damn damn shiok lor! Love it! Can't wait for tomorrow lor, having the Bizarre Bazaar! :D I bought packet drinks. 2 peach tea packs, 1 green tea pack and 1 lemon tea pack! Yep!

my third post today: i wuff you
Wednesday, October 29, 2008
6:38 PM
This proves my sianness.
Anyway, I've a plan.
This worlds needs more love.
Let people know you love/respect them!
Some people (like me), need it. :D
Others would love it!
Who doesn't want people to love or respect them?
If you love/respect someone,
Wuff = Love as a friend.
Tag 'em on their tagboard,
or comment on their blogs!
That's if you dare lah. (i.e. you dare to comment like that on XX's blog anot?)
If the person asked you why you suddenly pop off and become siao and suddenly wuff at them,
you explain! (Can also link to this post/my blog lah :D but not necessary :))
Get it done lah! :D
Wuff wuff wuff!

a more frivolous post
6:00 PM
After incoherent venting, I feel decidedly more light! :)
Therefore I shall move on to equally important, if only more frivolous things happening in my life.
Such as my constant worry about looking-bleagh-in-my-too-short-jeans. As Ariel would put it, unflattering.
It is not flattering at all (lor).
(By the way, I'm trying to cut down on my use of Singlish, if you couldn't tell. And also improve my grammar.)
So where was I?
Oh yes. Tomorrow 6I, J, K, L, M are going to the Snow City (apparently part of the Science Centre if I read the signs correctly the time we went to the Science Centre). And I didn't know it was there can! Ariel went to the Snow City before and she didn't remember the Snow City being part of the Science Centre. But then again, she is hardly to remember, and not only because she went there quite long ago (I think). (No offence hor!)
Oh yes. I only possess 2 pairs of jeans (please refrain from laughing. (if you do, I might hope that you enter KK Hospital Ward 15/22 with a broken rib from laughing. just might.)), one of which has a pinky flowery pattern on one side, thus rendering it completely unsuited for the occasion. Pinky jeans.
Eew, but ZH would like that, wouldn't he? :)
The other is wayyy too short (as mentioned) but it's better than the pinky jeans.
I shudder to even imagine the reactions of my busmates tomorrow when I climb aboard clad in jeans (too short ones somemore lor!) and looking weird.
This is completely sucky.
Ahh. I suppose I will face countless females of I, J, K, L and M donning wonderfully long jeans and snickering at me behind my back.
Never mind anyway -sighs-.
Do you realize that I sound really (damn) weird with my Singlish and slang and stuff?
I think so, you know?
(Alternatively, "I think so leh!")
I've decided! ._.
I shall retain my Singlish and slang -cue cheers and some boos. those who booed are quickly rendered unconscious- BUT -stunned pause-
(Forgive me for using the Chairman-of-the-debate's line. I couldn't resist ._.
I shall use proper grammar! -cheers from people like Ariel-
But -stunned silence again-
As proper as I can make it.
Which, considering my standards, maybe isn't much.
-gets eaten by aforementioned Ariel-people-
OK lor, bye lah.
Don't worry, I'm kinda OK at English :)

indescribable day (i suppose)
3:31 PM
Two interesting things that happened on the way home:
1. I saw 2 Nanyangers at Causeway Point. The sister (when she saw my uniform) was like
Oh My God (insert brother's name which I forgot)
The brother was damn bo chap and said, "I know."
2. The wind was very strong. ._. As the the very very very strong type :)
Never mind.
Guess what? :D

