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11. New camera ;D
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a blog-worthy day
Saturday, November 29, 2008
4:08 PM
As usual ._. I woke up reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeallly late, haha.
Bleah. Anyway, my mother was considering whether to go Din Tai Fung or Sakura (a buffet restaurant) for Lunch.
In the end, we went Sakura 'cos my brother wanted to try it. Cabbed there, and waited for a longggggggggg while, 'cos we were early.
I read a library book (not Nancy Drew or Famous Five or The Pet Finders Club, haha!) while waiting.
Then, ladeeda, went in at around 12. Sat on a chair reading my book for while before my mother reminded me to eat -_- So I did! :D
First I took two of these erm, prawn-sushis and a bit of Cha Soba.
I ate slowly, because my front teeth hurt when I bit.
Hmph D: Then I sort of... dazed? ._. I've no idea, actually, to be honest. Mostly reading and slowly eating and wandering around. The Chawanmushi was quite nice.
Afterward I'd ice-cream. Walao, it was fabulous lor, there were like 20 flavours to choose from OK! :D
I'd two servings; each serving with two scoops. First was Blueberry Ripple and Mango (the Blueberry Ripple was nice, but the Mango was too tangy for my taste ._.). Then I'd Blueberry Ripple and Chocolate Chip :DD
After eating :D cabbed home.
Me and my brother decided to go the library, soon after we reached home.
This is the fun/weird (depends on how you see it O.O) part. My brother forgot to bring along his ez-link card, which he had to bring along to borrow books. My domestic helper shouted from the 8th floor (where we lived), "Travis! Your MRT card!"
I'd thought she wanted us to go back up to take the card but instead, she shouted, "I throw down!"
Without another word of warning, we spotted a badge-thingy flying down.

Like this, only blue and with some weird Ultraman thingy on it.
Also much uglier.
We stood there, agape, and waited for the badge-thingy to fall beside us;
which actually,

Did Not Happen



Methods we tried included throwing my library books onto the badge-thingy, standing on the stacked books and trying to prod the badge-thingy with a stick.
As in, seriously.
After 5 minutes of attempting to get the badge-thingy down, a Malay woman with her son came by. The woman spoke to Malay and gesticulated, but I didn't know what she was talking about.
Soon after though, my domestic helper came down and understood what the woman was talking about.
To my shock/horror/surprise, SHE WENT AND TOOK A FREAKING LAUNDRY POLE FROM THIS RANDOM HOUSE (on the first floor) CAN!
But the laundry pole in question was actually even outside the corridor lor.
But anyway, it worked, yey.
OK bye.
OK lah suckkkkaaaaaaaaaaaye post, bleah. I'm watching this show that's freaking hilarious.

kyuteness and adorability
Friday, November 28, 2008
11:37 AM
Hello! :D
OK now for the hamster pictures, yey! I'm as hyper as you allegedly are! :D
Haha, but eh, I couldn't take pictures (that don't feature hamster butts -_- or worse still, moving hamster butts ._.) of some hamsters 'cos they are camera-shy/hyper-active D:
I've got lots of pictures of Hammie, Miso/Romeo (actually more of Miso, because Romeo keeps sleeping ._.), and Sushi's babies (feat. some of Sushi's). I've got some of Viver and a semi-blurry one of Mochi D:, and then erm, some of Chawan but I only got a picture of Latte and Mocha (none of Cafe D:).
But then again, I'll try to get them to pose properly next time, hehe.
OK enough of words, it's PICCIE-TEIM (omgwtfbbq :O)!


OK this isn't technically a hamster picture (at all).
But don't you just love my tee? :D

OK fine maybe not ._.
Ladeeda next! (Hehe aren't you angry with me for posting damn boliao pictures?)


Ohmygawd adorable or not! :D Hehehehe.
That's my laptop, by the way. Viver lieks it.
Next -drumroll-!


I leave you to decide upon this-hamster's adorability.
For the record, I dunno which hamster this is now D:
But ah - I'm keeping them all except for one (or mebbe two, depends lor).

Anyway: Damn kyute!


This is Sushi :D Still so freaking adorable.

And this is she again, the epitome of hamster -_- ness :D
One (or two) of her babies are trying to get her milk ._.

Sleepy and tired.

Sushi and one of her pups (staring into space while she sleeps -.-)

A few days ago, the babies were still huddled together in a corner (because Sushi was having her self-proclaimed off-day, see above picture), sleeping soundly in a bed of cotton wool. Sunflower seeds stuck to the cotton wool. So did alfalfa.

Still sleeping a day later. (Not that they slept for more than 24 hours lah!)
But look! :D They're more or less independent now! Hurray! (wtfbbq I've no idea why I'm sounding like this lor! -_-)

I told you they were independent! :D
Look, widdle baby walking :D So adorable somemore.

Ooooh so kyute right hehe! :D

Miso and Romeo :D

I disturbed them so Romeo glared at me D: but Miso like heck-care me like that -_-

Wahaha so funny lor! They were playing Follow My Leader, teehee :D

Romeo - eating. Miso - looking at me 'cos I'm such a nice soul :D -cough cough- Ego, sorry.

I opened the cage and they both tried to climb out D:
But look~ They're so kyute! :D Hehe.

Hammie :D

Hehe, eating (that's why he's so fat -_-)

Ooh so adorable lor! :D :D

Look like sausage or not! :D

Hmph! He glare at me like that for what? D:
Is it because I called him sausage? ._.

Then show me kyute face ._.
:D So adorable!

Chawan :D

One word: Kyute. (Even though he's the oldest of them all!)
He takes after me. Enough said.

Latte and Mocha :D

Latte! :D Peering at me.

Mocha! :D Peering at food.
:D So adorable lor.

Hamleto :D

Ohmygawd see, he's peering out the window! :D

So kyuteeeeeeeee.

Viver and Mochi :D

Washing her face with her dainty paws :D

O.O Dunno what she's doing, heh.

Mochi wandering off, hee! :D


Baby on the wheel.