shrieked can!! But my shriek was drowned out by the other shrieks. Wahaha :)) 6J so popular hor!
-cough cough-
Ego lor me.
Never mind. My heart was like palpitating like hell lor! And then my vision got really blurry and stuff. Like I going to faint like that!
Then I fake-fainted on YS's table and she pushed my head away lor!
So mean one she! D: What if I really fainted leh?
Anyway, her stuff fell from the table 'cos it collapsed.
Sidenote: I'm watching this variety show now, and Jolin Tsai is making the hosts do some split thingy. ROFL.
Anyway I think the vice-principal who was the Guest-of-Honour reads Ariel's blog you know! Or at least heard of her ranting or something 'cos when it was Ariel's turn to speak she was like so excited and eager (Ariel, please do not feel overly smug about this hor! -.-) can.
And then she kept asking Mrs. Social Studies stuff which I suspect were related to Ariel. And then after a bit hor, Mrs. SS suddenly point to me leh!!!
Probably telling the VP that I was Ariel's friend or something ._.
So self-conscious lor.
Anyway, me and YS were trying to sneak peeks at the judges' comments (actually only one leh). I shall not disclose anymore. :)
After the debate we went to class. A while later,
Etsy said Ariel was going to her house until 7.30 p.m. (the time her father could pick her up) to discuss/do the Graduation powerpoint thingy.
I was surprised (not 'cos of the 7.30 p.m. thing but) because I was also part of the team doing the aforementioned powerpoint thing and I was not informed of this discussion/visit.
So I asked why I wasn't invited. Either Etsy ignored me/didn't hear my questions/didn't take me seriously (damn it).
Hopefully not the last one.
I emoed until now 'cos of that you know. D: (Actually a bit 'cos I'm the reserve of the reserve and the reserve got a trophy and I didn't even though I did participate in a debate. But this is only a minor thing.)
After that I stayed back, hoping she would invite me. I know at this point of time you're wondering why I didn't ask again, loudly or something.
I admit, I was scared of failure.
Scared that Etsuko might refuse and then I would be crushed. Devastated.
Scared that she might think I was 不要脸 (shameless).
I know. I'm a wimp.
So I hung around. I waited until Etsuko and Ariel had eaten and stuff, walked to the bus stop with them etc.
And sent SMSes to her even though I was walking with her hinting at my wish to be invited.
I know. I damn shameless right.
-shakes head-
Such a wimp.
I'm damn ashamed of myself you know.
Also, as Dumbledore said, optimism to the point of foolishness.
OK anyway, at the busstop my bus came so I had to go. Biting my lip. All that (i.e. staying back etc.) just to be invited to her house.
How lame is that.
In the bus I sent an SMS to Ariel so that she could be my messenger or something. (tortoise me D:)
Here it reads:
Tell me when you reached her house!
Thank you.
Also tell her that since she conveniently forgot that i am also a volunteer, she might want to send me the pictures as 陈老师 told you guys to.
陈老师 is our form teacher, and the pictures are for putting on the slides.
I realize my grammar is off but ignore that, would you? :)
Notice that in this SMS my tone is more sarcastic than if I were talking to her straight-on. Me being a wimpy tortoise and all. -saddeD:-
Erm this is Ariel's reply:
Okay toe :-)
My reply to her reply after my bus ride home:
Have you told her yet?
Yep. Arrived toe :-)
How did she react?
(Expecting the worst D:)
Said that 陈老师 had asked us to do
(I'm assuming 'us' means Etsuko and Ariel)
Alright at this point I was damn damn damn pissed.
Really. A point I would like to raise:
Why was I not informed of this?! As in, if
陈老师 asked you guys to do, then shouldn't you tell me at the very least? I only know that I had volunteered, 陈老师 asked all three of us to do, then after a few days asked you guys to send me the pictures when you guys received them ('cos I had to run to catch my school bus). A simple call or SMS will do! Is ten or twelve words - 陈老师 asked us to do graduation powerpoint slides(, not you) - that difficult to freaking type/write/say?
Plus I'm really sick of Ariel's attitude can! She just stands at the side. When I asked her why I wasn't informed she goes and say SHE DOESN'T KNOW.
Don't know then ask lah!
I really am tired D:
Even my best friend does nothing to help me. My other friends are nice when they want to hang out but when I am serious about doing something they give me freaking vague answers or say I'm not serious or anything.
Please lor! Think about it. Have you guys given me a chance? Do you think I like to be known as a clown, someone for you to laugh at? You call me 'attention-seeking' but do you think I like to seek attention? Nobody's giving me my due attention!
Everyone deserves some form of it! I don't! The people whom you dislike, you talk about. The people whom you like, you talk about. What about me? Ariel calls me toe. Plip. You think I like that? You think I don't want to be known as Fiona?
The VP knows Ariel. Do you think I want to be known as Ariel's friend? Lots of people know Etsuko and YX. Etsuko's friend? YX's friend? No! I want to be known as Fiona!
Yesterday to help you guys prepare for the debate, trying to organise when the damn team bloody needs it, nobody really appreciated it! I slept at 12 midnight you know! I didn't mind! The worst thing is that you guys don't treat me part of the team! I had to fight for the right to be able to go to Etsuko's house, and I and Ariel end up getting termed as slacking! We were doing work! WTH, Etsuko, "who was playing Jay Chou?" You think I like Jay Chou meh? It's YX!
I'm always sinking into oblivion, always your shadows. People call me a follower. They think I'm 'in your gang'. Actually you know, I'm damn pissed with these people. To them: NOT EVERYONE IS LIKE YOU! NOT EVERYONE BEFRIENDS 'POPULAR' OR 'SMART' PEOPLE JUST 'COS THEY CAN BE SPOKEN OF IN THE SAME SENTENCE! One thing's for sure: I don't befriend people the same way YOU do.
I don't befriend Ariel because of her blog. Her supposed skinning ability. Her languages. FYI, ask Ariel if you don't believe me, who was the person who helped her make her first skin? Me!
I don't befriend Etsuko because of her popularity, her brains. In P4, when I first knew her, I was really happy. She was my first friend in Nanyang. When I spoke of her in my bus, my P6 busmates called her 'arrogant'. Some people think like that. Did I care? I did, of course. To me, Etsuko wasn't arrogant! I stuck by her! I know I did stuff that were wrong, that ended up spoiling our relationship, but I still had her in my heart as a friend, through these years. A true friend.
I don't befriend YYX because she's damn smart, 'cos she's a good debater and popular with the teachers. (See above) I think of her as a friend.
I don't mind standing in the shadow, but I want to be someone one day! Someone spoken in the same breath as my friends, not as a shadow but someone solid! Someone people think worthy of following around! (This is an example, not that I want people to follow me ._.)
I follow my heart. Not like some people you wouldn't want to hear of. I treat my friends as true friends, no matter how I'm treated in return. I'm not stupid. I'm not 'acting loyal'.
I'm just following my heart, no matter how tired I am of being that 'shadow'.
I'd had enough. And don't, no you don't, gimme crap answers like I shouldn't be attention-seeking or something.
I already try not to. I can't help it sometimes. I can't help wanting to get praised.
I love my hamsters, because they are the only living things who love me unconditionally. With exception of my family.
-needs to go toilet-
This is very anti-climax right?
I don't care what you think OK?
Shoo if you are unhappy :D
Ignore me at school if you must :D
I only care what people I respect and like and love think about me.
Or those who respect or like or love me.
If you are neither,
I really don't give a damn.