"i can't sleep 'cos it hurts so bad"
Thursday, November 27, 2008
11:47 PM
This is a matter of utmost importance
I take back what I said about braces-merely-being-uncomfortable.
This is my verdict as of now:

After that previous post -snort- my teeth starting hurting a bit - 'cos that's like, my teeth were pulled D: by the wires-bracelets and whatnot. It didn't hurt when Dr. Toe (alias for my orthodontist, for all confused people) actually put the braces on. It hurt afterward, and guess what - it hurt lots D:
Did I mention that already?
The worst part was brushing my teeth. Not all the teeth caused (?) pain when brushed, but the moving teeth (scattered around my mouth, I'm not gonna take a photograph and show you which teeth hor -_-).
My front teeth were like going to fall out like that, and goodness knows I've a phobia of falling-teeth. Seriously.
OK I'm gonna be weird for a sentence:
Hurz liek shyt
Erm. OK more on the brushing part. But some parts are really gross OK don't blame me lah! D: Scroll down if you're touchy-feely (walao I don't know what term this is OK so anyhowly put one there) 'cos there'll be mention of food-stuck-in-braces? ._.
I first rinsed my mouth. When I spat/pui the water out some foody-kind-of debris were spitted out as well. Plus some random thing Dr. Toe put in to 'ensure bite', only my bite still sucks and I can't eat a sandwich D:
Ohmygawd I feel like my grandmother lor, only my grandmother has nice teeth and has no problem eating sandwiches. OK fine, his grandmother. ('his' refers to someone ambiguous, no offense hor D:)
And then lalala started to brush my teeth and I now effing regret it. -feels dead-
Seriously it's damn painful I can't sleep lor!
And no lor I'm not even being kua1 zhang1 (exaggerating-ish) yet lor!
OK, I gotta go sleep now (mebbe just read a book lor) even though it hurts so bad D: I'm kept awake. My parents say so, pfft.
And yeyness, watch this space (the space above or below, mebbe :D) for a toey post tomorrow!
Wanna know what it is or not!
I'm gonna post pictures of my hamsters lah! A bit blurry 'cos with handphone D: but still you know you can't resist their kyuteness and adorability!
Yey for Fiona's hamsters! and Fiona of course!
Haha I just invented two new words -_- Plus I ego-d. Never mind ._.
OK bye! I'm surprisingly hyper.

braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaceeees :O
1:20 PM
OK I've braces on now can.
Eep :O
Hahaha. It's very difficult to chew leh D: And uncomfortable with all the braces-cheek friction.
Gah. And walao, the rubber thingy is pink lor. Waha Dr. Toe choose one, not me -.-
Woke up super-duper early. At 7+ (OK fine not that early but hmm yeah ._. early for me, can?) hor. Pfft. Domestic helper tickled my toes ._.
So yep, brushed teeth, changed, whatnot, took MRT to Outram Park etc etc.
Yey, reached there early! At 9, and the appointment's at 9.30. Told my grandmother waking at 7+ was too early liaoh lor, she don't believe me lor! Tsk! Should've let me sleep longer what!
Ah anyway, went in! As usual, Dr. Toe prodded around my mouth ._.
Then he stuffed this weird translucent white thingy (?) in my mouth and prodded around somemore -.-
And he also put in this air-tube (fine it was tube that air whooshed out from into my mouth so I anyhowly call it air-tube lah!) in the corner of my mouth for some reason.
After that he said he was going to 'put something sour in'. I didn't quite believe him then, but now I do! D:
He like used this pointy-thing to apply something on the teeth he could see (the rest being blocked from view by aforementioned ugly white thingy). At first I could feel a tingy sensation but then - OMFG IT WAS DAMN SOUR LAH!
Bleah ):
But being wonderful and nice aaaaand -thinks- resilient (._.) I didn't complain! :D
Then he started pulling at my cheeks to put the metal thingies.

Those thingies, yep.
And it was painful D:
'Cos he pulled at my cheeks what! Obviously painful what!
By the way should I change my blog URL or not ah?
-cues something throwing something that looks suspiciously like pieces of fig leaves cloth to cover various anatomy on my head-

Actually I didn't know what he was doing, except it was rather boring (uncomfortable, but yes, boring) and I almost dozed off OK! Except it would have been completely ugly lah!
Then he moved on to my front teeth. Like, I kept wondering if he would force my front teeth out, which is completely freaky D:
Finally, the coloured-bands-insertion. Here's our conversation:
Dr. Toe: What colour you want? Pink?
Me: -shakes head-
Dr. Toe: Blue?
Me: -shakes head- I don't know!
Dr. Toe: OK OK... Pink lah, pink -proceeds to take pink-band-
-_- As you can see, I didn't have much of a choice D:
Doesn't matter though :D I don't care much, heh.
Yey I'm done with this post ._. Haha.
Braces :)

yeyness ;D - mebbe nawt
Wednesday, November 26, 2008
9:22 PM
Yeyness for couple o' reasons before I start talking about tuition today.
1. Etsuko finally changed her blogskin! :D To a toeyer one :D
2. Guaiyiperson got into Campus Superstar Top 12 can! TV!
3. My mum bought me a bracelet! :D
OK. Now for tuition -_-
Hehe some weird-interesting quotes :D
Once, while the teacher was explaining some weird question:
Me: -paper slides off table-
Teacher: -stops talking- -picks paper up-
Me: -grateful smile- -paper slides off again ._.-
Teacher: -mock-glare-
Me: -stifles laughter-
Random guy: -picks paper up-
Me: -grabs paper- -cue expression: ._.-
I must pay more attention in class D:
Ohmygawd! if I don't listen carefully soon I'll epic phail and I haven't even started school yet! -_-
): Cannot spend half the lesson time stoning already! (like I do ._.)

9:09 PM
Guaiyiperson got into Top 12 for Campus Superstar! :D
Etsuko changed her blogskin and there's this weird section OK! O.O (Features Etsuko falling in love with Yitoe and Yitoe's heart being stolen by Ewil Witch Yen Siang - weird or not -_-)
Ariel says:
why do you think I am doing such a lame thing?
Ariel says:
fiona says:
erm, cos you're lame?
翱翔 | 如释重负 says:

i just remembered
4:27 PM
To keep y'all (._.) going!
A snippet of conversation between me and my mother a few days ago (refer to post tgis). We were on the MRT heading home from Kallang -_- and discussing my third-language-options, Japanese or French (I've chosen French, yey :D).
Mother: You know a bit of French liaoh what!
Me: Hmm yeah like Bonjour lor.
Mother: You know how to count to ten in French also what.
Me: Got meh? -looks strangely at her, because I don't-
Mother: Yeah! You learn from that... Barney what!
Me: Barneyyyy? -tries to think if Barney had spoken in French before- Don't have what! -cue expression -_--
Mother: Got what!
Me: ... Oh, you mean DORA THE EXPLORER ah? (see I'm so smart lor! -toss hair- OK fine that doesn't fit ._. but whatever -toss hair again-)
Mother: Yah, yah! DORA THE EXPLORER!
Me: -ponders how purple dinosaurs are related to backpacks- (discovers)
Mother: Oh? Really? I thought she spoke French... She speaks Spanish meh?
Me: -_-
Hehe tuition soon ._.

11:06 AM
Some stuff :)
1. Yesterday before tuition I rushed to the library to get books. Books to entertain me and occupy time so naturally -cough- is those erm, short but interesting books lah D:
Hehe. I rushed to the library in record time can - 3 minutes leh! 'Cos erm, when I say before tuition it's really before tuition. I normally go out at 5 for my tuition at 6. And erm, I left for the library at 4.50 can. I asked my domestic helper (who was still bathing -_-) to meet me outside the library after her bath as well :D
It was raining so it was damn slippery! D: I thought it was only drizzling, and so I rushed across the erm, small field (?). Walao the rain suddenly became heavier lor! D: I ran-slid at one part and almost knocked into this group of girls can!
If I did knock into them I would just Die.
And I saw this old man lor! I was so scared he'd slip and fall lor D: -resists urge to say anything about hospitals-
Anyway, I got to the library in three minutes, rushed up, got four books (-cough-), rushed down, borrowed books and ran out.
Sidenote: MSNing with Yitoe in China now! :D Ohmygawd she's wearing four layers :O
Yey I'm so fast hor :D
When I ran out of the library my domestic helper hadn't even left the house yet -_- (I called)
2. I'd a dream today! :D I slept at one, by the way -_- reading a book -shiftily moves away- OK it was a dream about going to Escape Theme Park. :D
D: I really wanna go there/Wild Wild Wet lor. home = sian
D: Maybe I should like, organise a trip to Wild Wild Wet or Escape Theme Park or to watch a freaking movie also can. Pfft. Better than lazing around at home, having no life to speak of.
OK lah not so emo -_- But it's boring. Hmph.
Ahahaha (-> random ._.)
3. Stupid prata, got curry and sugar lor WTFH -.-
4. Must. Learn. French.
OK lah the basics so when I have my first lesson (hopefully lor :D) I won't stone.
Yey. I know one two three already leh.
Un deux trois
Correct not? D:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008
1:36 PM
Super hyper/excited/angry/worried:
Third Language Troubles
JAPANESE Etsy, Ariel
FRENCH Me ._., Thalia, Ting
But I submitted already lor D: Ah. Two of my good friends taking Japanese leh! :O
Ewil Sister D:
My sister crushed poor darling Mochi with the hamster house D: She pressed the house down on her OK! D: Sad me. Viver and Mochi were like squeaking like hell can ):
Sorry, poor post today. -sigh-

remotely interesting things
11:10 AM
I woke up approximately 30 minutes ago -yawn-
1. I slept at 1 today, and woke up at 10.40 today as well. Therefore I slept approximately 10 hours -_-
2. I had a weird dream about missing my school bus at night. WTFH, I know. And somemore erm, the canteen was a coffeeshop lor! -_- I'm not making any sense hor D:
3. Me and Yvon are having a conversation about hamsters:

(yvon) says:
we bought uhm two for my brother's birthday
(yvon) says:
then two was given to my brother from his art teacher
(yvon) says:
then one of my brother's birthday hamster died
(yvon) says:

and then.. uhm, i think the art teacher's one gave birth
(yvon) says:
then we went on holiday and the hamsters escaped
(yvon) says:
leaving uhm 3 i think
(yvon) says:
then somehow the female in its own cage gave birth? -.-
I find the last sentence very amusing for some reason ._.
OK erm, Ariel is offline again D:
Ewil pwip her D:
I shall skin today 8D

ewil etsy
Monday, November 24, 2008
9:10 PM
001. Has it ever snowed on Christmas?
Not here D:

002. Do you like bright colors?
-cough- Refer to my current skin.

003. What's your favorite animal?
Hamsters and dogs ;D

004. What's your favorite band?
Hm. Dunno, We The Kings : D

005. Have you ever played spin the bottle?
Nope D: I seriously, is v. boring D:

006. If so, who did you end up kissing?
O.O Ew.

007. How many hours do you usually sleep?
:D Around 9 yey!

008. Do you have any piercings?
I pierced my finger yesterday on a stray staple D: But I suppose you don't mean that -_-

009. What kind of printer do you have?
Brother. Whatever that is.

010. Have you ever been so dizzy you fell down?

011. Do you like to go outside or do you prefer to stay inside?
Depends leh.

012. What do you usually do inside?
Blog, play with hamsters, read, slack etc.

013. What do you usually do outside?
Walk :D

014. Who do you usually spend the most time with, besides family?
Friends and hamsters.

015. Do you know what hypochondriac means without looking it up?

016. Do you ever wonder how you're going to die?
When I'm old.

017. How do you think you are going to die?
See above.

018. What color is your shower curtain?
Don't have any.

019. What color is your house?
Eh. Nice.

020. What color is your car or your parent's car?
Don't have either!

021. What is something you've been thinking about a lot today?
About how I want to go out soon and why the braces feel weird and blogging.

022. Do you drink alcohol?

023. What about coffee drinks?
Drank before :D I love! :D

024. Are you addicted to caffeine?
Heh don't think so :D

025. Write something here that may be an inside joke or something someone reading this wouldn't understand.
... Please credit me for any quiz you take, thank you-you.

026. Do you watch Grey's Anatomy?

027. Did you want Yang and Burke to get married?
Eh, forgive me for asking, but who the hell are they?

028. What tv show do you like to watch but don't get to watch often?
Powerpuff Girls -cough cough-

029. Would you like to be on Deal or No Deal?
Doesn't matter to me.

030. Do you think you could win the million dollars?

031. What case would you pick?

032. Have you ever watched the Phantom of the Opera?
Saw the trailer.

033. Do you think Finding Nemo is too popular?
Nemo is kyute and I don't care what you say! :D

034. What flavor of ice cream do you prefer?
Vanilla and green tea and chocolate and strawberry and lotsa else. Definitely no yam D:

035. How do you like your meat?
Tasty! :D

036. What pizza place do you prefer?
Pizza Hut! :D

037. Do you say y'all?
Y'all mightn't know it, but I do!

038. Pick a foreign country.
France -floats off into dreamland-! :D

039. What do you like about that country?
... Eiffel Tower.

040. Have you ever been there?
No leh D:

041. Do you wear sunglasses a lot?

042. Did you know that Halloween is actually a religious holiday?

042. Is your family religious and not celebrate Halloween because they think it is "evil"?
O.O Erm we don't really celebrate it though.

043. Do you own any dresses?

044. Would you eat a bug for $1,000,000?
Cooked, mebbe.

045. Is anything bothering you right now?
Not really, serious! :D

046. When's the last time you hung out with your #1?
Oh.-thinks- My family, today :D

047. Where was your default picture taken?
In front of KK Hospital, Ward 15.

048. Where did you get your layout on xanga?

049. What can you hear?
My irritating brother behind me and the TV advertising Panadol -_-

050. What can you smell?
My instant noodles ;D

051. What emotion are you feeling right now?

052. Are you a boy or a girl?
Definitely alien. Pfft.

053. iPod or MP3?