laughing again
Tuesday, October 28, 2008
11:32 PM
My cousin sent me something over the email and I ended up cracking up like siao lor. Dunno why like highing like that ._.
OK here goes :D
P.S. If you can't see Chinese characters you won't be able to see lor! D: Cannot appreciate the erm, humour. Ditto if you dunno Chinese.

Funny - 小学生造句

1.题目: 原来
小朋友写: 原来他是我爸爸。
老师评语: 妈妈关切一下

2.题目: ..一边...........一边............ ..
小朋友写: 他一边脱衣服 ,一边穿裤子.
老师评语: 他到底要脱还是要穿啊~~

3.题目: 其中
小朋友写: 我的其中一只左脚受伤了。
老师评语: 你是蜈蚣?~~

4.题目: ... ....
小朋友写: 一只娃娃就要一百块。
老师评语: 老师笑到不行..

5.題目: 你看
小朋友写: 你看什么看! 没看过啊

6. 照样造句
例题: (唱歌) (跳舞)
小朋友写: (好吗 ) (很好)
老师评语: 你在写英文翻译吗??

例题: 别人都夸我( ),其实我( )
小朋友写: 别人都夸我( 很帅 ),其实我( 是戴面具的)
老师评语: 什么面具这么好用???

8.题目: ... 又好..
小朋友写: 妈妈的腿,好细又好粗...
老师评语: 那到底是细还是粗?

9.题目: 陆陆续续
小朋友写: 下班了,爸爸陆陆续续的回来。
老师评语: 你到底有几个爸爸呀?

10.题目: 皮开肉绽
小朋友写: 停电的夜晚,到处很黑,我吓得皮开肉绽!
老师评语: 看到这句... 老师佩服你。

11.题目: 欣欣向荣-比喻生长美好的样子。
小朋友写: 我的弟弟长得欣欣向荣。
老师评语: 孩子,你弟弟是植物人吗...
小朋友写: 欣欣向荣荣告白。
老师评语: 连续剧不要看太多~~

12. 题目: 谢谢....因为......
小朋友写: 我要谢谢妈妈,因为她每天都帮我写作业......
老师评语: 原来你的作业是妈妈写的!!!!!!!

13.题目: 难过
小朋友写: 我家门前有条水沟很难过。
老师评语: 老师更难过......

14. 题目: 天才
小朋友写: 我3天才洗一次澡。
老师评语: 要每天洗才干净~~

15.題目: 便
小朋友写: 我一走出门,对面就是便利商店。
小朋友写: 哥哥一吃完饭,就大便。
老师评语: 造句不要乱造...

16.題目: ..........
小朋友寫: 我的妈妈又矮又高又瘦又肥。


18 瓜分

19 好吃

20 况且

I don't care if you don't laugh D:
Isn't that contradictory? As in the sentence and the emoticon.
Anyway, after I read this thing I began laughing at Ariel's lame jokes.
Ahem. This is not necessarily a good thing.

cracking me up lor
9:18 PM
thepartypredicament says:
the geyland thingy is from the website.
翱翔 | 第三辩论员的论点? says:
because the residents are unhappy with the arrangement!
« God Put A Smile Upon Your Face » says:
gay land?
« God Put A Smile Upon Your Face » says:
翱翔 | 第三辩论员的论点? says:
« God Put A Smile Upon Your Face » says:
why is gay land involved
thepartypredicament says:
about open soliticiting.
翱翔 | 第三辩论员的论点? says:
翱翔 | 第三辩论员的论点? says:
« God Put A Smile Upon Your Face » says:
oh geylang lol
翱翔 | 第三辩论员的论点? says:
« God Put A Smile Upon Your Face » says:
翱翔 | 第三辩论员的论点? says:
翱翔 | 第三辩论员的论点? says:
thepartypredicament says:
翱翔 | 第三辩论员的论点? says:
翱翔 | 第三辩论员的论点? says:
翱翔 | 第三辩论员的论点? says:
翱翔 | 第三辩论员的论点? says:
翱翔 | 第三辩论员的论点? says:
翱翔 | 第三辩论员的论点? says:
thepartypredicament says:
thepartypredicament says:
thepartypredicament says:
翱翔 | 第三辩论员的论点? says:
thepartypredicament says:
eh no
翱翔 | 第三辩论员的论点? says:
thepartypredicament says:
翱翔 | 第三辩论员的论点? says:

We were talking about Geyland Gaylang Geylang because of the Debate.
Please do not misunderstand.

etsy's house today
Monday, October 27, 2008
9:11 PM
I woke at nine plus and slacked until 12 noon. I then bathed and left the house at 12.30p.m. with my father :)
Blah the trip and me getting lost.
Erm, it was OK lor. YYX played a lot of Jay Chou -.- Ariel brought her Doraemon soft toy ._. and LQ did not wear a purple polka-dotted dress with lots of Doraemon on it.
At the start of the debate, YYX, Ariel and me bounced on Etsy's brother's bed. Causing the thingy thing under it to crack D:
OMG like seriously crack lor! YYX was in the middle and it broke lor.
Etsuko was like damn pissed with us D:
Ariel and me were accused of distracting everyone, which is inherently untrue 'cos we were really doing work lor!
I bought a book today! :D
Tomorrow I'm watching a play musical.

bipolar post
Sunday, October 26, 2008
9:30 PM
Viver is crawling around a lot can.
OK put her back in her cage first.
Done! :D
Alright Etsy has explained everything on my tagboard.
No matter what I still feel damn sian can!
Imagine an entire day without doing anything worthwhile!
Even retail therapy cannot cheer me up ._.
So sian.
Currently in a convo with Ariel and LQ trying to sort this mess.
Etsy called.
I can go tomorrow.
Why is HSM2 playing in the background?!

4:20 PM
Today Ariel came to my house leh! (after a round of vigorous persuading on both our parts to her mother!)
Actually first at like 9, she went to the library near my house and found it not yet open -.- so I had to go to the library (her father who brought her to the library in the first place drove off mah!) to bring her to my house. She seemed fascinated hor, and walked around the living room -.- staring at the gigantic TV/desktop. And then somemore ego and wanted to see her blog elongated on the 32-inch screen. And then laughed hysterically. -.-
After half an hour we watched Doraemon. Ariel insisted lor. I went to a Dorayaki recipe page and found out that the Dorayaki cut into slices looked like a local food.