053. Have any good jokes?

054. Got a favorite comedian?
My brother's ugly specatacles crack me up.

055. How many xangas do you have?
What is the deal about Xanga?

056. Is anyone in the same room as you?

057. Where are you at?
Living room.

058. What's in your closet besides clothes?
Hangers and towels (?) I suppose.

059. Find the closest book and turn to page 48.
The closest book hasn't got a page 48 O.O It's my brother's hor.

060. Close the book and open it up again to a random page. What's the first word you see?

061. Favorite season?

062. What boy's name do you love?
None D:

063. Girl's name?
Aha, Fiona? :D Omygawd I'm so ego can :D

064. What colors are you wearing right now?
White-and-pink Adidas tee and blue -_- shorts :D

065. What food would you like to be eating right now?
-salivates- I'm even hungrier like that lor! :D

066. Any compliments today?
Yes, from the orthodontist. Ahem.

067. What would you do if a random person came up to you and told you they liked your pants?
How do you raise your eyes? ._. Erm, ignore them lor.

068. Are you happy right now?
Yeah. Kinda.

069. Have you ever egged someone's house?
No D:

070. Toilet papered it?
See above.

071. Ever gone camping?
Yeah! :D

072. It takes six to eight hours for food to pass from your stomach to your small intestine. What's in your tummy right now?
Erm? McSpicy :D

073. Any allergies?
No :D

074. The last time you got flowers was when?
Never D:

075. Do you just randomly quote lyrics out of the blue?

5 people who tio saboed :D
Ariel (she'll definitely not do this quiz one lor!)
Szeling (:P)
Whoever wanna do this lorszvxc.

2:11 PM
Wait ah wait ah is the date correct ah?
OK lor I don't care lah ._.
Today was make-up dental appointment yey :D
The orthodontist put in back braces :O
At about 8, my brother put various hamsters on my pillow -_- in an attempt to wake me up. This did not work because I poked him and told him to put them back, and promptly rolled over to sleep again -_-
Anyway soon, I woke up ._. because I didn't want to miss my appointment and kena scolded D:
._. Blah the erm, brushing teeth and all.
Yey left the house, took MRT to Outram Park (something like that lah ._.) and lala.
Registered at the counter at 9.59 lor, and the appointment was at 10! :D
But turned out my orthodontist wasn't at that clinic, but at the fourth-floor-clinic. Apparently it's for erm, jaw deformities and stuff :O I was terribly freaked -.- lor. OMYGAWD I HAVE JAW DEFORMITY MEH HOW COME I DUNNO ONE DE? Turned out :D It was just erm, make-up what.
As usual, I waited for more than half and hour. Luckily I brought 3 books, heh :D
At about .... 10.40? I went in. Heh. Talked a bit, and then Dr. Toe (fake name hor) proceeded to take out the rubber separators, or so I think, because I can't exactly see what's happening in my mouth, can I? D:
As usual he called me dear and said I was very good :D I like the latter.
Sidenote: Mocha is sniffing my newly-borrowed library book O.O
Then he started putting in the back braces. As in not the braces for your spine-back, but erm, the braces for your teeth to be put at the back.
OK never mind ._.
Anyway, he did, sorta. It took around 20 minutes only lor! :O I kept wondering if my teeth would be forced out can, he kept pushing against them really hard D: And he kept putting this metal stick-like-object in my mouth and asked me to bite on it O.O
There was something that was really sour D: Tasted bleah D:
After the appointment we went out. I went to the toilet and then we were off.
Sidenote: Me and Thalia are having a most amusing conversation. I'm translating French phrases and they end up horribly off -_- J'ador manger la peche = not You Like Mango And Peaches.
Anyway afterward we MRTed back home :/
My grandmother decided to go to the food court, but I'd no appetite. Probably because of the fact that there are several metallic pieces attached to my teeth. But she kept asking what I wanted lor, and I kept telling her I didn't want anything.
She also shouted very loudly in front of the hundred or so people then jostled together. -face palms- In the end she slammed 10 bucks on the table and asked me to buy my own food O.O
So. I did. :D
Bought bubble tea -blinks innocuously- and McSpicy :D Not the MEGA one hor, I'm not as greedy as a certain someone -glances at Etsuko-.
McSpicy 'cos spicy stuff whet my appetite 8D
After buying my burger and the bubble tea, I decided to go to the library to return my books/borrow new books. On the way (actually I was just stepping off the escalator), a Malay woman came and asked me where the place to erm, 'money-change' (her words, not mine) was.
I admit. I wasn't thinking straight 'cos I was reading a book D: In my mind suddenly flashed a row of ATMs in B1, so I pointed down (I was on the first floor what). The lady thanked me and ladeeda, she went down.
So I continued on my way, putting the bubble tea-bag and the burger-bag in my shoe-bag (my grandmother bought sandals for me, against my will -roll eyes-) because I was thinking the library staff might not take kindly to me bringing food in, even though I wasn't going to eat the food in the library.
Then I suddenly realised the lady was looking for a money-changer, not an ATM. On a whim, I headed back to B1 to look for her. She was dressed in green, so I figured it'll be easy :D
Went around but couldn't find her D: So I proceeded to take the escalator up.


She turned back, saw me, smiled and:
Her: Hello. Thank you.
Me: -stunned expression-
Her: You recognise me, right?
Me: -mumbles- Yeah.
Her: Haha... Where are you going?
Me: Erm, home.
Her: Oh... Then why you come up and come down? -laugh-
Me: Err... -speechless-
Her: You forgot something?
Me: Yeah, yeah.
OK lah I know I lie OK! D: But only 'cos I just couldn't admit I went up and down just to tell her I told her the wrong thing what! Especially since she wanted the ATMs in the first place!
After that weird coincidence I went to the library to return the books first. The boys in front of me had problems with returning the books ._.
Blah the returning and impatient waiting D:
Then went up and borrowed books 8D When I found one Nancy Drew book a mind suddenly burst out in song, namely the first line of the Horlicks advertisement one. You know,

I am so happy, everyday!

Anyway I got two more books :D
Ladeeda! :D Besides the Nancy Drew (stop laughing at me!), also got the Famous Five (stop it lah!) and... THE PET FINDERS CLUB! -breakdown-
OK that was random.