A bit like lah. Then I recalled that my parents had been eating it the night before lor! So I excitedly asked my family members where the remaining pieces were.
My mother replied, "Oh. In my stomach."
I did a big nose face thing. And then I explained how Ariel liked Doraemon who liked Dorayaki which looked like the kueh in question. Ahem.
My mother went out to buy (also to bring my brother to his tuition).
Meanwhile we watched Doraemon. OK, I said that already right? The episode I noticed more was about Nobita wanting a pet and Doraemon (floating as usual lor) giving him this red vacuum cleaner as a pet lor! So siao! -.-
(Right now Ariel is hysterically brandishing her electronic dictionary (with a Doraemon name sticker on top to boot lor!) at me while laughing/shouting.)
OK the next episode (squeezed into the 30-minute telecast) was about roller skates or ice skates or something.
OK I shall skip that part.
Then we went to the erm, library. Yep. The last time she went to the same library was like, 6 years ago (apparently lor). When she was 6.
So we did the posters until 12 noon, then we lunched at Macs.
Ariel bought this McWings set which we were supposed to share but didn't 'cos I don't like McWings D:. I paid my half anyway and then bought a McChicken burger and put lots of chilli sauce on it.
Oh die.
I forgot I left my burger in Ariel's takeaway-bag. And she like left already lor!
Ah never mind (later I'm gonna eat crab! Teehee!).
Hem, then we left to go Comics Connection (to look/buy Doraemon stuff). Ariel bought this phonechain thingy lor, with Doraemons on it. However, Ariel was still not satisfied and so we went to Action City where there was an entire shelf of Doraemon stuff lor! Luckily ._. all pretty ex so I suggested we go to Minitoons.
Aha. Ariel spotted some giant Doraemon soft toeys toys. But also too ex so in the end she bought like, correction tape or something? Doraemon stationery -.-.
Then I had to go NTUC to buy milkshake stuff (I like milkshake lor! :D):
1. Vanilla ice-cream
2. Ice-cream scoop
3. TEENS magazine (OK fine, not used in making milkshakes -.- but erm, I like Jonas Brothers mah :D)
4. Ribena pastilles (Ariel's, not mine -.-)
Until we reached home at like 1.30 p.m. or something lah.
I made milkshake using the blender! And it was nice lor, according to Ariel at least. She got 2 cups can.
Sometime afterward I asked Ariel to tell Etsuko or someone that I wanted to join tomorrow's debate discussion.
OK I moved to the aircon room to continue postering. But the laptop couldn't work as in no internet connection. Ahem.
'Cos it was too far away from the adapter and then the adapter was connected to several thingys I couldn't move. Lalala. So we just did the posters (v. boring hor, keep doing posters)
Never mind.
Sometime in the middle of postering Ariel received the reply to the earlier message she sent Etsuko. Apparently, majority of the team was not in favour of me joining 'em.
Just while I was feeling sad/wondering why, another SMS arrived. The reason for the team not in favour of me joining them was because (quoted from SMS) (except the bold)
we hv enuf ppl 4 e discussion,plus she'll distract us cus shes nt serious n we rily nid 2 do proper work tmr
1. 'Two heads are better than one'. Following this logic, 'Six heads are better than five'.
2. Why are you assuming I'm not serious? I can be serious during serious discussions ok. Not to mention I can help with research (ask Ariel, I helped with the debate about the Mother Tongue To Be Compulsory/Optional debate)

I was damn sad and pissed lah. Everyone just assumes I won't be serious. Why? I know I joke, I laugh but that doesn't mean I won't be serious, does it?
-feels v. sad-
OMG I just think of tomorrow (not doing anything worthwhile) and I feel sian already.
Why are all my friends involved in the debate?
Man. This just sucks.

Saturday, October 25, 2008
8:13 PM
The launching of okto completely disneyfied me can.
I discovered that I anticipated the debut of iCarly and Hannah Montana (weird hor) on okto leh. And somemore I enjoyed watching the shows leh.
Not to mention I want to watch HSM3!
Hmm. I don't think I'll be watching it anytime soon lor! (ahem)
Anyway today after my brother's tuition my brother wanted to buy this Bakugan Battle Brawlers thing he seems to like so much.
Ahem. We went Kiddy Palace to find 'em and we eh, did. I spotted some Barbie dolls.
And it was this hair thing lor! Like packaged with the doll was either a curler or a colour-er or waver or something! Guess what -
I wanted to buy lor!
Me! 12! Still want to buy Barbie doll.
My mum gave me a ._. face.
I replied with a :3 face.
She then relented. But then the hair Barbie was like, $40 and I obviously did not want to splash 40 bucks on a piece of plastic (albeit with hair and fake eyes and cloth on her), and several working pieces of plastic (the hair curlers/colour-ers/wavers).
Once I saw the price I did a o.o face.
My mother then suggested (after a lot of walking around) that she'd just buy me a make-up kit. This reminded me of a certain classmate who had a Cleo make-up kit that she kept under her bed (not sure about this).
So I agreed. We paid for the Bakugan thingy and left.
For Robinson's.
I wondered why we were going to Robinson's, aloud. My mother replied she was gonna take me to buy make-up.
Really the real make-up ah?
:O was my expression.
Let me tell you, I was so embarrassed lor! The salespeople were like, fully made-up lor and somemore look so young. Then my mother strut (okie maybe not lah!) around asking questions.
Finally we bought a lipgloss. A nuder shade. Like, not so pink. Then the salegirl gave us a sample thingy.
Then we left! :D
OK that's lame hor.
Tomorrow Ariel is most possibly gonna come to my house.
Yayness! :D

yesterday's dabate! [sic]
Friday, October 24, 2008
4:55 PM
We won leh! Like, we got the highest amount of points!
I'm at Ariel's house now! :D We're doing the Entrepreneurial Bazaar posters together. Our shop's name is The Mama Shop. Ahem. Our form teacher chose the name, so that's not our fault hor!
Anyway, yes, the debate.
So we were all hyped (at least I was!) and excitedly prowled the corridors outside of 6K (including me stealing Ariel's spectacles and stuffing them into her pencilcase 'cos she was mean! YYX was too lor! And she's supposed to be this model student can! D:). Then after a while (that means the stealing of the pair of 575-degree spectacles, ahem! Ariel was frantically walking around (in circles hor) trying to find her spectacles.) we went in.
Blah the DSA.
Blah going back to 6J.
Blah returning to 6K, the venue of the debate.
OK so the first up was 6L against 6K. 6L had YJ ok, and she's like, damn pro lor. But 6K's speakers were all school debaters can! :D The motion was something like erm, THBT English should be taught by native speakers. Ah.
Eh wait Ariel needs to edit her post. 'Cos of a grammatical error. She put 'had' instead of 'had had'. Frankly hor. I don't see the difference leh. (I know my grammar sucks lah.)
Hence the excessive Singlish.
OK she's done. Ahem.
(She say I cannot type that lor. Otherwise she won't gimme a Strepsil lor.)
6L's first speaker was *Boy One and he did pretty well at the start. When someone from the Opposition offered a POI, he didn't handle it well. Read: He generally paused for an eternity (in debate context I mean) until my hair turned into a toe (and turned back into hair, this cycle repeated thrice.) He concluded his speech very very fastly.
The second speaker YJ was like, damn excellent.
The third speaker *Boy Two was good at the start but when someone from the opposition POIed him he started stuttering and flipped through his many notes. One memorable quote from him ('cos the Opposition had POIed that the word 'papaya' was in an English dictionary, and it was originally a Malay word):
"Is the word 'papaya' used in Great Britain? I'm not (very) sure."
Anyhow, he messed it up fine. Then he started (of all things lor!) tearing silently, much to his teammates' horror. I was also a bit erm, shocked lah. 'Cos it was in the middle of the debate leh! How can anyhow want cry then cry one?
I typoed just now: dabate.
Oh yes, after Boy Two's speech, Mr. Tan had to answer nature's call. As in go to the toilet. So he left for the toilet. Mrs. Tay, the other adjudicator, told everybody not to make too much noise (I think so) and that discussion was not allowed, because it was not the two-minute conference.
As usual, most of the audience heck-cared her and continued discussing who they thought would win the debate. However, 6L's team was horribly untoey. The reserve, She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, decided to heck-care the debate rules and proceeded to walk over to where the four speakers of the team were, and began talking to the several members of the team, with the exception of the third speaker, who was so distraught that he could not stop crying. I dunno if they were discussing or what lah, but duh-uh, they cheated lor. Even the blind can see lor! Maybe not hor.
I was suitably appalled and pointed this out to Ariel, who immediately started ranting. (I completely regret telling her lor! And no, Ariel, I don't care about the past tense. Plus what is that weird spaghetti song playing ah?)
Ariel says that since they cheated, they should've been disqualified.
They were not.
They won leh.
Why! They shouldn't have won mah, should've been disqualified lor! 6K should've won by default. Well, I know K's definition was like, weird, but L's was as well. I couldn't really understand either. L was the proposition, so erm, they should like, I dunno, set the definition. The entire debate, by the way, was about the definition. All the speakers, even the third speakers, included the definitional challenge in their speeches in a frantic bid to win the challenge. What for?
Adapted from Sylvia's ex-personal message:
Won the battle but lost the war.
the reply speaker *Plippy did a wonderful job and salvaged the situation.
By the way * means that erm, all names are made up.
Our dabate, meaning 6J against 6M, was a freaking close fight lah. J won, as aforementioned.
I like using 'aforementioned'.
Bye (I really got to go liaoh hor, way overshot le.)


very unhappy now
Thursday, October 23, 2008
7:11 PM
Why is life so unfair.
I feel like a puppet.
I thought my GIMP was fine, only to find it's screwed like hell. Less screwed than I thought but effing screwed all the same.
It's been a while since I used effing in my posts. That alone should demonstrate how effing frustrated I am. Post-PSLE is damn overrated can.
I need to spill my feelings out before I burst. But spilling it all out like here is effing useless 'cos no one with the exception of several people will know about it anyways.
But I'm so pathetic I only have my idiotic blog as a platform for anything so let's forget it and I must now write type down my bottled up feelings.
Firstly I'm fed up with my laptop. What is the effing use of one when it brings you less joy and more frustration. Granted, I still can surf the net (otherwise I might just die can) but obviously I've more things to do than just to surf the stupid net right. I need to skin. The keyword here is need. I get damn fed up when I see Ariel's skins. Not anyone else's. Just Ariel's. Why leh, you ask.
Let me tell you why. As her friend, I'm obliged to see her skins (effing too many frankly)
and I get damn angry when I see all those good comments. 'Cos I think I'm better! But my GIMP is effed up! And somemore my wound keep getting salt rubbed innit 'cos Ariel keeps subbing (not to mention, mentioning her GIMP-working-! in our convos).
Ya a bit shallow right?
Second -
ah nevermind.
Forget it. I not angry anymore.