Sunday, November 23, 2008
6:05 PM
Hello today was action-packed.
We went temple :D To thank erm, Buddha (?) for my good PSLE score (I'm taking 'good' with a pinch of salt hor hor ._.).
So. About 5 minutes before we set off, I was very grumpy, 'cos from my area to Bugis is a damn long trip via MRT lah, and got nothing to do.
No book to read ('cos I read all my books already what! Those I never read are boring so it's not worth reading anyway! -_- Ohmygawd I'm so ewil, heh :D).
So I grumbled to myself, quite loudly lah because I was pissed what:

i want my gameboy now! -D:-

What, it's true OK. Playing games is interesting, no? No? -piaks your head-
But, as usual, certain members of my family mistook this sentiment of mine for a demand. Walao lor! I'm not even talking to you right? Cannot express my own want meh? D:
And so cue the nagging. Anyway, in the end I got my gameboy back, charged and all 8D
OK so ladeeda, took the MRT to Bugis :D My gameboy low-battery-d at certain stops (three times), so I turned it off and waited for a few seconds before turning it on. For the first two times it worked :D but the third time it low-battery-d like, a second after I turned it on -_-
Anyway it was one stop before Bugis so I turned it off again ._.
Ahah, then erm, alighted at Bugis -_- I saw a freaking advertisement that made me hyper :D


Yey! :D
1. Pokka Pokka is always good. -nods head vigorously- I advocate Pokka! -prances around- :D Everyone should drink Pokka -hyperventilates-
2. Milk tea Milk tea is good, usually. Except when there's too much milk, which makes the entire taste rather disgusting and rather nausea-inducing. (That's why I never take plain milk alone. Except HL milk which doesn't taste like normal milk at all -_-) Gah. But this Milk Tea is...
3. Premium! See, see? Premium hor. You will never go wrong with Premium/Pokka!
:D So I was very happy. Lalala :)
Blah walking out of station. We ate breakfast at a hawker centre nearby. I like the porridge from one of the stalls, it's tasty :D So I ate it 8D
After brekkie -salivates- we went temple lor! Yey! :D Bought some flowers :O like lotus and chrysenthumum (sp?).
And so yeah, went in, prayed, went out (obviously ._.) and went over to opposite shops, 'cos my grandmother was buying something ._. After a while lalala, my grandmother asked if I had kowtowed. I was like O.O must meh? but yeah I did. 100 times OK!
My head sort of bounced on the carpet leh -_-
After that we went to Bugis Junction's TCC (the coffee connoisseur) 8D
Ohmygawd I love the Peach Tea Freeze I drank before at another outlet but don't have there D: So I made do with this ... Matcha Mambo (?). Don't ask me how I remember the name OK -_-
This is what my family ordered:
1. Caramel Azuki Frappe My sister -_- thinking it was ice-cream. In the end she didn't drink it ._. and my father had to.
2. Oreo Mocha Frappe My brother ._. Yey.
3. Frutti Delight My mother. It tasted untoey OK D: So bleagh.
4. Peanut Coffee My mother who bought it for my grandmother. It was too sweet for my grandmother though D: but she still drank it anyway -_-
5. Matcha Mambo :D Me lah :) Was green-tea-y (obviously). Quite nice lah -weeps for peach tea freeze-
Sidenote: LOL so kyute :D the show I'm watching now -.-
We had mushroom soup too! :D The mushroom soup was fantastic lor! So ... mushroomey. I wuff 8)
OK lah after that erm, took MRT home. But 'cos was damn crowded D: so we took another MRT to Kallang (Kallang leh! WTFH lor I don't even stay remotely near Kallang OK! D:). Took another MRT -_- back home, ladeeda.
Finally hor!
Bye :)

typing + mon epic phail
Saturday, November 22, 2008
7:02 PM
1. FINGERS: Fiona
2. CHIN: fvron njhaz (eh ._.)
3. ONE FINGER, EYES CLOSED: fuina (Sounds horrible D:)
4. ELBOW: fiojna (almost lor! :O I heart 6j haha!)
5. NOSE: rfk9k9jhu nqza (Mygawd. Epicness Phailszcx D:)
6. PALM: fiona (hey I'm goooood :D)
Hello I epic-phailed the blog test ): that Ariel and I created D:
Less than 40 out of 50! D:
I shan't elaborate anymore hor hor, because it depresses me.
But it has inspired me to use good English! As in, erm, with the proper grammar and all. But I shall keep the Singlish, sad huh? :D

I adapted a long-ago quiz :D It's fun, erm, I guess O.O
1. Randomly choose 22 song titles and fill them in into the questions (as answers) in order.
Ladeeda :D
1. Bye Bye (Mariah Carey)
2. Too Little Too Late (Jojo)
3. Check Yes Juliet (We the Kings)
4. Teardrops On My Guitar (Taylor Swift)
5. Gotta Go My Own Way (Vanessa Hudgens feat. Zac Efron -_-)
6. Touch My Body (Mariah Carey)
7. Nobody's Home (Avril Lavigne (AL))
8. Innocence (AL)
9. Shut Up And Drive (Rihanna)
10. Now Or Never (HSM3 cast)
11. Suddenly (Ashley Tisdale)
12. Umbrella (Rihanna)
13. Unfaithful (Rihanna)
14. Naked (AL)
15. Shut Up And Let Me Go (the Ting Tings)
16. Skyway Avenue (We the Kings)
17. Girlfriend (AL)
18. Fergalicious (Fergie, duh -_-)
19. Irreplaceable (Beyoncé :D)
20. Hold On (Jonas Brothers)
21. SOS (Jonas Brothers)
22. Year 3000 (Jonas Brothers)
1. If someone says, "Is this okay?" You say?
Bye Bye. Yeah, I'm this rude D:

2. How would you describe yourself?
Too Little Too Late How does that make sense O.O

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
Check Yes Juliet I'll be tossing rocks at your window (wtfh I do not want any guyfriend of mine to kena arrested hor D:)

4. How do you feel today?
Teardrops On My Guitar Subconsciously emoing D:

5. What is your life's purpose?
Gotta Go My Own Way :D I'm a free spirit, like LOL.

6. What is your motto?

7. What do your friends think of you?
Nobody's Home 'Cos I'm out shopping at Milan/diving at Australia hor, leave a message on my phone.

8. What do you think of your parents?
Innocence ._. No comment ._.

9. What do you think about very often?
Shut Up And Drive Yes, Uncle, stop talking about how-I-should-go-to-Riverside-Secondary liaoh lah, faster drive can? (Really happened today -_- But I'm happy 'cos ... Quote:
You should reward her -random hand action-

10. What is 2 + 2?
Now Or Never O.O Doesn't make sense D:

11. What do you think of your best friend?
Suddenly Huh? Suddenly become my best friend? -_-

12. What do you think of the person you like?
Umbrella Luckily it's not Unfaithful lol.

13. What is your life story?
Unfaithful ... Eh? That. Does. Not. Make. Sense. At. All. Bleah!

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
Shut Up And Let Me Go ... Erm.