hello i am back
5:45 PM
Hi I'm back! Did you people miss me? -eagerly hops around-
Ey I'm very happy leh! 'Cos erm, a few days ago, my father erm, like, confiscated my laptop lor! Apparently I used it too much.
So now I got it back and so I'm very happy lor!
Actually it's for this Young Historian-Geologist thingy lah. I'm very interested you know! Really leh! It's really interesting lor! :D
I am not being sarcastic!
(Alright I realize this post until now is pretty lame so I shall continue with what I was planning to post about)
Ey wait what was it ah?
Oh yes.
Today we went to East/West Coast Park. I was actually not very excited, not like for the movie or the Discovery Centre trip 'cos like, it was -cum CIP. And you know, CIP is Community Involvement Programme and I sorta assumed we had to pick litter.
We didn't have to lor.
We reached East/West Coast Park at about 9.10 in the morning. The surfaces exposed to the sky were mostly wet, due to a fresh occurrence of rain (or at least quite recent). And there was a lightning risk alert so we had to proceed to the McDonald's for breakfast.
It was planned to be lunch lor! Ahh, and the queues were like damn long can. I had 5 minutes to eat till 9.30, which was the time we were supposed to gather but like, people were still eating so it was pretty much flexible.
Afterward we were allowed to roam the great fields of East/West Coast Park. Etsy, YYX, YS, Ariel and me decided to go Flying Fox!
Tee hee.
I was easily the best of the 5 lor! (Actually, only Etsy and Ariel and me dared to go on leh... And 1. Etsy was v. awkward 2. and Ariel was v. v. awkward)
So yes. -cough-
I was seamless lor! I really really want to go again leh. :D
Seamless = quickly and easily jump + hold on to rope-like-thingy, quickly 'fly' over to other side and easily get down also.
Very good hor? :D
Ah I'm boring now.
Give up le.

i thought
Friday, October 17, 2008
4:01 PM
I thought life would be blissful (2 months of slacking and computering? Hello?) after the PSLE but I find it absolutely boring.
I mean, on school days it's fine lah but the marking days are utterly horrid. Like now.
Besides being bored/board and having a headache (which is highly achey) I've to endure the intensely idiotic incidents (alliteration - woots?) in my life such as:
1. No mood to write story 'cos of stupid headache
2. No chance to skin 'cos GIMP is, whatever I had thought in the optimistic morning, screwed
3. No inspiration to write Mesmerized
I'm beginning to think I need to MSN more but shockingly no one except a certain few are online, and well, I'm not exactly a social butterfly so it's very difficult to sustain an interesting conversation. Most others, unlike me, have stuff to do. I can't even read something new and light-hearted 'cos I've no new books. And despite my repeated pleas my father refuses to get movies for me.
Let us move on to my mediocre life.
10 facts you need to know (so we can lament over my poor fate together):
1. I eat watermelon pieces approximately 18 times in my entire life consisting of 12 years (which means I don't even eat 2 slices of watermelon a year!)
2. I have watched less than 10 movies in my entire life
3. My mother thinks my blog is suckier than several of my friends (you might argue that facts are facts but hello, I don't need to be constantly reminded of that sad sad fact.)
4. I'm plagued by a headache (and that is enough to gain sympathy! A horrible achey feeling - in your head somemore!)
5. Viver bochap-ed me today! -cry-
6. Sushi is looking very old D:
7. I don't have chocolate in my house save for Kinder Bueno and even though that's nice chocolate it's not enough to cure my headache (plus it's not even a whole chunk of rich chocolate lor, it's infused with hazelnut!)
9. I need milkshakes -quiver with erm, pent-up craving. That sounds .... weird- Mcdonald also can.
10. XX hasn't blogged yet!
See? Do you feel sympathy already?

a quizzilato
11:23 AM
Quizzilato sounds like something from an Italian cafe hor? (My SPACE bar is so screwed).
I'm doing a quiz, poached from Niko's blog :D Ting Ting said it might help my headache. Frankly I disagree but since no one is reading my blog except a few people, I heck-care lah.
Anyway, my GIMP doesn't work anymore. It's screwed like my SPACE bar. There's only the toolbox can, and no document. Ah whatever. Stuff happens.
Name Someone...