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
Girlfriend Switched this with Skyway Avenue, because erm, '
drive fast until we crash'? No way, thank you D:

17. What will they play at your funeral?
Skyway Avenue ...

18. What is your hobby/interest?
Fergalicious Uh-huh O.O That makes sense -roll eyes-

19. What is your biggest fear?
Irreplaceable Of losing someone/thing and having no one to replace him/her/it? Oh yes, but erm, I already FEAR losing someone/thing OK. D:

20. What is your biggest secret?
Hold On Hold on hor, I wait then tell you OK?

21. What do you think of your friends?
SOS They all hate me, halp D:

22. What will you post this as?
Year 3000

today, as in
5:16 PM
Today, as in, really today, was a really boring day. First I must quote this discovery. You know that NYGH 1'13 blog? Yeah:
and how come yen jean's classmate can find her way until here? O.O that's like so... O.O
I'm not Yen Jean's classmate -_- Never mind though, bah hamburger (evolution of humbug).
And I shall hereby commence this post properly.
-clears throat-
Swimming. I didn't wanna go actually, for some reason D: But whatever, went in the end.
On the way to the swimming complex, we (meaning me, my brother and mother) were discussing my PSLE results. My brother was curious to know about the respective grades ladeeda. So, quote:
Brother: Merit? Oh, you only got MERIT ah! -laugh laugh-
Me: -glare- You can do better meh? Huh? Huh? Your Chinese is like super lousy lor!
Brother: Orh. OK lah... whatever -attempts (to no avail) to roll eyes- OK so what's after Merit?
Me: Oh, pass lor.
Mother: After merit (married) give birth lah!
Me: ... Uh. That's very lame leh!
Brother: -_-
Skip swimming. I swam half a lap, yey :D
What what do you mean that's luzery? D: It's not lor horhor you say that one more time I'll erm, eh... (super)poke you to death and video you sleeping beside Mr. Wuddles! Wahah.
Bleah bleah bleah.
Sian ._.
Afterward, went to play with Wei Wei and Lucky :)
See see boaring not. D:
Tsk bye lah. :D

bah humbug ._.
4:18 PM
Hihi! (This is what my tuition teacher says at the beginning of class, believe or not!)
-mind conjures images of hopping tweety birds-
Erm, because I'm a significantly better mood than yesterday (not very difficult actually ._.), even though my brother is sleeping beside Hammie (on the sofa, LOL. Poor Hammie D:)
OK now he's taken Hammie back to his cage. Thank goodness for that ._.
OK so yeah, I'm gonna blog about yesterday - the Madagascar 2 movie-watching thingy. Yey :D
I bathed at 12 noon, and got out at 12.50 'cos I was reading a book inside. It's a horrible habit, but bleah.
I ate my lunch in about 8 minutes (yeyness for pasta! :D) and quickly made my way to the MRT station. I read a random book called When Guinea Pigs Fly (really can, it's completely O.O) and soon, erm, the MRT stopped at CCK MRT station. Ohmygawd lah, I saw Jaron and Cleven and Marvin and Yong Sheng OK! :O
I actually suddenly heard a familiar voice (Jaron's) saying: Oh my God, is that Fiona?
And of course if you read my previous posts you'll know I'm eggstremely (Ohmygawd why am I using this expression -_-) sensitive to people-calling-out-my-name.
Thus I turned towards the source of the voice, and saw the guys -.-
I attempted to smile sweetly like I knew they were there all along, and even waved nicely.
I was also relieved that I was not wearing a hideous outfit.
-cough cough-
Excuse me while I eat my chocolate, purchased at the swimming complex.
-eats chocolate-
OK I'm done :D
Anyway, I got off and basically ignored them afterward. Yep, I like ignoring people.
After a bit of milling around I spotted Ariel, her sister and Zheng Hong. I then went to pull Yong Sheng and Marvin over (as in, figuratively).
So ladeeda, we all went nicely to the cinema. Ariel was shouting at her sister loudly. I quote:
Ariel: Did you think I WANTED you to come in the first place?
Sister: ... Yes?
Ariel: That's a rhetorical question! You're not supposed to answer a rhetorical question!
Sister: ...
I quickly extracted myself from the awkward position by grinning wildly first and floating off to get myself my Pepsi afterward. Ariel and her sister followed, shortly after, Ariel dragging her sister by hand.
So yey, we bought our stuff. After a while of discussing who-gets-which-ticket, we went in. Some untoey auntie was glaring at us lah OK. After she shouted loudly at us to get out. 'Cos we went along the corridor leading to the theatres without giving her the tickets. I mean WTFH LAH, HOW WE KNOW YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO TAKE THE TICKET. YOU ALSO NOT HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE WHAT. LEAVE YOUR POSITION SOMEMORE SCOLD US LOR.
Ewil auntie D:
Anyway we soon got in :D
Haha erm, Shut Up And Drive was playing loudly lor ._.
OKOK so we settled down, like:
We discovered the seats were bouncy. Zheng Hong said some sick stuff D: as usual ._. Gah.
5 minutes or so later, the movie started.
Mygawd I wanna watch it again :) It's sad at times, like when Alex got poached by some ewil people. It's kyute at times, like when... OK lah, the entire movie is kyute :) And funny-weird at times like when Skipper (the penguin) got married to a weird Hawaiian doll or something lor ROFL.
Haha it rocked :D
Lalala, then we went home lah :D Quote of the movie is most definitely, when this lizard/gecko whispered into King Julian (the weird ... lemur? :O)'s ear: Let them eat cake!
Yey cakeness.
I shall end this post completely irrelevantly,

emo by influence
12:13 AM
Approximately 5 minutes after my previous post, I recovered from my state of emoing and settled to get high on reading blog posts on Yen Jean. I discovered NYGH 113 (I think)(Walao how do you do the complicated apostrophe thingy? Where to put ah?)'s blog. A post lamented the loss of such a wonderful top scorer, 'cos she's going RGS, but then people tagged about how NYGH was still good etc. I, being extremely kaypoh, went to tag under a weird name like :X about Yen Jean. Gosh, I'm so incredibly ewil. I actually tagged that Yen Jean was most of the time, best speaker. Ariel say one lor!
Then I decided to go read random skinners' blogs. I read Szeling's OK, the fourthromance person.
WTFH lah she's damn good at writing and stuff and skinning whatnot plus her style is similar to mine can (at least I think so). OK lah, even better lor.
But why her PSLE score like that. OMG I feel so emo now for her even though I dunno her lor. Just like the guai yi person try to advise me about life-is-short and all that.
Siao. (not referring to guai yi person's advice or him or what)
I suddenly feel enlightened.
Actually you know I hate Szeling. She's so damn good at everything. I actually feel some... vindication at getting higher than her leh. I'm ewil right?
Can't help it! D:
I want to add her to my MSN as a contact so we can be fwenly. That way I can feel nicer for her and not hate her 'cos I'm sure she's a nice person (walao realise I sound damn fake lor -_- No, OK! I'm completely sincerrrre :D)! :)
Look, I created another weird word - fwenly -, LOL.
Gah. I've to sleep now horhor.
Actually I'm not bothering to! Waha! You can't make me! :D

Friday, November 21, 2008
10:13 PM
I'm emoing again. I realise many people are much better than me.
My mother is currently telling a random person how bad I am. Great.
I'm trying to find out what I'm good at. I think it might give me self-confidence.
The worst thing is that in the process of trying to find out, I feel even worse.
Today watched Madagascar 2 with Ariel, her sister, Zheng Hong, Marvin and Yong Sheng. Lol.
Was nice. Adorable, actually.
Feel crap because my brother is drinking my green tea without my permission. Ewil him.
Quote of the post:
I'm not trying to be good at everything. I'm trying to be good at something. Something other than being 'her' friend.

proud of yen jean : D
11:00 AM
I must have said this lots of times already -_-
But I'm damn proud of Yen Jean can!
Even though we were never very close :) I'm just erm, nice this way. Like, really! :D
Nevertheless, despite our uncloseness or whatever, I'm damn proud of her as her schoolmate!
Just the day before the PSLE results were released, we were actually MSNing about Check Yes Juliet lor!
OKOK. All people who know her, and are PROUD OF HER,
post this on your blogs/personal message space or whatever:
I'm proud of Yen Jean.
'Cos we are. Aren't we? ;)

weird weird dream
10:28 AM
I dreamed that I stole leh, can you believe it? I never steal lor ._.
And waha, in my dream Etsuko stole as well!
Can you imagine Etsuko stealing stuff? D:
Omygawd lah it was so ... real can D:
OK lah later I'm going Lot 1 to watch movie ._. yey! Madagascar 2 lol.
Bye :D

4*, damn that merit
Thursday, November 20, 2008
9:20 PM

OK. -hyperventilates-
I must start from the start OK.
-.- Maybe not but ah, well.
OK I, erm, came to school, hyper. Like very hyper.
Nervous, more of. I quote another conversation between me and my mother, while walking to school-_-:
Me: Omygawd I think I can bite my bag liaoh lor!
Mother: Why?
Me: Nervous what!
Mother: Why nervous? Did you do your best?
(Again this topic lah -.-)
Me: Of course!
-cough cough-
Mother: Then what are you afraid of?
Me: What if my best isn't enough? -mind conjures images of horrible ewil PSLE scripts chasing after me-
I make the wonderfullest quotes sometime. Though I'm not sure whether the 'best isn't enough' thing is entirely original. Bah, it's OK though.
At school, yeah. Me still hyper -_- and kept shaking poor Sara-Ann. :O Also saw Yen Jean, TOP SCORER -cue lots of cheers and roses from -cough-- OK.
She was in some kind of awkward group hug/cheer/hoppy with 6K girls.
After a while of rather ... interesting statistics (shan't elaborate 'cos I forgot) we went up to class deh! :D
I was ... shivering lor! ._.
OK then the 'chers had to keep us in freaking suspense by giving us their numbers (personal ones. Mr. Tan said we could call him up for makan (food) -_-) and the weird hotline stuff.
Ariel got 275, and when she told me all vibrating (?) with joy, I ate my handphone (was drafting said numbers onto it).
OK lah I bit it, and Daniel Wong gave some weird advice about not-eating-handphones.
Soon it was my turn to collect the results. I took the folder from Mrs. Chan and immediately placed it face-down.
Then after a while on a whim, I flipped through the several documents and extracted the important document at hand.
Then I saw my aggregrate score.
Walao I could have died can! I was like
You get the gist ._.
I actually got an A* for Maths. And Science, what the hell.
._. English, Chinese, of course I understand -egos-.
And. Merit for HCL, saad that. D:
Anyway, I didn't bother to think if my parents bribed any guy or whatnot. Tsk. They obviously didn't, on hindsight, with my mother's constant references to unnamed secondary schools, other than NYGH/RGS.
Heh. I was hypering and asking everyone about their results and doing the ... happy-dance with several others. Then with shaking (really, shaking like siao lah :O) fingers I CALLED MY DISBELIEVING MOTHER. (she thinks I'll like less than 250 lor)
Neh neh neh boo boo IN HER FACE.
-_- Sorry for weird outburst. Oi, sorry, but my mother thought I got less than 250 lor!

Neh neh neh boo boo IN HER FACE YEAH!

Even Ariel says so, see: that's an untoey expectation (referring to my mother thinking I'll get less than 250)
Erm hehe anyway I pretty much blanked after that ._. with all the happiness and joy and hopping around. I believe I weakened Nanyang's foundation by lots can. I hopped at 6th floor, staircase, canteen, 5A (the junior alumni thingy we signed up for :D) etc.
OK so erm, I went off with Etsuko to Coro for a drink, plus to say hey to the guys (her words hor, not mine lor!). At the Coro entrance we saw my parents -.- who told me my cousins :D were in Coro as well, in some restaurant/Eating House. (Turns out the guys were there as well lor! :O) Anyways I went up :D and then chatted a bit.
Mygawds. I asked my limbo-cousin who took her PSLE this year how much she got.
So I hopped some more on the Coro floor -_- in half-anger/hilarity. If there's such a thing -.-
Anyway after that me and Etsuko wandered around looking for the guys, then gave up and decided to buy bubble tea. Hehs. Just as we walked there, the guys suddenly loped over and said hi and stuff. They said they were in the Eating House (LQ was talking about House. M.D. as usual ._.).
Cue conversation:
Me: Ohoh! You're are eating at that Eating House ah? -points-
Boys: Yeah.
Wei Sheng (ewil him D:<): Oh. OK. -turns around, with other guys following- How uninteresting. -ewil laughter-
Anyway we bought bubble tea. The pearls were weird lah, hard hard one. But it was nice, in a way :)
Then went to West Mall (:O Really leh!) to eat Macs (Etsuko was broke D:). She ate a MegaMcSpicy, lah, siao -_- But she sold me her Coke. And I bought nuggets :D
All throughout she kept laughing hysterically. I was telling her how dum dum her hamsters were (this is wrong. ALL HAMSTERS ARE ADORABLEST) and trying to get out of buying her Coke. Wahah see I'm so funny! :) Must play hang out with me more hor! :D
I shan't post about tuition, reckon you guys had enough of that right? :) I shall blog-hop and whatnot.
Haha. Happy :)
OMG I SAW MYSELF ON TV (albeit while the camera moved -_-) CAN OMG CAN.

I screamed lorsxvc.

back from tuition (short post)
Wednesday, November 19, 2008
9:42 PM
Today's tuition was shizazzt.
Lots of equations -shudder-.
-emos in a corner-
My parents have gone to watch a movie. Quantum of Solace.
Ohs, they say it's boring. My mother slept lor! ._.
Tomorrow's PSLE results is seriously freaking me out. I am on a perpetual panic-attack mode 'kay.
OK bye lest I faint or what.
I think I'm gonna skin, yey.

4:48 PM
Got some myna(h) chirping (it doesn't sound like chirping, actually) outside my house can! First at the windows near my hamsters, then my domestic helper go and knock the window or something, it went to my parents' bedroom the window lor!
Such determination.