1. whose hair you like: Niko
2. younger than you: Travis (my brother)
3. in your class: Etsy
4. that is your best/close friend: Ariel
5. that is older than you: YYX
6. that lives close to you: YP (relatively near lah)
7. with curly hair: My grandmother -cough-
8. that lives far away from you: Xuan ('cos Niko lives far away from YP who lives close to me and Xuan lives close to Niko!)
9. you love: Myself -laughs-
10. you dislike: XXX (copy Niko's name, but the person in question isn't the same as Niko's)

How old is #3 [Etsy]?
12 ._.

Are #1 [Niko] and #9 [Me] good friends?
Suppose so :O

Does #2 [Travis] have any pets?
He has 11 hamsters at his house, also known as my house.

Why do you love #4 [Ariel]?
'Cos she's lame like me. Duh.

Does #5 [YYX] hate #4 [Ariel]?
Doubt so.

What's #6's [YP] weakness?
I dunno lah. We're not close (ewww?).

Where does #10 [XXX] go to school?

Who do you talk more to, #2 [Travis] or #8 [Xuan]?
My brother infinitely -.-

In how many years does #7 [My grandmother] turn 21?
HAHAHAHA. Even worse than Niko's dad lor! Negative 50 like that!

What's #5's [YYX] favourite band?
Does she even listen to anything other than Jay Chou?
Doubt it. (Nothing lor)

Would you ever have sex with #1 [Niko]?
I'm not like that even if she is lor! (Which I don't think she is)
Definitely not.

How far does #3 [Etsy] live from you?
Hmm like half an hour (MRT).

Do you hang out with #8 [Xuan] a lot?
Not really.

Who is crazier, #6 [YP] or #9 [Me]?
Me lor!

How long have you known #4 [Ariel]?
2 years since P5!

Does #2 [Travis] like #10 [XXX]?
They don't know each other lah. Maybe heard of.

How old is #1 [Niko]?

What's your favourite thing about #8 [Xuan] ?
She's ... nice? ._.

Have #4 [YYX] and #5 [Ariel] made out?

Is #9 [Myself] related to you?
We're as related as it is deemed possible, for we are the same. (Some cheem sounding thing)

What would you change about #10 [XXX]?
Her personality.

What colour of hair does #4 [Ariel] have?
Black I think.

Is #1 [Niko] immature?
No way! :O

What's your relationship with #6 [YP]?
In same class prolly 2-3 years in a row but any relationship thankfully gonecase.

Is #8 [Xuan] still in school?

Where does #7 [My grandmother] live?
Siao. My house lor.

Does #9 [Myself] have any siblings?
Yes. 2.

What sports does #5 [Ariel] play?
Ariel and sports in the same sentence? Are you kidding me?

Have you ever held hands with #1 [Niko]?
Don't think so (!).

What kind of eyes does #4 [YYX] have?
Brown? I dunno. I've never actually scrutinized.

Have #6 [YP] and #8 [Xuan] ever dated?
Someone, tell me noooooooo.

Have you ever seen #5 [Ariel] cry?

Do you have any classes with #10 [XXX]?
Last time got.

Does #5 [Ariel] drink alcohol?
Lots of green tea.

When is #6's [YP] birthday?
Don't know, don't care. (So mean hor me!)

today will be a better day
10:26 AM
I can just feel it in my bones! :D
And -drumroll-
Now, I can skin. Lots and lots.
Here's what I'm gonna do today (teehee):
1. Finish my song Mesmerized
2. Finish Chapters 3, 4 and 5
3. Skin!
-evil laughter-
(But I wish someone good could blog D: like Niko or XX or someone!)


Thursday, October 16, 2008
11:04 AM
We don’t have time left to regret (hold on)
It will take more than common sense (hold on)
So stop your wondering take a stand (hold on)
There's more to life than just to live (hold on)

'cause an empty room can be so loud
It's too many tears to drown them out
So hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on

One single smile a helping hand
It's not that hard to be a friend
So don’t give up stand 'til the end
There's more to life than just to live

'cause an empty room can be so loud
It's too many tears to drown them out
So hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on

When you love someone
And they break your heart
don’t give up on love
Have faith, restart
Just hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on

When it falls apart
And your feeling lost
All your hope is gone
don’t forget to hold on, hold on

'cause an empty room can be so loud
It's too many tears to drown them out
So hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on

When you love someone
And they break your heart
don’t give up on love
Have faith, restart
Just hold on, hold on

'cause an empty room can be so loud
It's too many tears to drown them out
So hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on

When you love someone
And they break your heart
don’t give up on love
Have faith, restart
Just hold on, ho
ld on, hold on, hold on.

To Niko and Zhi Xin
From NosyParker