12:11 PM
Hello. This is my third consecutive post -_-
OK. I woke up yesterday at around ... 10.30 in the morning. And then I mostly lazed around, reading the rest of the library books and watching okto. (This reminds me of a time in a conversation when I casually mentioned okto to a blogskinner and he voice-replied me: okto is boring. Wahaha!)
OK fine. I suppose you do not enjoy reading about me-watching-noddy.
Never mind.
At about 1, my brother came back from his student care centre and so we went to the library together. Erm, we got off at the fourth storey of the library after taking the library lift (yes, the library is biiiiiiigg) and saw an entire crowd (OK fine, maybe about 8 people) waiting outside the fourth-storey lift O.O. Amongst others, three (I think) girls around my age, perhaps older, were there and I suddenly heard whispers. Mainly of those sounding like my name. I got a little suspicious because erm, I didn't very much recognise them. But, of course, being cool and collected, I ignored them.
Walao obviously I don't just strike up a conversation with them right! I thought maybe, erm, just maybe one of the girls' names were Fiona, and I think knowing someone with your name is creepy and weird. Which is also why I instinctively O.O when someone shouts 'Fiona' in the canteen at school, which happens more often than you think.
But I digress.
Anyway, -shock- there were actually less than four Nancy Drew books leh! I so fast finish reading already meh? -_-
I had to make do with random books in the 6-9 shelf, on top of 2 Nancy Drews. Needless to say, erm, those books were relatively... simple. OK see. Simple. There was one from The Pet Finders Club series which I liked, because it'd to do with pets and mystery (sort of). And I like pets and mystery! (revelation, much?)
Anyway then in a bid to find stuff for my brother, we went into the Young People section. I always decide not to go to the Young People section if I can, because finding nice books there is very difficult, with the influx of random pyscho-thrillers like The Door (OK I made this up ._. but it's something like that lah).
But anyway, there I saw the three girls again! I recognised them 'cos one of them was wearing a distinctive green fadey Starbucks blouse. And they were of course, whispering loudly (contradictory, I know -_- but it's how it sounded what!) about me.
I quote the snippet I heard:
Random girl: That's Fiona!
Other girl: Huh? Where?
Random girl: There! There there there -points at me/my brother. But my brother isn't called Fiona-
Other girl: Who Fiona?
Random girl: 去南洋的! There! (Obviously me already)
At this point I turn toward them, you see, like I do in the canteen when someone calls out my name. It's an instinct.
Random girl: There! Ohmygod I think she 认得我们 (recognise us) liaoh leh! Faster hide!
What the hell lah. I dunno you OK! You talk about me so loudly obviously I look at you right -_-
Anyway, I inferred they were talking about me and decided to ignore them. It would be highly embarrassing if I talked to them and they realise I didn't know them after all.I also fervently hoped they didn't think my outfit was ugly.
Eh seriously I'm meeting lots of my old friends (OK lah the three girls above aren't exactly my friends lah hor). Yesterday's yesterday in the lift I saw Si Hui :D my old best friend! OK lah she's not old lah but you know what I mean right!
We haven't been in touch for ages lor, so it's very awkward D:
I feel a sudden inclination to speak in composition-talk leh! Here goes:
A flicker of recognition passed in my eyes. I could read it in hers. An uncomfortable silence settled in comfortably between us as we each tried to avoid the other's gaze.
Describing me and Si Hui in the lift.
But I digress again.
After a while, me and my brother went out of the library to buy lunch. He bought a McFlurry and I bought a McFlurry and a McChicken, hehe. Because I save and he doesn't. Go figure :D
Anyway halfway through he allegedly got hungry and get this - RAN AWAY LOR.
What the feihua lah, people eating halfway you go and run away for what. Siao.
Then I got very pissed 'cos I had to chase after him back home and couldn't buy my bubble tea. Back at home I kept talking about it, while eating the rest of my McChicken and reading The Pet Finders Club book. Finally at around 4, I went to buy, yey!
Skip until taking MRT to Bukit Batok.
OK so there were train delays. 2, at consecutive stations. -.- Some train fault. I was erm, secretly hoping it'll last very loooong so I didn't have to go tuition or miss half of it or whatever. -_- OK lah I'm such a bad student lor!
Never mind again. Heh.
I'm super sian.
Erm, OK. Skip everything until reaching the tuition centre. It's pretty much boring walking (that rhymes lor).
OK erm. There are two storeys in the centre, by the way, and my class is on the second storey. And of course then I walk up lah, but it turned out the door was closed. So I thought like, got people inside. So waited at the staircase there lor. I pondered if I should slide down the banister, but decided against it because that's dumdum behaviour. It would also most probably result in a painful concussion and KK hospital for 2 weeks, which means sucky hospital food and no bubble tea D:
Erm -cough cough-
All in all, I never wandered far from the staircase, keeping in a one-metre radius from it. And over the period of ... 20 minutes or so, people, some from my class, some from others, stood around in the lobby (?) area, waiting for the doors to open. Hehe. I periodically looked around the wall to check if the door was open.
In the end, it turned out that no one was in the classroom lor -_- So lame!
Waahaha. :D
OK lah blah the rest. We did algebra. Very exhausting mentally as well.
._. After lesson we went Botak Jones :) The food was ... OKish I suppose :D
Yey OK bye I think I'm going to the library! :D
Or not. Sigh. Never mind.

my first tuition since dunno-when's
11:36 AM
Yey. I shall pick up where I left off.
OK so, as I was saying, me, my father, my grandaunt, my sister, my brother and my domestic helper all went along with me, for some reason -_-
Skip the walking and taking-bus-and-mrt part, 'cos it was boring. Then, OK, we reached the tuition centre, which is nestled somewhere close to several provision shops and Botak Jones.
I was the third to arrive in class. The other two people were somehow all playing games on their handphones. I searched my pockets for mine, as to emulate them to appear seemingly normal and not out-of-place, but I discovered that I didn't bring mine. So I took out one of my Nancy Drew books instead, and started reading.
Anyway, several people entered while I was reading my book. In fact, one of my ex-schoolmates (from Nanyang), erm, Toe* entered as well! I, mentally was hyper-shocked O.O lah. But, outwardly I just continued reading my book.
Anyway, the entire tuition was about erm, negative numbers and challenging questions. -_- 4 worksheets on the former and 2 on the latter, which was, tres mentally exhausting -sighs-. Really lor!
Bah. Soon though, the lesson was over (actually it was 2 hours or something, which isn't very short, but whatever, it felt soonish).
Bye. I'm getting very nervous about the PSLE results thing omygawd. -hyperventilates- I keep wondering if I made a fatal error like writing my index number as F I O N A or something you know! :O
Shiver me timbers! (For the record, I've no idea why I wrote that -_-)